Brief introduction:On June 4, the 2021 Cloud Edge Collaborative Conference with the theme of “Open a New Era of Distributed Cloud” was held in Beijing, which was hosted by China Academy of Information and Communications Technology. Zhou Zhe, senior technical expert of Aliyun Edge Cloud Computing, was invited to the conference to share the exploration of Aliyun Edge Cloud Computing, introduce the interaction form of main products of Aliyun Edge Cloud, how to evolve in the process of cloud infrastructure upgrading, and provide the best business experience for enterprise customers.

On June 4, the 2021 Cloud Edge Collaborative Conference with the theme of “Open a New Era of Distributed Cloud” was held in Beijing, which was hosted by China Academy of Information and Communications Technology. Zhou Zhe, senior technical expert of Aliyun Edge Cloud Computing, was invited to the conference to share the exploration of Aliyun Edge Cloud Computing, introduce the interaction form of main products of Aliyun Edge Cloud, how to evolve in the process of cloud infrastructure upgrading, and provide the best business experience for enterprise customers.

As the construction of new infrastructure accelerates, it has become an industry-wide consensus to accelerate digital transformation. The enhancement of mobile broadband by 5G networks, the massive interconnection of terminals and the demand for high reliability and low latency connections will make the value of edge cloud increasingly prominent.

Aliyun infrastructure upgrade

Ali cloud after 12 years of development, on the cloud computing technology and rich form a multilayer evolution, operating system, through the calculation of building independent research and development to fly a vitreous service scenario for customers of different industries to provide a variety of forms, namely the center Region, the local Region and edge node and field calculation of cloud, let the customer share all products in a variety of forms of cloud. Edge cloud is a distributed cloud composed of large-scale and geographically dispersed edge cloud nodes, which has the characteristics of remote control, security and reliability, easy to use standards, etc.

Long – term deep plowing edge cloud field

AliCloud Edge Cloud Node is a product and technology evolution based on the strong node network of AliCloud CDN and long-term technical accumulation and precipitation.

Ali cloud as domestic leading CDN service provider in the smart scheduling, topological perception, fault escape, distributed control, automation of installed operational configuration has a deep technical aspects, such as precipitation, combined with ali cloud flying miniaturization, integration of the operating system capacity and strong network of multi-point collaborative ability, realize from the CDN to product shape evolution at the edge of the cloud.

Behind the changes in product form is the change in customer demand. In enterprise applications, cloud generates new business scenarios and a large amount of data, which requires higher response speed for cloud access delay, which means more computing power needs to be provided at the edge close to users. As scenarios change and technologies evolve, the first is cloud-native technology, which allows a large number of stateless services to be offloaded at the edge. At the same time, with the maturity of cloud computing technology, corresponding resource isolation can be carried out, no matter in the form of virtual machine, container or sandbox, with better resource isolation and delivery capacity.

Based on this, two systems are formed: CDN content distribution system and edge computing product system. CDN content distribution system includes static page acceleration, streaming media caching and accelerated live, on-demand acceleration, dynamic acceleration for dynamic content, and security acceleration products for content security and network security. Edge computing system includes edge cloud nodes that provide computing virtualization at the edge, view computing products that offload computing power for video images and edge caching, and other edge applications.

At the same time, Ali Cloud has 2800+ edge cloud nodes all over the world to ensure that customer services can reach global users. CDN nodes are upgraded to edge cloud nodes through comprehensive cloud-based CDN, so that customers can enjoy more edge computing services when using the original CDN resources.

AliCloud Edge Cloud Node Service Product Matrix

When talking about the product matrix of the edge cloud, Zhou Zhe said: there is a standard edge cloud node service ENS at the IaaS level, which is a small distributed cloud node service. Edge cloud node ENS base provides unified resource construction, unified resource inventory and unified external resource delivery capabilities, so that various application scenarios can use ENS resources as if using a unified operating system. At present, Ali Cloud Edge Cloud Node Service has built a lot of application scene products, including CDN product system, cloud communication scene, view computing scene, cloud game and innovation scene jointly built with partners.

The nature of AliCloud’s edge cloud nodes provides edge basic computing, storage and network capabilities. Both the deployment scale and application scenarios are very different from public cloud central Region. In the future, the edge cloud has a huge development space, and it needs to be based on more industry understanding and cognition, so as to create product solutions suitable for users.

