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Use oAuth verified Github API to avoid the problem of excessive call frequency

Posted on Nov. 27, 2023, 11:04 p.m. by Christopher Decker
Category: The back-end Tag: The back-end

Today I am going to develop a small tool that uses github Restful API to get all the issues in my repository:

After executing, I can see from the response header x-Ratelimit-limit that the Restful API can only be called 60 times per hour. I have already called it twice, leaving 58 calls.

From the header field x-ratelimit-reset, we know that if all 60 times are used up, it will take an hour to recover.

Fortunately, Github also supports oAuth authentication to call these apis:

The NUMBER of API calls made through this authentication method skyrocketed to 5,000 per hour, which was pretty sweet.

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