The fourth phase of technology project | about micro front end under your active participation. Chat at the same time the fifth period technology project | distributed, those things are also launched in an orderly way, and the rest have a front-end bosses will be already one’s fingers itch, don’t worry, technology project phase 6 is coming! This time we’re talking about React 17!

React began as an internal Facebook project and opened its first version in May 2013.

Since React, Angular, and Vue came out, the improvement of front-end development capabilities has increased the need to deal with complex business scenarios, allowing front-end engineers to have a place in the computer field.

Of course, the iterative update of each new version is particularly important. New features, architecture upgrades, AND API changes all affect the quality, stability, and efficiency of the project of the first-line R&D staff at all times.

It has been 7 years since the first version was released. Thanks to the Rigor of the React team in the process of version update Diego, and the guarantee of the stability and compatibility of the framework, the React team still maintains a high share and vitality of the front-end community. Through the React derived family barrel series: React-Router, Dva, UmiJs, cross-terminal development series: Remax, Taro, Native mix: React Native, etc., the React huge ecosystem has been built, which makes the whole React community increasingly rich.

Each new iteration of React affects the development of these related ecosystems. In version 16, React introduced hooks syntax and fiber architecture, leading to a game between hooks and class. Making many teams in the choice between upgrading or maintaining the status quo into a dilemma, but also some teams chose to wait and see.

React 17 is unusual because it doesn't add any features for developers. Instead, focus on upgrading and simplifying React itself. We're working on new features, but they don't belong in this release. React 17 is the key to our deep push. In particular, React 17 is a "stepping stone" version that makes it safer for a Tree managed by one React version to be embedded in another React managed tree. - NickJiangDevCopy the code

The React 17 RC release notes mention that “this is a feature-free release”, which does not add any features for developers, but rather upgrades and optimizations for React itself, and introduces the concept of gradual upgrades, which is also an important “stepping stone” release.

Once a new version is released, it will have a limited impact on the community, but what about the impact on the team, the developers, as time moves forward?

If your team, individual developers have been exposed to the new React 17 release, you can talk about how it has affected the actual project/project development. First things first three times:

Do not move official documents!!

Do not move official documents!!

Do not move official documents!!

Technical topics for reference:

  • How to upgrade the project to the new version of React
  • Use of React in project teams
  • Introduction and application of new features of React
  • New version of React source code interpretation

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