Brief introduction:This book will help you easily Get Apache Flink 1.13 version of the latest features, but also contains well-known manufacturers of multi-scene Flink practical experience, learning to use one, a lot of dry!

Apache Flink is the de facto technical standard in the field of real-time computing. As the mainstream streaming computing engine, Flink can realize a series of data processing processes, such as subscription, analysis and processing, so that data can play its value in the first time. In recent years, Apache Flink has also started from the engine of stream computing and gradually has the computing capability of stream and batch integration. It can process multi-source data flexibly, analyze the results quickly and display them, and facilitate users to complete business work faster, better and more efficient. As a fast developing new generation of big data engine, Apache Flink’s architectural advantages also attract more and more open source enthusiasts to invest in the construction of the community. As of June 2021, the community had 16,500 STAR’s, 894 Contributors, and 27,238 Commits, making Apache Flink a “real-time computing fit” in many businesses’ business lines and the first choice for building a real-time big data processing platform.

This book will give developers the first chance to get Apache Flink 1.13 features and enhancements; At the same time, together with Zhihu, Tencent, Minsheng Bank, B station and other manufacturers to provide the actual combat experience of Flink in multiple scenes, easy to Get the enterprise big data service ability!

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Highlights of eBooks

  • Apache Flink version 1.13 has been officially released, making it easier to get started with in-depth understanding of the core features of the new version.
  • In-depth understanding of Zhihu, Tencent, Minsheng Bank, B Station and other well-known manufacturers of actual combat experience, full of dry goods;
  • More than 150 pages of pictures, let readers play the new edition!

Wonderful first look

Apache Flink 1.13.0 has been released, making streaming applications easier and more efficient. Flink SQL 1.13, SQL 1.13, SQL 1.13, SQL 1.13, SQL 1.13, SQL 1.13, SQL 1.13, SQL 1.13 Click to see the construction practice of Flink + Iceberg full scene real-time data warehouse

Practice: Click to view the practice of building Zhihu’s Flink data integration platform Click to view the practice of building Tencent’s real-time game computing application platform Click to view the practice of Flink SQL CDC and consistency analysis Click to view the diversified exploration and practice of Apache Flink in Bilibili

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