A variety of programming languages continue to rise, but only Java is firmly occupied the top position, at present almost 90% of large and medium-sized Internet application systems in the server development preferred Java. Therefore, it also attracted many young people to invest in the learning of Java.

So, today with you to share a system of Java zero basic introduction learning tutorial, tailored for small white.

Zero foundation can also be no pressure into Java, learning Java!

This tutorial is suitable for those who do not have any Java foundation, or who have a weak foundation. It is easy to understand and very comprehensive. Since its release, it has been played more than ten million times and has been well received by everyone.

Tutorial explanation pays more attention to the interaction with students, humorous, meticulous, covering all the core content of JavaSE, deep into the Java virtual machine, in-depth analysis of source code, code combat throughout, to project driven teaching, the unique PDT teaching method to show the most vividly.

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First, Java basic overview

001-Java Zero Base – Install EditPlus

002-Java Zero Foundation – Computer overview

003-Java Zero Foundation – Overview of Java software engineers

004-Java zero basic – common DOS commands

005-Java Zero Base – displays file extensions

Java Zero Foundation – A history of computer languages

007-Java Zero Foundation – The History of the Java language

008-Java Zero Foundation -Java language features

009-Java Zero Foundation -Java cross-platform

010-Java Zero Foundation – The compilation phase of Java programs

011-Java Zero Basics – The run phase of a Java program

012-Java Zero Foundation -Java program loading and execution

013-Java zero foundation -JDK installation -JDK,JRE,JVM relationship

014-Java zero foundation -HelloWorld program writing

015-Java Zero base -PATH environment variable

016-Java Zero Foundation – Compile Java source programs

017-Java Zero Basics – Run Java programs

018-Java Zero base – Classpath

019-Java Zero foundation – comments

020-Java zero base -HelloWorld program explanation

021-Java zero basic -public class and class difference

022-Java Zero Foundation – Summarize the key content of chapter 1

Java identifiers and keywords

023-Java zero base – identifier

024-Java zero base – identifier

025-Java zero foundation – Keyword

Java variables

026-Java zero base – literal

027-Java zero base – literal

028-Java Zero base – variables

029-Java Zero base – variables

030-Java Zero basics – variables

031-Java Zero basics – variables

Java data types

032-Java zero base – data types

033-Java Zero base – data types

034-Java Zero Foundation – Review

035-Java zero base – character encoding

036-Java zero base – data types

037-Java zero base – data type -char

038-Java zero base – Data type – escape characters

039-Java zero base – Data type – integer

040-Java zero base – Data type – integer

041-Java zero base – Data type – Precision loss

042-Java zero base – Data type – floating point

043-Java zero base – Data type – Boolean

044-Java zero base – data type – type conversion

Java operators

045-Java zero base – operators – arithmetic operators

046-Java zero base – operators – relational operators

047-Java zero base – operators – logical operators

048-Java Zero Foundation – Review

049-Java zero base – Operators – assignment class operators

050-Java zero base – operators – string concatenation operators

051-Java zero base – operator – ternary operator

6. Java control statements

052-Java zero foundation – control statements -if

053-Java zero foundation – control statements -if

054-Java zero foundation – control statements -if

055-Java zero base – receives user keyboard input

056-Java zero foundation – control statements -if

057-Java zero foundation – control statements -if

058-Java zero foundation – control statements -if

059-Java Zero Foundation – Review

060-Java zero base – Control statements -switch

061-Java zero base – Control statements -switch

062-Java zero base – Control statements -switch

063-Java zero foundation – control statements -switch

064-Java zero foundation – Control statements -switch

065-Java zero foundation – control statements -switch

066-Java zero base – control statements -switch

067-Java zero foundation – control statements -for

068-Java zero foundation – control statements -for

