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Very simple! WordPress comment WeChat notification in two steps

Both approaches have their pros and cons, and there are many ways to notify through the Server Sauce and many options. But after all, they are using someone else's service, which involves security, stability and membership. Notifications using your own enterprise WeChat do not require the service to be unavailable, and there is no limit to the frequency of notifications. The disadvantage is that there is only one choice.

WeChat template message details page blank, Angular project 404 solution

The WeChat service number was running normally, and suddenly found that the template message details page was open blank page (is it not their own move what? I tried three brands of Android phones: Xiaomi, Huawei and Meizu. All the screens were blank (on the phone). It can be opened on iPhone, PC Chrome and QQ browsers can be opened normally, and it can also be opened normally using WeChat developer tools. A lot of posts on the Internet are saying that the SSL certificate chain is not complete, resulting in...

Play WeChat | cool chat screen full off love series, hurriedly collection

Today to share with you is the recent very popular chat full screen off the love series, of course, in addition to the loss of love, Xiaobian also organized a series of WeChat chat full screen animation, children's shoes if you like it, quickly collect it! Without more words, go straight to the dry goods:

WeChat combined with Tencent cloud to create a new ability to cloud native!

WeChat combined with Tencent cloud to create a new cloud native capability (WeChat cloud hosting) officially open beta! Front and rear end separation, Serverless free operation and maintenance, high availability... Enterprise-class back-end project full hosting service is here! Want to know what the cloud hosting capabilities have been updated? What's the difference with cloud development? What are the advantages over traditional servers? Welcome to scan the QR code and make an appointment for the online lecture at 8pm on June 28. We will introduce WeChat cloud hosting in a comprehensive way.

WeChat function will be offline soon, export data quickly!

Coincidentally, on the afternoon of May 28, WeChat circle, similar to QQ interest tribe, also issued a notice of suspension. WeChat circle shutdown announcement, due to business development direction adjustment, the function will be officially suspended from December 28, 2021.

Wechat small game live in the Android end of cross-process rendering push stream practice

Recently, WeChat mini-games support one-button broadcast of video number. Upgrade WeChat to the latest version and open Tencent mini-games (such as Jump, Joy Doudizhu, etc.). In the upper right menu, you can see the button to initiate live broadcast and become the game anchor with one button (as shown in the figure below).

Teach you how to save WeChat emojis to mobile phone, WeChat emojis to save to album.

"As we all know, WeChat emojis can not be downloaded and saved to the local mobile phone album, so we developed this small tool, just one simple step, complete any WeChat emojis saved to the local mobile phone album." 01. WeChat search "BQBCZS" pay attention to "expression save assistant" public number expression save assistant free one-click expression save to the mobile phone, expression save to the album of expression save assistant, no longer have to worry about the expression can not save to the mobile phone album ~02....

WeChat applet development series four: WeChat applet controller initialization logic

WeChat small program development series one: WeChat small program application and development environment to build WeChat small program development series two: WeChat small program view design WeChat small program development series three: The first two articles of this tutorial explained how to automatically generate a Hello World WeChat applet using the WeChat developer tools shown below, and explained the view of the auto-generated WeChat applet...

WeChat PC website payment pit record - WeChat Native payment application access

1, the ID has not completed the WeChat certification, please confirm and then try {code... } 2, the APPID authentication body name you input is inconsistent with the actual authentication body name, please check the modification and try again {code... } 3, No support for associating this type of appID {code... } 4. Modify the name of the receiver shown during payment {code... } WeChat Native payment application process 1, apply for WeChat merchant number 2, apply for WeChat...

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