Graduation year — Hainan Blue Moon

On June 18, 2014, packed my bags and walked through the library, canteen, teaching building, dormitory, through those happy, sad, miss, sorry, mixed feelings in my heart, 09 entering China farming campus, when five years, when I just arrived school when helpless confusion, in the moment of my choice to give up five years of professional sales, Everything has to start from scratch.

Ready to leave for Hainan;

My mother and sister kept asking me at the train station why I had to go so far and work so much in Wuhan. This year, I wanted to stay in Wuhan. I prepared for the civil servant exam for a year, but I got 2 points in the final interview. I said I would stay in Wuhan for a year, but I ended up in Hainan.

You want to escape, you want to see the outside world

I have always wanted to be a civil servant, that time very want to, learn and excellent then an official, simple idea. 13 years in everyone is still muddleheaded, I determined to take the civil servant, go out early and return late, bubble library, real hard study, brush the question, the life of a asctic monk, the final result comes out, I score is very high, but high but the post score line, can only say that nature and fate, a year is lost.

Wait for the result to come out, already is 14 years march. Spring pressure for half a year, suddenly relax, no longer tight up, play for half a month, only in April began to prepare resume.

What to do? More than half of the students in the class chose to go to graduate school, and the rest are engaged in civil servants or public institutions. A few of them are engaged in animal medicine. In the end, no more than five people changed careers.

I don’t know what I want, but I’m sure I don’t like to work with animals. I just hold on to one job and leave the rest to my future self to think about.

First job – Hainan blue moon reserve cadre

At that time, panacea had a nice name, reserve cadres. Blue Moon hires a large number of reserve cadres every year, and no more than 1% of them can stay for a year.

In that year, I took a salary of 3500 yuan and a housing subsidy of 500 yuan. It was really good in Hainan, where prices are not high. I rented a house for only 450 yuan, and I ate three meals a day for no more than 30 yuan. Everyone has plenty of personal space and can watch TV and cook together.

Big lead and we lived together, seems just two or three years older than us, very much, the remaining two sister, too, are work not in the Lord, seven hours to work every day, and then there are a lot of weekly and daily, work report, report to do, go off work back together to buy food cooking, go out for a ride, or very happy.

Work and life in Hainan

There were four of us in Hainan at that time. I lived with two girls and the senior leader. There was also a boy from Hainan who was very hospitable and studied in Wuhan.

Old account for height 190 more, hainan native person is not too tall generally, he calculates an outlier. He takes care of me and he’s very capable. Our work at that time was actually selling laundry detergent. We tried every means to sell laundry detergent. Whether it was arranging aunts in supermarkets, setting up outdoor stalls to do ground pushing activities, running supermarkets to do shopping activities, or running schools to do activities, the essence was to sell laundry detergent.

Nothing technical content, the most afraid of do activities, running around, hainan huge roof in the sun, a tent is a bit better, dry sun all day without a tent, and put stall in the side of the road do not have what different, just at the gate of the supermarket sell, someone come and went up to sell, to say the selling point of products in the fastest speed, now I remember what lavender, clear and the wind, the young, have a plenty of passion, The four of us cheered each other up, joked, and had a lot of energy, but plenty of people stopped to talk.

The weather of Hainan is polarized seriously, noon is very hot, arrived 4 o ‘clock in the afternoon very cool, bought a modification electric car at that time, 12 battery, horsepower is full, go to the seaside to take a ride every day after work, comfortable, go to the railway station that road, right is sea, left is villa, car little road is wide, suit to blow sea breeze especially.

Confused — miss college

I like to go to the university town to do activities most. When I just graduated, what I miss most is the university life. I like to go to the activities in the university, and I like to see the atmosphere of students coming and going.

After the activity, HE would drive his second-hand electric car around the campus, quietly feeling, thinking about the future direction, vague, chaotic, do not understand.

The university did not understand their own way, can only be caught in the dark, step by step; Now in Hainan, the freshness has passed, and once again, I feel that this is not the road I want. This road is not as wonderful as I want. It can only be regarded as a punk life. But where is my path? What am I trying to do? What can I do? Anguish and confusion run through it all.

Although confused, Hainan is definitely one of the top three happiest days in my whole life. I am carefree, have many friends, have enough money to spend and the scenery is beautiful. At that time, we went to Sanya and tried to take a path to see nanhai Guanyin, doing cheap ferry, no money, but happy

Keep thinking, choose the path

Stayed almost three months, more and more profound feeling, here is not a long stay, although do not know what they want, although here pleasant scenery, comfortable life, have seen, it is enough, now is not the time for pleasure, do not understand on the walk to see.

Do you want to go, or do I need to do something with skills, and what skills do I have? Nothing, just a Chinese veterinary diploma! A little slap in the face, that year in order to clear ambition, firm did not register for the veterinary qualification examination, refused to draw a line with the veterinary, just do not want to give the future of their own way. I did not expect to eat back grass in less than three months, it is really fragrant!

