IPFS/ Filecoin has always been one of the most talked about projects in coin circles. IPFS was born back in 2015, and after years of debugging, fundraising, etc., IPFS’s incentive layer, Filecoin, announced the mainnet at the end of last year. Over the past six months, the value of FIL has experienced a dramatic rise and fall. Especially in the current bear market, many investors feel that Filecoin is dead, but I’d say that’s only true for short-term investors. For long-term investors, the whole admission is the most reasonable choice at this stage. Although the currency price has plummeted, the cost of admission will also drop now. Currency appreciation is the correct and effective solution to maximize the use of the product price of this technology.

A failed investor will only pay attention to the price of the Chinese currency in the short term, without paying attention to the value of the project and without thinking about the value of the future. For investors, cognitive development is important, and cognitive ability determines wealth.

These are tough times for the entire currency community, and IPFS’s vision is to perpetuate human data as the only project that has any application value. As of yesterday morning, IPFS announced that “Filecoin mainnet upgrades have been completed, increasing storage capacity by 15-20 times and bringing GAS costs close to zero.”

This is undoubtedly a good news for many miners who want to enter IPFS. Although the price of FIL is now adjusted back, the GAS cost is also greatly reduced, and the overall cost of FIL mining is also greatly reduced. Therefore, this period of time is certainly the prime time for miners to enter.

Filecoin’s unique economic model ensures a healthy and stable long-term development of the project, and its value is expressed in the fact that more applications are developed and used on the Filecoin network, so FIL investments are not short-term speculations, but long-term value investments. Filecoin has repeatedly stated that short-term speculators are not welcome at Filecoin because we are working on distributed storage, which is the future of the Internet and requires miners to keep hard drives in stable working condition.

The core value of the Filecoin network is secure, efficient, and low-cost data storage. Now the efficient computing power of the Filecoin network is just a promise of storage space, not the storage of real data, so the development of storage applications is strongly encouraged. Make the Filecoin network more powerful and meaningful with real, valuable data, generating a larger Filecoin storage market.

However, the future potential of IPFS/FIL is very good, and as a FIL miner, it is definitely the best opportunity to enter the market at a time of low FIL prices and a significant reduction in GAS charges.