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Summary of the knowledge content mastered by the front end


Understanding of web fidelity (structure/presentation/behavior), browser kernel, rendering principles, dependency management, compatibility, CSS syntax, hierarchy, common properties, layouts, selectors, box models, hacks, CSS preprocessor, Flexbox, CSS Modules, Document Flow, BFC, HTML5 (offline & storage &history, multimedia, WebGL, SVG, Cavas)


Data Type, Operations, Objects, Inheritance, Closure, Scope, Event, Prototype, Regexp, JAON, AJAX, DOM, Memory Leaks, Cross-Domain, Aasynchronous Request, Template Engine, Modularity, Flux, Isomorphism, Algorithms, NodeJS, HTTP


Mainline MVVM, Hybrid App\React Native\Weex, TypeScript, Front-end Engineering, dependency management, performance optimization, reconstruction, SEO, UED, front-end technology selection, etc

Front end test questions to master


  • What does a DOCTYPE do?
  • The difference between Standard Mode and Weird Mode:
  • What are inline/block-level/empty elements?
  • What is your understanding of the browser kernel?
  • What are the cores of common browsers?
  • How does the browser manage and load HTML5’s offline storage resources?
  • What is the difference between cookies/sessionStorage and localStorage?
  • What are the new features of HTML5? How do you handle compatibility issues with new HTML5 tags? How do you distinguish between HTML and HTML5?
  • Describe your understanding of semantic HTML.
  • How does HTML5 offline caching work? Can you explain how it works? .


  • ☆ Browser box model?
  • ☆ Clear floating way
  • What are the CSS selectors? Which attributes can be inherited?
  • What’s the difference between ::after/:after and ::before/:before?
  • CSS style priority calculation method:
  • ☆ What are the new features and pseudoclasses in CSS3?
  • Some advantages of less.
  • How to center div?
  • What are the values of Display? Explain their role
  • The value of the Position?
  • Flex layouts and common properties
  • Can you explain the flexbox model of CSS3 and the applicable scenarios?
  • CSS to create triangles?
  • Full screen product word layout?
  • What is the cause of the invisible gap between Li and Li?
  • Why initialize CSS styles?
  • The collapse property of the visibility property in CSS does not exist.
  • What does margin merge mean? .


  • What are the JS data types?
  • What are the built-in objects in JS?
  • What’s the difference between a stack and a heap?
  • Scopes and variable declarations in js are enhanced
  • How do I convert a type?
  • What are object-oriented programming and procedural programming, their similarities, differences, advantages and disadvantages
  • Object-Oriented Programming Ideas
  • How to explain the role of this in JS?
  • How to use this in js (classic) :
  • ☆ Talk about JS prototype and prototype chain
  • How do you know exactly when a variable is of array type?
  • ☆ What is the difference between call and apply?
  • What are the methods of inheritance?
  • ☆ What are closures? What do closures do?
  • Event agent (event delegate) :
  • The stages of the event
  • ☆ What phases does the new operator go through when creating an instance
  • How asynchronous programming is implemented
  • Knowledge of native JS
  • What are the methods of lazy loading in js?
  • Arrays sorted from small to large?
  • Sort the array from large to small, and then add the reverse() method to reverse the order…


  • What do you think is the best way to write the jQuery or Zepto source code
  • How does jQuery work?
  • What is the object returned by the init method of jQuery.fn? Why do you want to return this?
  • How does jquery.extend differ from jquery.fn. Extend?
  • How does jQuery implement extend and how does it implement deep copy?
  • How is jQuery’s queue implemented? Where can queues be used?
  • JQuery bind (), live (), delegate (), on ()
  • JQuery An object can bind multiple events at the same time. How does this work?
  • Optimization for jQuery? .

    Data request related issues

  • What are the HTTP requests?
  • What are the HTTP status codes? Let me tell you what they mean
  • Please describe the difference between GET and POST
  • Error in the length of the GET request
  • The difference in caching between GET and POST requests
  • What’s the difference between HTTP and HTTPS? How to use it flexibly?
  • AJax is what? Why use Ajax?
  • Describe the Ajax process.
  • The pros and cons of Ajax?
  • XMLHttpRequest generic properties and methods
  • AJAX requests cross domain interfaces. How many requests are sent?
  • There are several ways to cross domains
  • What are the ways for web applications to actively push data from the server side?
  • How to realize the communication between multiple tabs in the browser? (ali)
  • How does WebSocket work with low browsers? (ali)
  • Detailed differences and pros and cons between FETCH, AJAX, and Axios:
  • What is Axios? How to use it? Describe the process of using it to implement the login function?
  • What’s the difference between XML and JSON? .


  • What is the MVVM?
  • The difference between MVVM and MVC? How does it differ from other frameworks (jQuery)? Which scenarios are appropriate?
  • What are the two cores of Vue.js?
  • Passing values between VUE components
  • How to use custom components in Vue-CLI, and what problems have you encountered?
  • How does Vue implement load on demand with Webpack setup
  • The similarities and differences between the v-show and v-if instructions
  • How do I make CSS work only in the current component
  • What is the function of
  • Talk about the implementation of Keep-Alive and its caching strategy
  • Steps to introduce components in VUE
  • Common modifiers for Vue?
  • What are Vue’s computed properties?
  • Vue and other single-page applications and their advantages and disadvantages?
  • What is the function of the instruction v-el?
  • Steps to use the plug-in in Vue
  • Active-class is a property of which component?
  • Name at least 4 instructions in Vue and how to use them. .


  • Use of props and state in React
  • How do React components communicate with each other?
  • Why does virtual DOM improve performance?
  • React Lifecycle Functions:
  • What periodic function is React performance optimization?
  • At what point in the life cycle should you make an Ajax request?
  • An overview of the event handling logic in React
  • How do I tell React that it should build the production version?
  • What happens after setState is called?
  • Principles and usage of setState by React
  • Why is setState asynchronous?
  • What does the second argument passed to the setState function do?
  • What does shouldComponentUpdate do and why is it so important?
  • What is the difference between a createElement and a cloneElement?
  • Why do we need to use the Children API provided by React instead of JS Map?
  • What is the difference between Element and Component in React?
  • Under what circumstances would you prefer to use a Class Component over a Functional Compone
  • What do refs do in React?
  • The diff algorithm? .

    WeChat applet

  • A brief description of the WeChat applet related file types?
  • How do you encapsulate the data request of WeChat applet?
  • What are the methods for passing values to parameters?
  • What methods have you used to improve the speed of WeChat applet applications?
  • Small program and native APP which good?
  • Briefly describe the principle of WeChat applet?
  • Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of WeChat applet
  • What is the difference between WeChat applet and H5?
  • How to solve the small program asynchronous request problem?
  • How is two-way binding for applets different from Vue
  • Small program WXSS and CSS what are the different places?
  • Small program associated with WeChat public number how to determine the uniqueness of the user?
  • What should I pay attention to when using WebView to load directly?
  • What problems do small programs encounter when calling the background interface?
  • Small program to write a custom component, to consider what?
  • Small program how to obtain user authorization information?
  • Add a Button button to the page and set the open-type property to getUserInfo.
  • How do applets share card information? .

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