On July 31st, the Chinese community of MongoDB and the official MongoDB, TapData, held the second meeting of this month. This time we come to Beijing! Welcome Beijing Monlove to come to exchange and discuss!

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Time: July 31, 2021 (Saturday) 13:30-17:30

Location: 1st Floor, Dongyi Risheng Headquarters Building, Building C3B, IT Industrial Park, Electronic City, No. 10, Jiuxianqiao North Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Quotas: 150

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Guest &Topics Guests&Topics


Chairman of MongoDB Chinese Community Beijing Branch

Presenter: Li Dan

Member of the Standing Committee of Chinese Community of MongoDB, Chairman of Beijing Branch

More than ten years of professional database experience, mainly engaged in automatic operation and maintenance and hybrid cloud platform construction, focus on open source database MySQL, MongoDB and other related technical fields of learning and research.

Zheng Rupeng

MongoDB Senior Solution Architect

Topic: Building a unified data platform for global applications based on MongoDB Atlas

At present, with the development of various industries, many enterprises are providing application services for global users. In this event, we will introduce the related features of MongoDB Atlas, and how to use these features to design a global unified database platform, so as to help application designers and developers simplify the application architecture, shorten the application launch cycle, and simplify the operation and maintenance of the database platform.

Listener benefit:

Understand the MongoDB Atlas deployment architecture;

Learn how to design databases for globally oriented applications based on MongoDB Atlas.

Guest introduction: Zheng Rupeng

Senior Solution Architect of MongoDB, currently engaged in consulting and designing data platform solutions based on MongoDB, committed to the design and practice of application solutions of MongoDB in various industries and multiple scenarios.

In the summer of the German

Aliyun MongoDB R&D engineer

Topic: Build MongoDB Serverless, AliCloud elastic document database service

In the cloud native era, a large number of enterprise services and applications naturally grow on the cloud, and the cloud has gradually become an indispensable infrastructure in social and economic activities. In order to make the capabilities provided by the cloud (storage, computing, etc.) as flexible as traditional hydro and coal (on-demand, pay-as-demand), without having to worry about how the resources are maintained, Serverless technology has been developed. Serverless computing resources, such as FAAS, have been booming, and this change has created a new need for Serverless storage resources.

This time, we mainly share some experience accumulated by Aliyun MongoDB database team in exploring how to build a highly flexible, low-cost, flexible and easy to use Serverless document database, such as multi-tenant architecture design, pay-on-demand design, etc. Hope to bring some new understanding of MongoDB to the community and provide some ideas on how to build Serverless Database.

Listener benefit:

It is helpful to further understand the basic principle of MongoDB sharding cluster.

And how to build a multi-tenant shared document database service based on a sharded cluster.

How to solve the core issues such as security isolation, resource isolation and billing on demand under the multi-tenant contribution architecture?

Sharing guest introduction: Summer Dejun

Engineer of Aliyun Database Team, currently mainly responsible for kernel development and maintenance of Aliyun MongoDB service, and has contributed high-quality articles and shared with the Chinese community for many times. Previously active in the Redis community, responsible for the development and maintenance of AliCloud Redis service, the main contributor of the open source project Apsaracache.


Huawei Cloud CloudBU Database Product Department Senior Engineer

Topic: MongoDB based heterogeneous database compatible solution

Huawei Cloud Database hopes to quickly implement other NoSQL database protocols with high efficiency and low cost, so as to provide more space for the market to choose interface protocols.

In the field of NoSQL database, MongoDB database supports rich syntax system and complete database system concept, as well as excellent deployment form. Therefore, we choose MongoDB as the core storage system, and explore feasible architecture form based on its compatible solution to realize multi-mode database.

Among them, we quickly realized the mid-tier protocol conversion service, provided interface protocol resolution module and RPC module, and jointly built a low-cost deployment scheme compatible with DynamodB by using MongoDB cluster. This session focuses on the overall service architecture design and key syntax translation techniques.

Listener benefit:

Understand the basic principles and related content of Dynamodb and MongoDB.

Understand multi – mode database and protocol – compatible solutions.

Guest introduction: Yuan Jing

From 2014 to 2018, I was engaged in the development of back-end business system and unified service development of heterogeneous storage system in Baidu. From 2018 till now, I have been working in Huawei, engaged in Huawei cloud DDS service development and kernel development.

Shaw beibei

Co-founder of TapData

Topic: Hazelcast Jet + MongoDB: An introduction to a real-time database solution that is lighter than Flink

In the process of enterprise information, along with the informationization tool upgrade and the application of new tools, more and more kinds of data sources, and the development of the business, fine scenes operations on the data of real time demand is higher and higher, the traditional T + 1 data warehouse architecture, is increasingly difficult to meet the needs of business data. In order to solve this problem, the concept of real-time digital storehouse came into being. Flink’s popularity brought a batch of integrated real-time digital storehouse architecture and product solutions.

Faced with such a scenario, TapData, through technical research and production practice, did not choose Flink as the basic model selection. Instead, it found a new path. With the help of MongoDB and Hazelcast Jet, it realized a lighter and more complete full-link real-time data warehouse solution than Flink. Help enterprises to complete the upgrade of the enterprise. This sharing will allow you to understand the tradeoffs and considerations behind this type of selection, and provide a new solution for friends in the community when they encounter similar problems.

Listener benefit:

  1. Understand MongoDB’s various functions and usage scenarios;
  2. Understand the technical architecture of TapData real-time database solution.

Guest introduction: Xiao Beibei

Co-founder of the Chinese community of MongoDB and co-founder of TapData, he is committed to solving the problem of data island of enterprises.

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MongoDB Chinese community (Mongoing.com), founded in 2014, is an officially recognized Chinese community in Greater China. It consists of blogs, offline activities, technical questions and answers, communities, official document translation and other sections.

The vision of the Chinese community is to create an active mutual assistance platform for MongoDB Chinese lovers. Promote MongoDB to become the first choice of enterprise database application; Gather experts of MongoDB development, database, operation and maintenance to build the most authoritative technical community.

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MongoDB is the world’s leading modern, universal data platform, designed to empower developers and the applications they build to unlock the potential of software and data. Headquartered in New York, MongoDB employs more than 2,100 people in more than 40 offices worldwide. MongoDB has more than 20,200 customers in more than 100 countries and regions, 18,000 Atlas customers and more than 2,000,000 Atlas free users. The MongoDB database platform has been downloaded for more than 125 million times, and the total number of registered users of MongoDB universities around the world has exceeded 1.5 million.

Mongo’s official website https://www.mongodb.com/

TapData is a real-time ETL and data service platform tool based on MongoDB. Our products can help those who lack professional data engineers to provide productized data solutions. Real-time two-way data synchronization data governance and modeling + no + simple code API service delivery + hundreds of terabytes of second level of performance, whether you are building a unified data platform for your customers or build an enterprise data across BU China, Tapdata can provide you with more low cost fast landing an effective technical solution.

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