“Live up to the time, the creation of non-stop, this article is participating in 2021 year-end summary essay competition”

The 2021 year-end summary essay contest has been open for some time, and today I finally have time to write an essay — I am collecting the wool with gold.

Not for an activity prize (that’s impossible), just for a wool summary of 2021 while digging for gold.

July: Python Theme month

This is the first activity that the first gold digger attends, activity home page

The prize:

  • (Small fan/enamel cup/Nuggets throw pillow/nuggets exclusive Bug dash) choose one of four
  • Paper edition of Python Theme Month exclusive Commemorative certificate

If YOU give me a chance to choose again, I will not choose ceramic cup (because the follow-up activities got several ~).

August: More text challenge in August

Trying to get an extra T-shirt for a month (have to say t-shirts are really good!) Activities page

The prize:

  • A mug with a Bytedance logo on it

  • “Future Star Paradise” custom building blocks *1, it took 2 to 3 hours to put together, to recapture the fun of childhood

  • Also a backpack with bytedance logo, very cool ~

  • SKG cervical spine massage machine, now I use it every day after work (although it doesn’t feel any good)

  • A Nuggets T-shirt that got me through the summer

September: Mid-Autumn Festival creative essay

Activities address

Participation Award: Ceramic cup

September-october: Essentials for programmers

Elite Absenteeism Award: Event Address

Nuggets T-shirt *1; Nuggets Mug *1; Small volume 50% discount code * 2; “Mi handheld vacuum cleaner MODEL MJXCQ01DY” or “Small Overlord D99 Enhanced Game console Wired edition + gamepad”

Opt for a hand-held vacuum cleaner, which is wired, but no longer requires a broom to sweep up scattered dust and countless hairs

October: Digg project creators Weekly list

“Digg Project Creators Weekly List” from October 11 to 17

A new medal + Gold digging pillow:

Originally is to wear the impact of the weekly list, but the clothing was stolen by the majority of digging friends, the results of the weekly list for other peripheral.

November: More text challenge in November

The last more text challenge in 2021, event address

Rewards have not shipped, will not map, interested HXD can go to the active address to view.

  1. One of two random options: Bytedance air conditioning blanket;
  2. Bear coffee machine automatic drip 0.7L;
  3. Bytedance intelligent temperature sensing thermos cup;
  4. Ritz T1 mobile phone projector
  5. Return bonus: Nuggets baseball caps


Summing up, I didn’t see how many cups and pillows there were. I counted 6 ceramic cups and added them. Where did the 4 pillows come from? I don’t know what I left behind. Should ~ I only remember the boiling point and the boiling point activity activity received a medal of the new, still, and several prizes in -_ – | |

The activities of the nuggets were endless. In addition to the harvest of physical prizes, more is to give me more motivation. Every article is the accumulation and precipitation of technology. I will try my best to write better and more in-depth articles in the future.

Finally, I hope the nuggets get better and better, and the rewards of digging friends get more and more ~