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Trendfront Weekly (Issue 14) - New Year's Eve 2020

Posted on Aug. 26, 2023, 4:53 a.m. by Brent Cook-McMahon
Category: The front end Tag: javascript The front end

The cover picture is taken in hangzhou in 2020 0 o 'clock New Year's Eve scene at the end of the sea of people, take a taxi for 2 hours, then want to see at home B station New Year's Eve is not sweet? But now the retrospect is a different taste.

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Good writing and study

How to get your Code Reviewer to like you mtlynch. IO /code-review... How to Make Your Code Reviewer Fall in Love with You

Tao is a circle of product evolution The front end also needs to understand the business logic series, to look at the tao department card card commodity setup engine technical design to understand how to do this party.

The Introduction to the Event Loop Utilization in the Node. Js A foreign article introduces the in-depth and good article of Event Loop Utilization, which begins with what is Event Loop, ELU comparison of CPU, and finally the case of using ELU.

Written in Web technology for Safari extensions Most front-end extensions know how to write a Chrome extension, but how to write a Safari extension is difficult to get started with the OC/Swift requirement. This year Apple announced the introduction of Web technology to implement a new type of extension.

Tools and Open Source

Cfonts - Sexy fonts for command line project development

Before we write the Node command line tool to generate a sexy Title Logo, in fact, a little trouble, you can directly try this tool, let you write CSS like processing.

X - Desktop environment in browser

The author implemented a simple one in the browserDesktop system, very simulator effect feeling.

VSinder - code "dating" software in VSCode

VS Code can now be used for dating. Ben Awad, a 23-year-old programmer, created a dating app in VS Code in order to find guys and girls in the most hardcore way possible.

Htmlparser2 - fast and compatible HTML/XML parser Htmlparser2 provides onOpenTag, onText, onCloseTag callbacks to handle HTML, which is suitable for common HTML/XML parsing scenarios.

Across the stack and iOS

C + + service compile time consuming optimization principle and practice... See more Webpack packaging front-end optimization, to see the United States C++ side of the large project in the face of a long compilation is how to solve.

DiDiPrism- Didi open source mobile operating behavior tool Chinese named Xiaoju Prism, covers APP operation playback, operation detection, and data visualization capabilities, the implementation looks good, the article introduces visible nuggets.

Inspiration and fun

B stop video - design of a portable bag display "Your next monitor could be a power bank"? Super core DIY ultra mini portable display, involving the two-way design of hardware and software to the final product molding, sincerely admire Up master.

What are the seemingly simple details in the game that actually require a lot of skill? "How to deal with characters walking naturally" in game development? Take a look at motion Matching design ideas.

First-tier city struggle, second-tier city to buy a house, this matter is reliable? A very down-to-earth analysis of young people buying houses.

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