My sister has a master’s degree of 985 and a bachelor’s degree of 211, majoring in software engineering. I have always invested in Java background development, and only once participated in the test of netease. My technology is not great, but I work hard. There is no project in the lab, so project experience is 0. I saw the difficulty of finding a job in the lab this time last year, so I started to review earlier.

The first to see the Java foundation, and then watch the framework video, are found on the Internet for free. “Sword point offer” brush again, some key questions must be familiar with. Pay attention to the public number: Kirin to change the bug.

Now I feel the most regret is that I did not brush Leetcode, I must brush when I have time, I must brush when I have time, I must brush when I have time, I must brush when I have time, it is very helpful to solve the problem. Since I had no project experience, I found a project on the Internet. I must be familiar with the problems in the project, not only know how to use the technology, but also understand the underlying level. Anyway, I was asked every time, and I felt that the interviewer was interested in something with high concurrency.

I mainly want to find companies in Chengdu, but at the beginning of the overseas investment, no matter where the company is, I have invested in dozens of companies anyway, I think more companies can add a little more face. Pay more attention to some technical groups, there are a lot of internal information (many companies can avoid written tests, this is very cool!! My first two offers (Meituan and Ctrip) were internally promoted. Because Meituan is from Chengdu and I am quite satisfied with it, I did not go to the interviews of many other companies. However, I suggest that I apply for all of them before I apply for them.

Ant Financial — extrapolated, using three technologies

A hr

(in the pool bubble for more than 3 months, finally or GG) this is my autumn recruitment of the first interview, do not mention how nervous, voice shaking, self introduction do not know what to say

2. How to implement serialization 3. How to implement synchronized 4. Do you know noSQL? Redis? 6. How to solve the problem of overselling in the project 7. The scope of int 8.

I asked if Ali would consider those without implementation experience and actual project experience. The interviewer said that for fresh graduates, Ali still values the basics most. Me: How do you usually learn technology? Interviewer: Learning from real projects… I don’t know how far I can go. Anyway, I’m very grateful to the interviewer for giving me a lot of confidence in my autumn recruitment. After all, it was the interviewer of Ali that said my foundation was ok.

Second interview

Clearly remember the second meeting is at about 7 o ‘clock in the evening, just walked to the teaching and research office downstairs, see is hangzhou’s phone, immediately excited, and then a answer, as expected, ali, because the following is very noisy, I will run to the fifth floor, and then breathing heavily for self introduction. embarrassed

2. What data structures are you familiar with? 3. In terms of quicksort, I talked about the process of implementing quicksort, which is equivalent to dictating the code, and then I asked the complexity range of 4. Int. I said 2 ^ -31 to 2 ^ 31-1, and the interviewer said more specifically, I don’t know 5. Optimistic vs pessimistic locking 6.GC 7.ConcurrenthashMap fragment locking details 8. 10. B tree, B + tree, B * tree 11. The difference between bytes and characters

Small make up here a Java core technology more than 280 pages of information documents, pay attention to the public number: Kirin to change the bug.

On three sides

The first and second interviews were separated by only two or three days, and the third and second interviews were separated by two weeks. At that time, I thought I had hung up, but I got a phone call all of a sudden

1. Self introduction 2. Project 3. A: JBoss, Apache, WebLogic. Q: The difference? 6. The dynamic proxy of JDK vSCglib. How do they implement the underlying proxy? In what scenarios is he and Concurrenthashmap used? 8. HTTPS process? Public key Can you solve it with a public key? When you capture a packet on the client, is it encrypted or unencrypted? 9. Describe the Java thread pool. 10. How to ensure the consistency of data in Redis and DB? 12. Class loading

Hr side

I don’t remember how long it was between the third and HR meetings. I received phone call 1 at 6 or 7 p.m. 2. What are your advantages? 3. What are the disadvantages? 4. Difficulties encountered in the project? Time has passed too long, I only remember so much, maybe some questions are not asked by the interviewer of Ali, but they are met in the interview process, I hope I can help more people.

Ctrip (Offer) internal push – only one video face

1. Definition of the linked list

2. How to flip a linked list

3. How to judge whether the list has links

4. Binary balanced tree, how to use one-dimensional array storage

5. Talk about JVM partitioning

6. Talk about JVM GC

7. How to find the maximum subsequence sum of an array

8. Four uses of the final keyword

9. Sleep

10. Await keywords

11. The thread pool

12. Spring IOC, AOP and its advantages

13. Definition of stack and heap

That’s all I can remember now.