Veterinary assistant – Chongqing Pet hospital

There was a moment when I wanted to stay in the pet industry

With excited mood, came to Chongqing.

What struck me most was that there was no flat road, it was either uphill or downhill.

There is a big river in front of the pet hospital and a mountain behind it.

There are so many mountains, the whole city is on the hill, rolling up and down,

Every morning there will be fog, summer clothes will not dry at night,

Girls are very white, the food is very hot, a lot of dogs.

As a pet doctor without veterinary certificate, basically is miscellaneous, disease can not see, medicine can not grasp, surgery? Basically no chance.

Every day at the door first clean, then walk the dog for half an hour, someone came to the side to wait for him, no one will go to the pharmacy to recognize a variety of drugs.

In the clinic, basically the attending holds the stethoscope and I hold the dog down;

If I was lucky enough to have an operation, I’d have to go into the operating room and pass the forceps, pass the knife, pass the gauze to the attending.

For a second, I thought it was it, but I wasn’t so sure.

But compared with the work in Hainan, this thing has technology and growth;

Have money, do a good month 10-20 thousand no problem, slowly development can also own shop;

The nature of the work is relatively simple, do not have to look at other people’s face, the technology is naturally respected;

The cost of living is small, and the general pet hospital is covered with food and accommodation;

At that time, I was satisfied with the salary of 4.5K. The only thing that bothered me was that the boss wanted to sign a contract with me for three years. I couldn’t help but turn and turn for several days and called my family. After all, although I run everywhere, I am free. I can go back to Wuhan at any time. Once the contract is signed, I will stay in Chongqing for three years.

Wave return wave, the back road can not be broken, the boss urged tight, do not want to sell, just think of Wuhan and Chongqing is not much, back to the city to find again.

The Dream of Wuhan is over, what’s ahead?

Back in Wuhan, I actively began to run to various pet hospitals, at that time, I thought the direction was determined, the rest is to run.

Half a month, almost all the pet hospitals, all stores, open salary more than 2000, not one! It doesn’t cover food and shelter.

Run a shop, it shall be a blow, several times into the shop, can see several confronting senior, graduate quietly in the reading, take a message asking, generally pay no more than 4 k, graduate student, work time 9 9, have one day off a week, 4 k, I lost again, the in the mind has been shaken, determine the direction of whether or not to change again?

Water work, iron confusion

October 2014 was the most confused period in my life. The veterinarian basically lost his dream and did not know where to go. He was outside every day and did not dare to go home.

I sent my resume on the At that time, I thought that as long as the enterprises in Wuhan wanted me, I would go. Finally, I chose a hotel whose name I really forgot. The salary was 4K in The tiger Spring area (when I was young, I could not resist the temptation of salary). At the end of the interview, the director came to talk to me, he was over 30 years old, talked a lot, gave me a lot of advice, wanted me, but said I would do this, unfortunately, let me think about it. At that time, a gas on the leak, indeed, at this time of my panic desperation, desperation, this waiter’s work, can not do a few days, with my character or to escape, so I thank the supervisor’s kindness, give up. It was already 8 o ‘clock in the evening after I went out. I didn’t have a car to go home. I spent the whole night in dota Internet cafe.

I really don’t know what to do! so difficult

Finally, I went to work in The Qinqin orchard. As it was opened by The Chinese farmers, the Chinese farmers students were more welcome.

The people in the shop are almost all Hua Nong students, so it is also easier to get close.

Tired, really tired, you lived upstairs, receiving a day at 4 o ‘clock, yards, organize fruit set off at 8 o ‘clock, the door is an endless stream, briefly after didn’t even have time to drink water, fruit picking up again in the afternoon, pick out will look very bad for sale, not even when the guest stood at the door with a trumpet soliciting, The days that I don’t know how come over, want to go every day, but don’t know where to go, then the classmate to call me, not many people says ningbo entry-exit enter oneself for an examination officeholder exam this year, is have an advantage for boys, calculate the days, I will attend the civil service exam in half a month, the in the mind a sigh of relief, finally have the reason to leave, don’t want a penny, natural and unrestrained leave. When I go home and tell my parents I have to prepare for the exam, I feel at ease.

And there isn’t much to prepare for, after all, the big five has prepare for a year, just pick up the knowledge point again now, brush every day, also is serious in the reference appendix, after more than half a month’s time, mood or some, not be swayed by considerations of gain and loss, afraid to see people, after the examination also didn’t think too much, the second day go to universities to run the job fair.

Because state of mind adjust, carefully prepared resume, want to had a good interview words, take a bath wash head ran to huake, copy a schoolbag resume, resume together with fresh graduates, each post willy-nilly, the interview also can talk, more confidence, and finally reached a preliminary and small YanJie also have several companies want me to, But small yan elder sister at that time open 6000, I also did not tube go is why, direct verbal promise. The next day the company headquarters to call me to visit the headquarters, reimburse the fare, oh, that is not a happy.

