Abstract:For enterprises, a unified data base can make data supply and business side more efficient, more secure and easier to share. As technology changes with each passing day, moving to the cloud has become easy, but moving heterogeneous databases (converting database types) to the cloud is still a huge challenge in the industry.

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At present, cloud office, cloud transaction, cloud digital operation has become the mainstream, do not deploy business to the cloud, as if to keep pace with The Times. For enterprises, a unified data base can make data supply and business side more efficient, more secure and easier to share. As technology changes with each passing day, moving to the cloud has become easy, but moving heterogeneous databases (converting database types) to the cloud is still a huge challenge in the industry.

Huawei group is a multiple formats, long chain of enterprise, the whole scene, in 20 years ago began to use the database, in the fields of research and development, supply, finance, administration, offline scenarios, real-time scene, several positions, such as usage scenario, these scenes using mainstream commercial database, along with the digital transformation process is accelerated, in terms of iteration, to keep up with the rhythm of the cloud, Therefore, HUAWEI Group Process IT and HUAWEI Cloud Database seek for cloud transformation.

For the process IT of Huawei Group, which has massive data, a variety of database types and database experts, IT is not easy to get on the cloud. The “two-legged” principle is prevailing in the industry, which requires both speed, economy and security, stability and reliability. Of course, Huawei Group is no exception. Facing the new heterogeneous database, Huawei Group process IT wants to improve the performance greatly, but also to be safe and stable, so IT chooses to relocate its business to Huawei cloud database RDS and GAUSSDB, while compatibility and performance are the biggest problem of heterogeneous database migration.

The “deep pit” of heterogeneous database migration is difficult to overcome

Migration of the database as moving, moving directly is not feasible, need to move the “house”, then move the “furniture in the house”, which involves the migration problem is not only complex, but also can not go wrong. Especially, the compatibility problem is a headache, which not only involves complex operations such as structure migration, syntax conversion, SQL conversion, etc., but also requires high database performance.

Teng cloud out, huawei cloud UGO for automatic relocation born

First of all, Huawei cloud database combined with Huawei Group process IT to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the business. Huawei Group database has hundreds of thousands of tables, 100000-level stored procedures, stored procedures with codes of more than 100 million levels, hundreds of thousands of task scheduling, and the amount of migrated data up to several terabytes. After the evaluation, the manual transformation of the application is a huge workload, and mature enterprise-level end-to-end object migration or evaluation tools are needed to improve the migration and conversion rate of heterogeneous databases.

UGO is born for heterogeneous database object migration and application migration! Through pre-migration assessment and automated syntax conversion, it can help users identify migration risks in advance, improve migration efficiency and minimize the cost of database migration for users. Huawei cloud database provides a three-step migration scheme, through Huawei cloud UGO evaluation and conversion of heterogeneous database syntax for migration, and then through Huawei cloud data replication service DRS log based real-time change data capture, data migration, and finally through Huawei cloud DRS data verification to ensure data consistency.

The key technologies used are:1) Assessment of migration workload: Based on the actual labor migration cost under a large number of business scenarios as the assessment baseline, based on the automated migration process of a large number of business scenarios, the cumulative migration workload as the input, and combined with the amount of code, conversion rate, and the transformation difficulty of incompatible features to facilitate customers to have a specific quantitative perception of the migration work.2) Apply SQL migration: By collecting the source database SQL traffic and conducting SQL dynamic conversion, the data can be migrated to the target database in the form of flow simulation and playback to provide automatic error location and migration verification. The corrected objects in the migration process are clear and clear. At the same time, through the source library migration assessment and SQL translation, and output the SQL translation report, the application transformation is completed, and finally migrated to the target library.

Fast light, huawei cloud UGO hour level completed relocation

The process IT of Huawei Group has several terabytes of data and hundreds of thousands of stored procedures. The migration cycle has been shortened from days to hours, reducing the cost of stored procedure reconstruction by 50%. It supports 500 Schema migration of mainstream commercial databases, saving 70%+ workload and 1000+ migration sets.

In general, the migration cycle and all aspects of the assessment will take 1-2 months, and the migration cycle is also calculated on a daily basis, while UGO only needs to complete the migration at the hour level. Huawei Cloud UGO eliminates the problems of difficult, long cycle and high cost of heterogeneous database migration, and effectively supports the IT digital transformation of Huawei Group process. In addition, after the cloud to achieve the database minute level capacity expansion, data second level storage, to solve the traditional database expansion and data storage pressure of the problem of large, can support the logical database data volume of hundreds of millions. After the transformation of micro-service, it is expected to support the growth of business data for 2 years.

At present, Huawei cloud database application migration solution has successfully passed the evaluation of “database application migration service capability” by ICT, becoming one of the first commercial database migration solutions to pass the evaluation and successfully achieved the highest score in the first batch of domestic evaluation. In the future, Huawei Cloud UGO will continue to innovate, continue to build technical hard power, to provide customers with more simple, easy to use, efficient and reliable migration solutions.

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