Meituan Chengdu approved in advance (received offer)

I sent an email after seeing a tweet on the riverside. Three or four days later, I received an email asking me to go to a company for an interview near Tianfu 3rd Street.

One side

I was given a piece of A4 paper, filled with questions, and then I started to do them. Finish problem, introduce yourself, said the project, ask the things in the project (what they must be used in the project very well, but also understand the underlying principle, I use the redis, the interviewer asked how redis implementation), and then ask a Java based, surface for 40 minutes, and then let me wait outside, after a while, to the second interview the interviewer.

I only remember part of the exam questions

1. Short answer

1. What is the process when the browser visits a url (also know the PROCESS of DNS lookup)

2. TCP three handshakes and four breakups

3. The thread pool

4. Design Patterns you know (beyond what the interviewer says about singletons)

Two, programming questions

1. Binary search

2. In-order traversal of the tree

Three, intelligence questions

Give you a 5L and 3L bucket, unlimited amount of water, how to get 4L

Second interview

The interviewer asked me what I thought of everything, and I… Then look at my paper, I even write binary search wrong, the interviewer said it was wrong, and THEN I changed it, and then the interviewer asked what can be optimized? I’ll just name one. Then it is self introduction, said the project, asked the project, asked the foundation. That’s about 40 minutes.

On three sides

After a few days, I received three emails, which should be from the boss of the department, and also introduced myself. Then I gave two questions: 1) an N * N matrix, printed according to the diagonal line of the side. 2) How many bottles does he need to change a bottle of wine with four bottle caps? Then I asked about career planning. It feels like an hour.

Hr side

In Beijing, just to talk.

Didi (two side hanging, site surface)

One side

1. At first, you will be given three strings S1, S2 and S3, and judge whether S3 can be composed of S1 and S2. The relative positions of elements inside S1 and S2 cannot be changed, such as A and BC. But there’s something wrong with that. 4. Implement a class that needs to be placed in a Hashset 5. What design patterns do you know? I said some, and then asked to write a singleton, I wrote a enumeration, feeling the interviewer did not understand, said to write another, and then wrote a double check of 6. Is there anything else you want to ask?

Second interview

If 5000 to 6000 short links occur between the client and the server in 1s, what will happen? 4. Do you have any questions?

China Bank Network (Offer, on-site)

One side

To introduce myself

Ask the project

Have you ever used Log4j? You ever output him to the database?

Consistent hash, how to resolve hash conflicts

Do you have any hobbies other than writing code

How can I write code with fewer errors

Write function declarations for classes in your own project

Did you encounter any memorable bugs

Second interview

Project, nothing to say, anyway, asked very deep, was killed

Hr side

To introduce myself

What awards have you won

Home is where the

The criteria for choosing a company

Ability to work under pressure

What do parents do, specifically

Your parents’ opinions on your job search

As for the requirements of development work, I originally said THAT I didn’t want to do Android. Later, when I asked them about the company’s business, HR told me that if a project is written in C, you should use C; if it is c#, you should use C #; if it is ios, you should use ISO. It is uncertain what language to use.

Huawei (Offer, on-site)

One side

1. Introduce yourself

2 to achieve a linked list, write after also don’t say right

3. Said the project, asked a lot, but also let the frame diagram

4. Write producer-consumer code, I used the blocking queue

5 said I am not suitable for research and development, let the test or data

6. Say the algorithm of the paper

Second interview

1. Introduce yourself

2. How can I improve my programming ability at ordinary times? I said I brush the questions, but he asked me how often. I feel like I’ve dug myself a hole

3. Intended city

4. How to improve your shortcomings

5. The biggest difficulty encountered in the project

6. The biggest difficulty encountered in the project

7. What’s the division of labor in your four-person project

What do you want to ask

Beibei net

One side

1. Introduce yourself

2. What are the Java synchronization mechanisms

3. The difference and connection between equals and Hashcode

4. Talk about processes and threads

5. The difference between equals and ==

5. Code questions, not let write, only said the idea, there are n rectangles, each of the length and width of x,y, from the bottom to the pile, ask the top of the length and width is less than the bottom of the length and width, to find the most can heap several layers

6. Enter a url in the browser to get the page, the more detailed the better

Second interview

1. Introduce yourself

2. Ask deeply about the project. What can be improved

3. Do the following 6 questions

Processes vs threads

5. How do you study

6. Write SQL

Hr side

Hr and second interview together, first second interview and then HR interview

1. You are not from Hangzhou, would you like to work here? why

2. Do you pay attention to other enterprises in Hangzhou

3. What do you do on weekends

4. Anything else

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