Think you know the direction, but still change; I thought I would not leave Wuhan, but I left for salary. Young uncertainty, thin skin such as paper, shallow eyes, no one to guide, can only turn to the wall, everywhere. But I always have the sweet confidence that my future self can figure it out, so I can quickly adjust my mindset and move on.

Category assistant — Zhejiang Quzhou Jiangshan gallop Holdings

At the end of November 2014, I came to Jiangshan City of Quzhou, but I did not think seriously. I just wanted to escape. If nothing happened, it would be a wasted time. Indeed, one year later, I left Quzhou Jiangshan, still headless and directionless. However, the experience of one year in Quzhou Jiangshan, with its excellent people, reshaped my values and made me more calm in facing the ups and downs of life.

First arrival:

After the end of November package tickets to visit zhejiang galloping holding, determined to stay on the spot, actually really give my review, also could not examine what, from sitting on the train that moment, I will make sure the work to be done, because the personnel said 6000 a month, just graduated half a year to have the number, ok, give me ten meters, why I still pretty around his waist.

Feel ok, open a small convenience store, its two brands: neighbors and life station, throughout the three provinces of anhui, fujian, zhejiang had more than 2700 stores, pattern is very heavy, take goods from major suppliers, and piling up in warehouses, shopkeepers will place an order on our system every day, logistics car send goods to every shop; You don’t look at my simple, is buying and selling, in fact, quite not easy; To find suppliers, you need a lot of salesmen; To build warehouses, engage in logistics, do brand store management, which one is not heavy? Which one is not difficult?

Take things as they come. After all, it’s a big factory.

Constantly updating the experience, it’s too much of a struggle:

I am very satisfied with everything in the company. I have a single dormitory with its own bathroom. Pay is nothing; Importance is not to say; Communicate directly with your boss often; Everything is very satisfied, I also pack up loose heart, really want to do something seriously.

Every day is touched by people and things, really, too diligent, through Hainan, Chongqing, Wuhan, on the diligent inspirational, when belongs to Zhejiang. Of course, do not know whether all zhejiang people are diligent, anyway, Jiangshan people are really diligent, steadfast work diligently.

In the first month, I took rotation and came to the warehouse first. The warehouse staff were all in full swing. After working for a week, I was tired. I followed several aunts, and the one who carried the goods impressed me the most. She was very capable and organized. She carried the goods and unloaded them constantly every day, and my clothes were wet and dry from morning to night. And the aunt like nothing, with a salary of 3-4 thousand, every day to move goods, unloading, tallying, from time to time to work overtime, but she is always happy, to work for fun. Chatting with my aunt, what my aunt likes most is her junior high school child. At that time, she was very puzzled. With her ability, where is her salary not higher than here, but also easy? Now as a father think, she is happy, is to accompany the child, but also to the child to earn a living cost of responsibility.

After all, Jiangshan is a local fourth or fifth line town, and there is no industry

Then it was the turn of customer service, Yingying Yingyan Yan are all girls, are young 20-something girls, I am a big man, embarrassed? Sister is not at all, they all took care of me, don’t let what I do, I will watch them repeatedly to the shopkeeper, explained the problem to the user, to be honest, really boring this kind of work, it is evasive brace, girls attitude is correct, not perfunctory, feeling here, work is sacred, and we will try my best to learn, and no tired and agitated state of mind, It’s all about being happy at work, not about the money.

Is a new store, store is help to open new stores and departments, a large car decoration, equipment and first order QiBaDian shall start in the morning, to be intensive shelves, loading, do the decoration, can go back to is thank god before it gets dark night, the new department is days, I once again issued a sigh with emotion, zhejiang people is really hard-working!

Finally settled in the directory department, what is the directory department? Small stores can not only sell daily provisions, but also sell electrical appliances of different sizes, furniture, etc., the store does not need to place goods, the store owner and familiar customers are introduced at the cashier’s desk, after finalised the sale, we then deliver goods to the store. And me, I’m in charge of small appliances.

Here I have to introduce all the figures of our department, manager big guy army, northeast big brother tao, local sister ping, fujian intellectual ying. Everyone can pull out, diligence is just the basic dish, they are not only diligent, there are methods. Strong ability, do things have methods, people have routines, shop owners, brand business salesmen, even C-end customers, they can be targeted to solve. I arrived at the latest, and every day I was mixed with various personnel, which made me in a dilemma. Everyone took good care of me, analyzed the mentality of different people, and gave different attitudes and solutions. Gradually, I became more and more comfortable and diligent.

Self-discipline is the best medicine for confusion:

I find it hard to be lazy once you are diligent.

Spent three months after the probation period, to concentrate on work, enjoy after work, I also thoroughly remould oneself, start from one day, at 6 o ‘clock in the morning to sleep, don’t always want to work, the company doesn’t open until eight o ‘clock, how to do, keeping in good health and running, so I in the supermarket to buy black black beans, black sesame seed, congee drink every day, the dark world cuisine, from now on for more than a master.