069-Java zero foundation – control statements -for

070-Java zero foundation – control statements -for

071-Java zero foundation – control statements -for

072-Java zero foundation – control statements -for

073-Java zero foundation – control statements -for

074-Java zero foundation – control statements -for

075-Java zero base – control statements -while

076-Java zero base – control statements -while

077-Java zero base – control statements – Dowhile

078-Java zero base – control statements -break

079-Java Zero base – Control statements -continue

7. Java methods

080-Java Zero Foundation – Methods

081-Java Zero Foundation – Methods

082-Java Zero Basics – Methods

083-Java Zero Foundation – Methods

084-Java Zero Basics – Methods

085-Java Zero Foundation – Methods

086-Java Zero Basics – Methods

087-Java Zero Foundation – Methods

088-Java Zero Foundation – Methods

089-Java Zero Basics – Methods

090-Java Zero Foundation – Methods

091-Java Zero Basics – Methods

092-Java Zero Basics – Methods

093-Java Zero Basics – Review

094-Java Zero Basics – Method to perform memory analysis

095-Java Zero Basics – Methods to perform memory analysis

096-Java Zero Basics – Methods to perform memory analysis

097-Java Zero Basics – Method to perform memory analysis

098-Java Zero base – Method overloading

099-Java Zero Base – Method overloading

100-Java Zero foundation – Method overloading

101-Java Zero base – Method overloading

102-Java Zero basics – Method recursion

103-Java Zero Basics – Method recursion

104-Java Zero Basics – Method recursion

105-Java Zero basics – Method recursion

106-Java Zero basics – Method recursion

107-Java Zero Basics – Summary

Java is object-oriented

108-Java Zero Basics – The difference between object-oriented and procedural

109-Java Zero Basics – Class and object concepts

110-Java Zero Basics – Definition of classes

111-Java Zero Foundation – Review

How to create and use Java objects

112-Java Zero Basics – Object creation and use – Memory analysis

113-Java Zero Basics – Object creation and use – Memory analysis

Java Zero Basics – Object creation and use – Memory analysis

115-Java Zero Basics – Object creation and use – Memory analysis

116-Java Zero Basics – Object creation and use – Memory analysis

117-Java Zero basics – Object creation and use – null pointer exception

118-Java Zero Basics – Object creation and use – Memory analysis

119-Java Zero Basics – Object creation and use – Memory analysis

120-Java Zero basics – Object creation and use – memory points

121-Java Zero Basics – Object creation and use – Memory analysis

122-Java Zero Basics – Object creation and use – Memory analysis

123-Java Zero Fundamentals – Review

124-Java Zero Foundation – Use of integrated development environment MyEclipse

125-Java Zero Foundation – Use of integrated development environment MyEclipse

126-Java Zero Foundation – Use of integrated development environment MyEclipse

127-Java Zero Foundation -MyEclipse demo object creation and use

128-Java Zero Foundation -MyEclipse demo object creation and use

129-Java Zero Basics – Object oriented encapsulation

131-Java zero basics – constructors

132-Java Zero basics – constructors

133-Java zero base – parameter passing -1

134-Java zero base – parameter passing -2

135-Java Zero Foundation – Review

This and static keywords in Java

136-Java zero foundation -this keyword

137-Java zero foundation -this keyword

138-Java zero foundation -this keyword

139-Java zero foundation -this keyword

140-Java zero foundation -this keyword

141-Java zero foundation -this keyword

142-Java zero foundation -this keyword

143-Java zero foundation -this keyword

144-Java zero foundation -this keyword

145-Java zero foundation -static keyword

146-Java zero base -static keyword

147-Java zero foundation -static keyword

148-Java zero foundation -static keyword

11. Java inheritance

149-Java Zero Foundation – Inheritance

Java Method override and polymorphism

150-Java Zero basics – Method overrides

151-Java Zero Foundation – Review

152-Java zero base – polymorphism

153-Java zero base – polymorphism

154-Java zero base – polymorphism

The final keyword in Java

155-Java Zero foundation – Final keyword

156-Java zero foundation – Final keyword

157-Java Zero foundation -final keyword

158-Java zero base -package,import

159-Java Zero Base – access control permission modifier

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