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VMware EXIS installation

Posted on June 23, 2022, 12:46 p.m. by Darshit Loyal
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From the official

A robust bare-metal hypervisor that installs directly on your physical server. With direct access to and control over underlying resources, VMware ESXi effectively partitions hardware to consolidate applications and reduce costs. It is an industry leader in efficient architectures, setting the standard for reliability, performance, and support.

What does ESXi provide?

IT teams are constantly under pressure to respond to fluctuating market trends and higher customer demands. At the same time, they must expand their IT resources to accommodate increasingly complex projects. Fortunately, ESXi, formerly known as ESX, helps balance the need for better business results with THE need for IT savings. VMware ESXi enables you to:

  • Integrate hardware to improve capacity utilization.
  • Improve competitive advantage.
  • Simplify IT administration through centralized administration.
  • Reduce cap and operating expenses.
  • Minimizing the hardware resources required to run the hypervisor means greater efficiency.

The iso download

The installation

It is an operating system (.iso) that can be installed on the server, but the Vmware Workstation software is used here.

Note The password is a combination of digits, letters, and special characters

  1. Remove installation media (unplug it if it's a USB drive)

  1. To remove installation media from a VM, perform the following steps

    • To turn it off

    • Settings - Remove iso

    • boot

Adjust configuration items

Because of the bridge mode I use, I can also ping this IP directly on Windows


After the preceding content is installed, the IP address of the browser is as follows

Enter the password you used to install the system. In this case, I'm root/ROOT#123456

The resources

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