Porridge needs a long time, so I was the night before yesterday, six o ‘clock up to cook porridge, and then go out to run, the beginning of only a song time, slowly, half an hour, an hour and a half. Tired and paralyzed back to take a bath, eat a black porridge to go to work, imperceptibly adhere to the most half a year, no painful feeling, experience the happiness of diligence, that pleasure to know the taste of marrow, deep into my body and mind, the original initiative to diligence, to solve problems, to grow, is this feeling.

Then run a lot of road, the company is suitable for the road and mountain running near were I leaned over, love zhang jie inspirational songs, ordinary road, on the drums Wallace, special belt, took off his coat on the hand, a few times ran is too high, lead to time was too late to go to work, was return to walk, also can only sprint running back. For many years, I kept the habit of running whenever I wanted. When I was physically active, MY mind would calm down.

Smug, blood again:

Small home appliance is particularly tedious, broad range, high frequency and small profits, leading to after-sales problems too much, often have customer ask me, so-and-so rice cooker to cook the rice isn’t good, so-and-so pressure cooker cooking are not ripe, so-and-so induction cooker can don’t want a refund, and then get to old change new, old pot + money in the pot, the unit price a little increase, Anyway, I can’t lose anything in the end. I made various posters for excellent stores, contacted mobile phone suppliers, went to Huaqiang North to investigate the electronic market, and so on. I saw a lot of markets, tired and happy.

Later I and tao brother turned to the new fresh department, said a department, in fact, poor, we two people, also have no office, the boss of the idea we are identity, inside the store sell groceries, through the boss sell size appliances, put a refrigerator, fresh cold chain, a small shop address all the users. You know, it was only 15 years ago, and this is the hot community fresh group purchase now.

I don’t know anything, pull the pole, visited shouguang vegetable greenhouse, Beijing Xifadi wholesale market of agricultural products, Hangzhou, Quzhou wholesale market of vegetables, I have seen a lot, now I still remember the night and Tao Ge touched the wholesale market, one by one to ask the traders wholesale prices scene.

Not only visit a large wholesale market, small and beautiful fresh supermarket is also learning objects, 15 years in hefei fresh supermarket to do the best, big yong hui supermarket, a little fresh legend, then go to fresh legend (name may misremember) internship a week, were very tired ah, and then selling fruits, thao elder brother and I was just learning, not how to do things, I was tired at the end of the day, working long and intense hours. The internship experience of fresh supermarket buried the seed for me to leave. To put it simply, it is selling vegetables, selling vegetables in Jiangshan. It is better to go home and do their own business — selling fish, which is to run the wholesale market and then find a position to sell.

Later visited many quzhou local farmers, and went to Beijing and Shanghai fresh electricity business internship for a period of time, then also arrived in October, the opportunity is to talk with high school girls, people in other places how to marry a wife? When broken constantly will be affected by its chaos, early back to Wuhan, start a family business (sell fish), and sister eat and drink and play not fragrant?

Reinventing values:

At that time to go, the in the mind of the boss is guilty, I know he is under the effort to cultivate me, often pulled me and Tao brother chat, such a big boss, no interest, three people (do not smoke do not drink do not play), the only fun is work, and I imagine the boss life is not the same.

After work, he likes to take us to his favorite restaurant to have a meal. The taste of the restaurant is not good, but the emphasis is fresh. Every time he wants to improve his life, he will bring people to have a meal here. His biggest problem is that he can’t sleep at night because of his active thinking. Yes, if he is not such a crazy worker, it is impossible to make such an asset heavy industry in a remote county level city.

The boss loves exercising, walking and cycling because they don’t interfere with thinking. QiBaDian often night, the boss down, see me and tao brother in, took us on and came to the river walk along the river, walking and chat and chat, warehouse, want to open points here go to join us to go shop management side agent system, the company headquarters to become a service department, clear and coherent, gradually remove heavy attributes, lighter.

Take a day off every week, also can be pulled by the boss to ride a bike, a ride is a whole day, may have 40 kilometers. If the boss does not call, I will probably do a whole day in the Internet bar, after all, Internet addiction teenager.

To jiangshan, see a lot of good people, saw a lot of things not seen, go though with guilt and regret, but more than 1 years ago, much a few minutes calm and steady, if we say that all people of hard-working because small places, companies, large force out of talent competition, so in this environment I’m busy for a year, more than the relative enterprises in wuhan, Opportunities, ease over work in the environment, is not such as stand out, immediately on the map?

Don’t know the direction? Don’t know what to do?

Then choose a direction at any time, with the attitude of a professional to work, try to hit a wall, not arrogant in victory or defeat, calm, and constantly think, when each job is taken seriously, you will know where the limit of the work, will be decisive between the choice, will be fully devoted when the goal is determined.

