You can’t get fat in one bite. You can get fat in several bites

The struggling route of an ordinary junior student is of certain reference value to the school’s student association

Never thought of bubble dafang, after reading this article, may find that dafang is really not so far away

Systematic knowledge sorting out in the spring in the end, there is a need to take oh ~

At the end of the article, there are many more bytes of autumn recruitment in advance batch of posts within the push, welcome to tease!

A simple introduction

Graduated from Hangzhou Normal University with bachelor degree in 22 years, got the front-end offer of Byte Happiness In early May

The school has a famous and excellent alumnus Jack Ma. When filling in the volunteer, he once fantasized about the relationship between the school and Alibaba, and whether it would be easy to get into Alibaba

Turns out, it doesn’t matter. Go to bed

During the university, belong to the ordinary learning students, intermittent complacent, habitual mixed eat and so on

  • High gpa, no gold, no competition (ACM/Computer design, etc.)
  • The project experience is generally “toys”. Luckily, I have written a project with real requirements (offline) with my mentor, and I have no commercial project experience
  • The foundation is not good, in the second half of 20 years, I have intermittently read some React principles, and I have intermittently read Leetcode for a month, but I have never read any books. Fragmented time and fragmented learning

An API switch man, with poor foundation, no education, and internship experience in Dafang, what kind of opportunity did he meet? ! The last six months…

The mountain is poor and the water is complex (1-2)

Magnify problems

Off comes the last busy final exam week in the middle of January. Turned to usher in the long – awaited Ali front – end trainees!

“8 general directions, nearly 80 courses”, it was a very “painful” but substantial two weeks.

I saw a lot of new landscapes, but at the same time I was still just using wheels, not realizing how much anxiety a shaky foundation would cause later.

January is so directly gone, high intensity learning period is accompanied by half a month of “mixed” period…

Practice has proved that: approaching spring recruitment, we should grasp the development curve of our learning enthusiasm as soon as possible, grasp the principal contradiction, self-discipline is limited resources TAT

Anxiety amplification

You got to go, you got to run

Before spring recruiting, the first ideal type has been a hometown ningbo enterprise, in the gold brush to a working classmate’s article (key words: Apple marketing page), very favorable. But, when ready to rush, internship post recruitment down the shelves…

Practice has proved that don’t just think well, not to your hand, are dreams, such as girls, the pit of the heart, enchanted house…

The follow-up to the story:

After I entered the job, accidentally search up, found they recruit again (heart complex

But still thank this enterprise, let me “forced” to rush up, did not go home early “flat”, only then and byte encounter

The cold wind blew on my face

I used to have a little fantasy about the early batch of spring recruitment: the early batch of spring recruitment in 2020 seems to be overwhelming in the middle of February, January over the year; It’s February this year, isn’t it…

The fact is, don’t forget the “gold, silver, and four”, so the early approval of spring recruitment has nothing to do with the time of Spring Festival

Late February is the time to be crazy surrounded by each advance batch of internal push posts

“Already an advantage”, please do not find an excuse for delay

Another Village (3-4)

It was like the night before the final: a pen, a lamp, a miracle

The foundation is a long way to go

The school recruit classmate most project experience mediocre? (big guys ignore please) so the foundation must be caught early!!!

Systematic learning is the best way to improve quickly

Share what works in these two months:

  1. Take Niuke net as an example, open the recent fresh push posts (5 ~ 6 is almost), classify and list the knowledge points involved in the middle (and frequency)

  2. Make sure to set aside a certain amount of time every day to brush up on books that help you to learn systematically: JS you Don’t know, IN-DEPTH Analysis of CSS, etc. (according to personal reading preferences)

  3. According to the knowledge graph, read the relevant articles, precipitate the knowledge graph, and then look through the reference books/specifications in the middle

    JS: Hu Yu, Shen Yuanyuan; Network: Perspective HTTP protocol….

The scope of the foundation, in fact, said small is not small

Under the condition of tight review time, we must grasp what is the biggest loophole in real time and patch it first

You’ve got a thick skin and a good tube

Must take the initiative to hook up within the push people (especially feel relatively vegetables, not much confidence in the written test of students, such as me

Welcome to hook up with me! Resume editing for free! Real time with progress!

For team introduction and contact information, see the end of this article

Spring recruitment of two big factory interview opportunities are in front of the early chat, V2EX to find

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to have an interview!

