Mining has a long history, and more and more people are joining the mining industry. Many people see the investment value of virtual currency, such as Ethereum, and they want to try to mine Ethereum for a share of the pie. Similarly, the mining methods and mining equipment are constantly updated in order to better seize this opportunity. Like the previous equipment to mining now, it is difficult to dig coins, so the mining configuration can keep up. So let’s take a look at the 2021 Ethereum mining machine configuration requirements.

ETH mining money is mainly the application of independent graphics card to mining money. A PC must be equipped to run the mining moneymaking process. Key hardware configuration includes: independent graphics card, computer motherboard, switching power supply, CPU, running memory, computer hard disk (SSD above 60G is highly recommended), extension cable, converter cable, etc. In which the independent graphics card determines the rate of mining to make money, the computer motherboard, switching power supply is very large level of decision-making mining machine operation level.

Hardware configuration is prepared in advance. Computer motherboard proposal: graphics card mining does not need a very large PCIE network bandwidth, the computer motherboard with PCI-E1x can meet the network bandwidth requirements. General computer motherboard with 3-five PCI-E1X jack, a PCI-E16X jack, in addition to the computer motherboard with large 4PIN power supply system jack to a certain degree of reliability improvement. Pci-e1x must taobao to buy 1X to 16X extension line.

As we all know, the mining machines used for mining all have different computing power. ETH/ Ethereum is currently the second largest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin, which can be obtained by mining computers (graphics cards). The higher the graphics card computing power, the higher the income (in theory), the current popular graphics card models GTX1060, GTX1070, GTX1080/1080TI and AMDRX570/580, this kind of graphics card computing power is relatively excellent.

The main force of the graphics card mining machine is the graphics card, the most expensive parts in the mining machine, the most basic graphics card mining machine assembled by miners is 6 ~ 8 graphics cards. One thing to watch out for is to mine Ethereum, and pay special attention to the video memory on the graphics card. According to the latest news, the DAG file for Ethereum will reach 3.99 gigabytes, which means that 4G graphics cards will no longer be able to mine Ethereum. So, for ethereum miners, 6GB or 8GB graphics cards should be the choice.