At that time, I was so fearless that I thought that even if I went back to China, there would be no ups and downs in my mood. After all, I had seen the hellish diligence, and I was afraid of the thorns.

Next station: the fishing field storm, the most bitter most tired most sad day, thought prepared, but so fragile; Jiangshan just brought me the preparation of physical hardship, and human changes in temperature, the event is weak but also a kind of suffering

Fishing field — Wuhan entrepreneurship

How can one talk about life without crying in the middle of the night?

Rush forward with hot head

On October 8, 2015, I got on the train returning home without saying goodbye to anyone. I knew it would hurt many people’s hearts. After all, I was a deserter and had no face to make a big show. At that time, I ran for more than two months in the wholesale market. I was full of ambitions and wanted to do business. I was at the peak of my life.

Returned to Wuhan, inspected the next market, began to use all the tricks, deceive mom to buy a car. No car this business can not be done ah, the wholesale market to take goods, the market to buy, simple and clear process, my mother is also very easy to talk, after all, buying a car is her lifelong wish, so in early November, bought a Wuling glory, with a driver’s license for three years did not touch the car, I dare to drive home in the congestion of dongfeng Avenue. At that time work is like this, the brain is hot, magic like, what are not afraid, what do not think, rush to sell fish to go.

Under the guidance of my mother, I gave up the idea of going to the baishazhou fish monger, according to my mother, baishazhou fish, domestic more, wuhan most of the fish monger are to the Baishazhou goods, homogenization is serious, and there is no fish pond at home, can not take too much goods, no place to raise, easy to die; Try to go to the Houguan Lake.

So the united an old master, he has the way, we have manpower and car, hit it off, every day to the old master 100, he helped to introduce. 4 o ‘clock in the afternoon on time to the lake, fast words 6 o ‘clock can get home, if the lake master is playing cards, it is impossible to say the time. The old master would also bet money sometimes, saying that it was in order to fit in with them. After getting on well with them, the fish would be cheaper. In other words, the price of the fish was not less than one point for half a year.

Home did not do fish pond, bought two or three large boxes, specifically fish, water discharge, if everything goes well, 9 o ‘clock can be all done, and then I will take a bath, directly to sleep, because can only sleep until 1 o ‘clock at night, will get up to monger fish, mom’s plan is: Retail selling fish at night, and morning, so that we can more into goods, many vendors selling vegetables to the wuhan city, in the evening at one o ‘clock in the old market set to take goods, loading, the fish to sell to dealers, nearly to 2 PM, then I will go back to sleep more than an hour, also does not take a bath, sleep directly seconds, my mother got up at 4 to market, Get some other seasonal dishes, sell them along with the fish, call me around 5:00, and then we’ll load the truck and go to the market.

The situation at that time, now it seems, is very meaningful, it is a sublimation of quzhou work state, let me fearless, focus on hard work;

How much pressure was there?

Go out can meet acquaintances, met acquaintances will certainly say: college students to experience life?

Why go to college and sell fish?

Can’t pick out a decent dress for a party with friends, they all smell fishy;

No time to sleep, driving always sleepy;

With less and less money in his pocket, he could not pay for gas.

His father angry eyes, endless quarrel;

Hard all day did not sleep for four hours, the results of two people a car only earned 100;

The Spring Festival reserves a large number of mandarin fish, the result of the Spring Festival market power cut, looking at a car of dead fish, tears kept spinning;

Kill eel to poke the hand is blood;

Haggle over every ounce of customer, always want you to kill the fish clean to can directly into the pot;

Grumpy customers, a word of discord to the stall off;

Girlfriend said to go to the real estate, 4000 a level, MY mouth said to go back to discuss, returned home but can not open the mouth;

My sister told me to think more, but I couldn’t help arguing with her.

Mother more and more tired, face more and more bad;

. Too many, not to mention, if LET me do it again now, I can not do so regardless, but also admire myself at that time, what do not care, do not want to, do not care, just want to do things. More than a year of yusheng did not earn what money, but the experience of the state of work, the state of madness, the state of devotion, which let me benefit infinitely.

In the darkest part of my life, I want to have someone to pull myself out of the abyss, if there is no one, then I have to be that person.

Just running around, ignoring the people around you

Work is not just about making money. Work is just a part of life

So after six months, the hot heads should also to want to quiet time, daddy also in silently help straw after for a long time, in one afternoon, just drag the fish, tired when I return home, my dad in the stairs, output of Yin and Yang to me crazy language, we may not be able to endure, and dad had a dry, pushing and shoving, mobile phone as a punching bag, I fell down from the stairs, The screen shattered, dad was quiet, and I lost my fight.

So at that time saved a large number of pictures from different places after graduation, all in the broken mobile phone, at that time in anger directly thrown, ah.

Another failure, let me a little disheartened; I began to doubt myself, was it too impulsive? Is it like my sister said, look before you leap? Is it too willful to leave every job so decisively?

