Aliyun Serverless Developer Meetup Hangzhou

Summer limited, Ali cloud Serverless Developer Meetup to Hangzhou! The new Serverless Workshop opens for the first time, bringing together 30 “hands-on” developers!

This salon specially invited technical experts and independent developers from Ali Cloud, start-up Internet companies, and Gitee China to analyze the typical application scenarios and cases of Serverless, and share the experience and harvest of start-ups landing on Serverless. Solve the Serverless elastic scaling and cross-cloud deployment problems, and release new functions of open source project Serverless DEVS on site. Free registration can come to the scene with Serverless technology big coffee actual operation Serverless. Let’s grasp the future direction of cloud computing together and share the technical dividends brought by Serverless! Location: 1-3-7 Trojan Star, Lejia International, No. 999 Liangmu Road, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province

The activities

  • Serverless Devs new features released, like taobao enjoy Serverless
  • Start-up Internet company Serverless landed and tramped all records
  • Architect perspective: A typical scenario and case study of Serverless applications
  • How to overcome the Serverless elastic scaling and cross-cloud deployment challenges?
  • Serverless Workshop opened for the first time

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The welfare

The activity agenda

Ali cloud Serverless Developer Meetup highlights of Shanghai

Ali cloud Serverless Developer Meetup highlights of Beijing station

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