Rich edge cloud product forms match different scene requirements

AliCloud Edge Cloud Nodes can provide products and services to the outside world, including one-stop service based on public cloud and overall delivery service of “software + hardware”.

One-stop service based on public cloud is the edge cloud node products and services that customers can directly obtain through the official website console of Ali Cloud. It is constructed and operated by Ali Cloud and provides one-stop solutions through cloud technology.

“Software + Hardware” overall delivery service – Edge Cloud Connected Node can help enterprise customers quickly build their local infrastructure, carry out business innovation, market expansion and business exploration based on Edge Cloud, and facilitate customer business transformation.

Therefore, no matter what kind of product service model, depending on the actual business needs of customers, Ali Cloud always provides customers with consistent product application services.

Technical characteristics of edge cloud node service

The technical characteristics of AliCloud Edge Cloud Node Service are divided into two layers: the first layer is the technical reserve on the hardware system, and the second layer is the technical reserve on the software system.

There are many scenarios of heterogeneous resources in the deployment process of edge cloud nodes, which requires the compatibility and management of all heterogeneous hardware. AliCloud Edge Cloud nodes not only support fully self-developed hardware systems, such as super fusion gateway and super fusion server, but also support the third-party server of nano management standard.

At the same time, combined with the network scenario requirements of edge cloud deployment, a single edge cloud node may not meet the high reliability requirements. The scene to be faced by the edge cloud can have a certain disaster tolerance capacity and a certain tolerance to the node. The deployment of the edge cloud node can be completed by ensuring certain availability. In the end, customer-facing availability delivery needs to be coordinated through network, scheduling capability and upper level control.

In the software system, Ali Cloud Edge Cloud Node Service supports multi-point collaboration and the scheduling and management of the integration of cloud and network. In Cloudlet node system, multi-function fusion is supported, including fusion computing, VM and container fusion, storage fusion, and security capabilities are included in Cloudlet.

At the same time, it also supports the design of millions of nodes, tens of millions of machines, as well as the miniaturized node of edge cloud, which is oriented to the requirements of complex network and wide distributed coverage. Master’s management and control system can complete corresponding coordination for such large-scale and heterogeneous resources, and can provide unified standard services.

The top BOSS system can be used in the “software + hardware” overall delivery service scenario.

Application of cloud network integration technology

Zhou Zhe stressed that the integration of cloud and network is a very important technical point of the edge cloud. The integration of cloud and network is mainly manifested in the following aspects: first, the requirement of location. Edge cloud service itself has no sense of location. Although the customer scene has strong demand for location, it must have location attribute; The other is that the cooperation between nodes is completely based on the network. At the same time, the edge cloud also carries the MEC node with the operator, as well as the undertaking relationship between the central Region and the local Region. The connection, data flow and routing of application path are all realized through the cloud-network integration technology. In the network, a single node can be considered as untrustworthy or can be offline in a short time, which requires the cloud-network integrated scheduling ability to ensure the high availability of edge cloud node services. Relying on the mature SDN technology on the edge cloud, it provides high availability collaboration and cloud native network. Cloud primitivity is a very important technical direction to promote the more layered development of cloud computing. Because of the rise of cloud native technology and more and more people begin to put my past software, system, or platform to the cloud native way to evolve, the use of resource way began to be changed, it can be to spin off their stateful and stateless services, can also split their strong what is need to delay and terminal or edge to calculate forces can be done. Collaborative high availability is based on SDN. No matter the node access in the field or the node access in the edge cloud, the whole data flow can be completed seamlessly on the network.

Oriented to future technological evolution

In the future, Ali Cloud Edge Cloud Node Services will continue to develop in the direction of distributed deployment, node autonomy and collaboration, miniaturized computing, and provide stable, reliable and secure services for industrial customers. Speech finally, gwendoline expressed the dreams of the future oriented: ali YunXiWang can and industry chain partners work together, through the depth of the products, technology, resource integration, common edge cloud applications of ecological construction, let more innovation and value of the enterprise application deployment operation on the edge of cloud node, push the edge of the cloud industry development.

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