I don’t know, maybe every job has a transition period, and I never had the time to get used to it

Confusion, like the air, everywhere, everything, suction is confusion, vomit out is anxiety, the next station, what should be done?

It has been proven countless times that when you are immersed in negativity, confusion, inaction, anxiety, etc., a greater blow will occur. If you are not given time to fall into the mood and drink self-pity, you will either fall or bounce back.

In the second half of 2016, my mother always said that she had stomach pain, but I did not pay much attention to it. One day, she was so painful that she could not move. I rushed to the hospital.

I don’t know how I spent that day, one day of tests, diagnosis, days like years, scared to take the medicine home, all the way to give advice, a week later, the doctor said there was relief, asked me to prescribe another month of medicine, I used all the money, prescribed for three months. The heart to their own yusheng drew a full stop, yes, I a person struggle, win or lose doesn’t matter, but drag the family suffering, it is how much money can not make up for the evil.

Give it up. You’re not really happy

All phase, are false, entrepreneurship is not so good in the imagination

My mother, stubborn, paranoid, and strong, worked hard all her life, dragging my sister and ME up, but I let her in front of relatives and friends to hold her head up, let her physically suffer, let her under great psychological pressure. Many years later, she said to me: when are you going to make fish pond, buy booths, I are mouth, agreed to delay, actually it doesn’t matter, the home also need a car, I’m afraid, afraid you really immersed selling fish, but I know you since the childhood, want to do is to do whatever it takes, you also have no a way, I was in addition to support you, can’t do anything…

Since I was a child, my father did not give strength to me. He failed to go to university in the college entrance examination for three times. Read primary school mother took me to go out to sell fish, sell watermelon, sell shrimp, dad always buy delicious for me, always like dad, think mom is too hard, this woman, let me experience too much from childhood. And I, but with the name of the fight sharp weapon, pierced her weak body.

Giving up, calm down, doing nothing at home, doesn’t mean I can fall into emotions. The external conditions did not change, but there were ripples in my mind. I gave up useless emotions, calmly thought about my way out, and made a try. In Quzhou, I have learned how to treat work seriously. In selling fish, I have raised my limit of suffering and understood the importance of thinking. When I am not sure about the way, I should try more and then understand and think.

So: the real calm at home for half a month, not playing games, not selling fish, what did not do, playing ball games, running exercise, listening to music thinking. Sales? Pass; Start a small business Veterinarian? Pass; I did mind mapping, diverging possibilities, analyzing the characteristics of the work.

So I finally chose five directions: civil servant/teacher/traditional Chinese medicine/chef/computer. I borrowed money to buy a lot of books. I also actively consulted other channels to open up my opinions. In less than half a month, I was informed by the cadres of the village that a new community was to be established and the election was needed. After active preparation, finally, the next station, deputy secretary of the community Party committee.

Mixed grass-roots – Wuhan Jiuzhen mountain community

Slow down and think clearly! If you don’t think clearly, try it at a low cost!

First try five directions, no change!

Civil servant — teacher — Traditional Chinese medicine — cook — computer

Civil servant: have two public examination experience, basic examination is completely ok, lack a suitable position and opportunity.

Teacher: Carefully dig themselves, have good taste of teaching; Sister’s a public teacher. We can support each other

Chinese medicine: Veterinary medicine is the service industry, no sense, but similar to veterinary medicine interest, have a certain professional basis; The barefoot clinic in this village is doing well;

Chef: not for the main business, but learn cooking, can be in the down and out to open wanda stall, car convenience, do not know how long the trough, this technology can be a solution on the spot.

Computer: look at the whole high school university classmates, only kang bureau in one or two years after graduation can buy a car to buy a house, good salary; I barely took classes in college, but I got 89 in VB, the highest in five years, so maybe that’s where the potential lies.

Opportunity — access to the community

No money, but alive, and time to find my way

Studying at home, although there are five directions, but the problem of eating has not been solved, always stuck in the throat, how to stay. Coincides with the township to add a community, can enter through selection, although the money is not much, it is the most suitable for my current work: the work is idle, there is a computer to work, often and various characters to deal with, help to open up ideas, there is a hungry immortal salary. But how? I don’t have any experience.

Under the guidance of his mother, he came to the old village head’s house to ask about the situation. The old village head was also very direct. He knew that the college students in the village had gone out very hard and ran back to sell fish. I was sorry, but since you want to serve the village community, you can go to the community office and do it first.

I thought I was running for office, but I didn’t think I could just talk and get a job. I don’t know what the salary is, but at least it can solve the problem of my face, and it is also a cadre. It is more respectable than idling and selling fish.

As a result, I went to a person, every morning to help my mother sell fish to 8:30, and then at nine o ‘clock to work, clean, collect the newspaper, this is a day of all the work.

First such transition, now go out to find a job, is also a headless fly, as here, the morning can also sell fish, nothing in the day can rest to catch up sleep, thinking about the road ahead, mother is only selling half a day, and she was about the same.

