Recently I plan to learn some data analysis content. Although there are a lot of advertisements in the picture below, many skills do not matter to me. They all say that programmers should have a little product thinking and be sensitive to data.

I have read the introduction of some training institutions, which involves a lot of knowledge, including tools, thinking, practical operation and the final report. You can’t eat a fat man in one mouthful, so learn it slowly.

Excel and SQL in the tool should be the most basic, but my office authorization expired, too lazy to crack, and now the localization of the vigorous, with WPS to see if it can replace the replacement

Download the ODBC driver and

First enter the links below, choose click download…

Add the data source after installation

Open Control Panel – Administration Tools, select OBBC Data Source (32-bit) and double-click

In the pop-up dialog, click Add and select PostgreSQL Unicode

Get your database name, service address, user name, port, and password

Fill in the dialog box, and click “Test” to Test the Connection. Here I use a free cloud database MemfireDB. “Connection Successful” indicates successful Connection, click “Save” to Save, and finally click “OK” to complete all Settings

Import data in WPS

Click “Data” — “Import Data”

Select “Import Data” from the drop-down list. Note that “Connect to Database” is not selected here. Select the ODBC data source configured previously, and click “OK” and “Next”.

Select the data table name and associated fields to import

Select filter statement

Preview the data

Import the data, view the results, and then we can call functions, draw and other operations in WPS.