Practice has proved: the first initiative to introduce the basic information, it is easier to increase favorability oh

Avoidance is shameless and a waste of time

Byte, it sounds like you don’t want to throw it, because my algorithm is really bad

The main reason for my happiness is the “foundation building plan”, which perfectly hit my pain point. I feel it is very suitable for students who lack the foundation in long-term projects like me

The team launched a foundation building program for students who are interested in joining Bytedance. Students with computer/software/communication related background but relatively weak front-end foundation are provided with progressive study guides and interview preparation guidance

The basic algorithm is an obstacle that cannot escape, even if the interview is not big factory, some JS handwritten questions or a lot of

Algorithm recommendation by topic brush, Labuladong algorithm is the savior of stupid

What is said is not false, binary tree really please must brush! Very suitable as the first brush topic!

Prepare for dafa, prepare algorithm problem, recommend codetop + sword point offer, with the topic brush method

Summary of struggle experience

Time to implement in place, put aside self touched, the rest of the harvest, are solid

I didn’t find a shortcut. If you do, it’s a wealth code! Take your brother, will you?

7 days zero basic ashore BAT, ** teacher with you through the front map

As long as 19998, ** W annual salary to take home! Special price of 15558 for the first 100 applicants!

Big factory can bubble, but also does not have to bubble, you are the great person. The mindset has to be in place

Bubble on: I am big factory person! Hahahahaha!

Did not bubble on: I am the person that big factory cannot get! Hahahahaha!

New Start, New Challenges (5-6)

The entry byte will often feel unreal at first

Just like the boy chasing goddess, licking for two months, goddess love and ignore, finally tell you can work

Our slogan is:

The pursuit of perfection, pragmatic and daring, open and modest, frank and clear, always entrepreneurship, pluralistic compatibility!

The folks are walking everywhere

The student body

It’s always weird to call your older siblings by their first names

Wouldn’t it be rude of me to just call it?

But in bytes, come in will not consciously into the students, the feeling is very wonderful experience

Peer interaction

: That’s why… (Grinning sheepishly)

: You have… (Answer in seconds)

: Oh!! (Suddenly)

Humble love daily, I also occasionally “have a small problem”?

Technology atmosphere

Water is even more complicated. It’s the source of life.

The complex things simple, is the skill

From time to time, there will be internal technology sharing, but also organize some corresponding discussions

Layer by layer to reduce the difficulty of understanding, the bottom small white favorite form (thanks for poverty alleviation!

Only eat not fat is a dream

After two months of the “feeding” experience, MY weight went up

Had had quantity change the trend that causes qualitative change, hind half a year must use gym rise

Don’t worry about your mouth. Move your legs

Keep attacking the little monster

The speed of getting started with development is closely related to personal experience

Continuous learning: Learning how to write better code; Deepen the depth of technology, understand the technology used; Learn about the business, the industry, and be a great “business front end”…

Summary of initial experience in Dafang

Dafang does have its charm, seeing a crowd of people outside

Met a lot of people worth learning, will sigh their own weak

So to be strong, to be a strong teammate!

The last

Spring recruitment knowledge map help autumn recruitment!

Remember what I said before?! What is an advantage?

Get ready early and don’t procrastinate like I do

The orcas’ notes were compiled in March and April this year

Fresh with thinking precipitation (reject mindless copy paste ❌)

  • Why notes?

    You might see some real remarks/questions/drafts in there

  • Why is it not fully written and shared?

    Knowledge graph is only their own sorting, I hope to look at it like borrowing classmates’ notes, rather than a reference answer/” eight part essay “corpus

  • Why not just dig for gold one by one?

    Notes are not the result of personal research output, but looking through various highly praised articles and sorting them out based on my own understanding. Except react, which is based on the column of Casson/Xiuyan to sort out multiple documents, most of them are annotated with sources (good articles should be recommended crazy!).

    In the process of sorting out, found before his collection of many highly praised articles, there are some rehashes, sticky situation, and also did not indicate the source, a little reduced impression points… (Personal preference)

    Therefore, I hope that I do not become a “water” text output machine in order to gather together articles

If it is helpful to you, please give me a star to show encouragement!

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Byte r&d early batch has started !!!!

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Opportunities, fast growth, leadership in NICE, real mass HC

I can go ashore. Why don’t you try?!

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