Nearly a month passed in this way, and at last, one after another, the staff was completed, five in all, and the other four were owners of other estates, who did not want for money. I served as the deputy secretary of the community Party committee, militia head, in charge of the party and government, militia work. Brand loud, but I know, I can so easily come in, is because they lack of a director, literature work and propaganda work, is the key of the this kind of work at the grass-roots level, and I always, stepped on the fate of the nodes, basic not a group of computers, the word is the great god of rural cadres, I also can get the corresponding respect and status.

Take things as they come.

Daily community work

Serve the people, precipitation + choice

Community work is an extension of street administration. And I do the most, is to sort out materials, such as every street, community activities, need someone to write materials, materials written well, above can see our ability and merit. And our secretary is really a lot of energy, gradually, we got a lot of titles and reputation, the street office is also willing to check the focus on our community, without him, the secretary can carry things, and I can sort out a relatively complete materials, one inside and one outside, bring out the best in each other.

This day is comfortable, can gain recognition inside and out, sell fish very difficult to get respect, the land is here, this is decent, the villagers did not dare to offend you, because of the demand may pray to you, the secretary of the esteem, my material to make up his face, streets were know I wrote this small materials, can say, if I can hold on, focused, Learn more from the secretary of the external ability, grassroots communication, 3 years, I can definitely from the grass-roots selection to the street, the future can be expected.

And the work is really free ah, comfortable, get up at 4 o ‘clock in the morning and mother sell fish to more than 8 o ‘clock, and then mother continue to sell, I come back to work, peak season to 200 every day, off season to me 100, morning dozen soy sauce, keep spirit, 12 o ‘clock home, 2 minutes away, eat and sleep, 2:30 PM to work, 5:30 off work, Go home and play games and study. The days don’t know how casual and comfortable.

What impressed me most was the Wuhan flood control in June, 2016. As the leader of the community militia, he must be at the top of the flood control line

I don’t know how hot it was that day. It’s over 40 degrees, and everyone’s wearing long coats and pants. Why? Because of shorts and short sleeves, your skin can get sunburned.

During the flood control period, when I was so tired during the day, I would go back to the dormitory at night and study for at least ten minutes. Time is not important. I should study every day. This is the bottom line, so that when I went to Xiaogan military training in October, I had a crazy Java in my bag except for changing clothes. At that time, I felt that I should read it every day.

Both programming and business

Separating the wheat from the grass, the last two boats

Traditional Chinese medicine is extensive and profound, and difficult to get started, and barefoot doctors also need credentials, it takes too long; There was too much competition for public teachers, so at the beginning, I had to smuggle teachers without a certificate. I interviewed with Giant Education, but I didn’t like the atmosphere of teaching for money. I like to lecture, but it is not all of me. I do not have the gardener spirit to pay silently for my children. Cook to eat for themselves is ok, to make a living, it is impossible, the earliest pass; So that leaves computers and civil servants; The picture

Increasing recognition in civil servants at the same time, computer also began in earnest, gradually broke through the limitation of five minutes, sometimes start at seven o ‘clock, unconsciously learned at ten o ‘clock, especially for one cannot understand the concept of meditation do contrast with life, the building model analytic way of life let me deeply fascinated, from the beginning of sit still, To later go all out baidu search to conquer difficulties, even if doTA friends chase soul kill call can not call me, 4-5 months of time, just the basic concept over again, write any practical code, the biggest harvest is to understand one thing: programming is suitable for me, I also like programming.

However, compared with the unreal computer, the civil servant has a more certain route and a more comfortable life. If there is no follow-up, I will most likely make down-to-earth efforts in the civil servant camp. Active performance, at the same time to participate in all the examinations: public examination, provincial examination, selection, etc.

As if there is a hand, will constantly through a variety of events to correct your decision, so that your mind up a variety of emotions at the same time, dispel the clouds, through some things, often at this time, is to advance or retreat, in a read between.

Get married and have children

The real dead end for a man is to give him a child!

At the end of December, Lao Li sent me two messages on wechat. I had just sold fish and was still driving. I was a little confused.

That’s it? A baby?

What? I’m still a kid myself!

So jump off, so impulsive I, take what to shoulder the responsibility of this family?

Can I come from zero anytime and anywhere, can I have such courage and willfulness in the future?

What if you can’t afford to get married?

Poor couple Pepsi sorrow?

How does net addiction make?

I couldn’t help but think of the mornings when Lao Li stood quietly by the fishy fish stall, waiting for me to finish my work, sometimes helping to collect the money.

She had seen me at my worst;

And I don’t know if I’ll ever get better;

Perhaps the nature of the people, this life is a fishman?

Maybe not for the rest of my life.

Go to chu river han street very not easy, be pulled by me however net bar.

No money to buy gifts for her birthday, bring her to happy Valley, let her vomit.

Just talk habit give up to say break up, the next day change heart to go back to find her or open happy heart.

She knows everything about me, my fortune, my family, my confusion, my character, and finally sent me two bars

What can I say? What can I do? Can I suck? Life and death to see light, not satisfied with the dry.

So far, duckweed find fulcrum, wandering home.

Because I don’t care what I am, I don’t care what other people think, I don’t care if I have money, just for a fire in my heart.

And now, I have a reason to stick to it, so I will try my best not to let you lose.

Stop the car, wechat two words: born.

At the end of December, I knew that I was pregnant, and on January 25, my birthday, I went to get the certificate together. The wedding also began to prepare, which was scheduled on March 11. The time was a little short, and I had no money on hand.

At this time, this rural woman gave me a surprise, she is like a sponge, just bought a house spent 120,000, married to buy three gold wedding photos gave me 30,000, the betrothed to 40,000, the wedding and dad also a package of 10,000 red envelopes, plus just back to buy a van 45,000, a year took out 200,000. I always think the home is poor jingle……

The party was handed over to my parents. I was in the community at that time and knew some people. The secretary helped me find a way to get six cars and hire a country band with a platform and a band of 4,000 yuan.

There’s no turning back, my good man

When it is time to burn one’s Bridges, spell a future for a small family

After marriage, happy is happy, but the psychology is still heavy, as the saying goes, the male is afraid to enter wrong line, the female is afraid to marry wrong lang, I this profession is not decided, plus wife child, one step is wrong, what bury is not only my future, also failed to live up to the wife’s trust, let the child be poor; Add to that the fact that I was already 26 when I got married, and for the first time I realized that time was running out and that there might be only one time for me to make a mistake.

At this time, I have been working at the grass-roots level for more than one year. Generally, it takes two years to take the examination and select students, and three years to start the targeted selection. Of course, I have not been busy in the community for more than a year. I have taken the civil service examination twice. I entered the interview for the National examination in October and the provincial examination in April. Second interview hanyang police dog base, recruit two my fourth, there are two girls, before my chance is relatively high, but the sense of tension, misfired, missed opportunities, but later I don’t feel depressed, faint and some sense of relief, driving home that evening, facing the sunset, listening to pursue the champ, and wet eyes, To his wife sent a micro channel, no way to retreat, only the computer a way.

Community salary is low in the first year, but after a few years wages slowly rise, I heard that there are now 80,000 a year, I do not know true or false, in the community the opportunity of the annual examination is also a lot of, through two years of grassroots experience, the public examination of provincial examination selection opportunities more. But giving up the civil service is the result of thorough thinking, leaving behind the empty flowers and flowers, and facing the essence:

  1. My heart does not like such a stable environment, although comfortable, but like a stagnant water
  2. Even if the selection is successful, become a street civil servant, in addition to the salary rise, and now the community work content is not much different, is to sort out materials, write materials, help leaders run errands.
  3. At that time, I needed money everywhere. I realized that I could not wait that long, and I could not pass it at once.
  4. Programming interest has perseverance, can not play games only to learn. The daily learning time was increased to four hours, and after the initial adaptation period, I learned faster and faster.

Since then give up civil service, concentrate on programming. After making this decision, the pressure became even greater, and the dull lump in my throat, unable to do anything, finally disappeared. This time to give up, there seems to be something different.

From then on, I began to sell fish in the morning. During the day, UNDER the pressure of leaders and colleagues, I used to study myself at work. At night, I returned to Caidian to take care of my wife. Without the leadership, colleagues of the vision, colleagues to walk the streets I do not go, the leadership of the arrangement of the material I write the fastest time a basic version, other time crazy self-study, in the Java basic grammar has been understood, in the working environment to write tank war, catering system; At the same time to follow a lot of Java public number, tired of learning to see their articles, look at the news of IT circle. Wife in Caidian raise a fetus, followed to June and July, the belly is getting bigger and bigger, near the production, the time to learn is not much, the annual flood control will start again, this time did not go to resist the pressure, is not to leave a bit of love and back. If it is not the rice bowl is more iron, not very good dismiss me, I am afraid is early to eat fried squid.

Suddenly, I realized that my heart is like this. I can devote myself to the things I like and ignore the things I don’t like. At 27 years old, I can’t learn to do both. At the moment to accept such their own, no longer inferiority and pride, no longer hesitation and anxiety. Study, let me calm and obsessed, I don’t know if I can find a job, what the future will be, I just stubbornly insist, believe that I can learn something. Tank vs catering system not working? Then continue to learn the front end, learn algorithms, learn computer principles. You can’t get out of the mountain without believing.

There is no limit to learning

In August 23, 2017, xiao Da da was born, finished the month on September 23, his wife returned to Caidian, I was in Yong ‘an, prepared a resume for three days, and the leadership of a simple explanation, began to send a resume and interview, 28 to get the interview opportunity, and in the interview question a question will not enter the cloud service, On October 8, he began to work without pay. During the period of withstand the pressure, continuous thinking, get the work method, and to be broken down next time.

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