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"Building high-performance Web sites" study note 03

Chapter 3 Concurrent Handling Capacity of the Server 3.1 Capacity Capacity Capacity Capacity: The number of requests handled by the Web server per unit of time Maximum Capacity Capacity: The maximum number of requests that the server can handle per unit of time Stress test: Simulate a large number of concurrent users continuously sending HTTP requests, calculate the total duration of the test, and calculate the throughput rate accordingly. (Generally, the model is simplified and stress tests are performed on representative specific requests.)3.1.1 Preconditions for stress testing Number of concurrent users: at some point...

SmartBi: An introduction to the principles and defenses of common Web application security vulnerabilities

Web application refers to the B/S architecture, through HTTP/HTTPS protocol to provide services collectively. With the popularity of the Internet, Web applications have been integrated into every aspect of our lives. In the process of enterprise informatization, more and more applications are also set up on the Web platform. Most of these Web accesses involve dynamic server-side processing rather than static Web browsing. At this point, if the technical personnel security awareness, such as the program parameters...

| makes cloud application delivery smoother

Brief introduction: Kubevela is the technical implementation of the OAM (Open Application Model) standard jointly initiated by AliCloud and Microsoft, aiming to create a unified, standard and cross-environment cloud Application delivery, which saves time and effort, and is easy and simple

Douyin e-commerce users urgently recruit all level front-end engineers, with a lot of HC

Since June 18, 2020 bytes to complete the organization structure adjustment established electricity sector, to plan as a whole company's trill, today's headlines, watermelon electric business operations of the video, and other content platform, means "electricity" has clearly become a byte to beat the strategic level of business, and trill is the core of implementing the strategic business platform.

Build Web front-end development environment with Grunt

Grunt and all Grunt plugins run on NodeJS. If you don't have NodeJS on your computer, go ahead and install it. Installing NodeJS is very easy, a completely foolproof, next step, next step, which I won't go into here. Go to [Link] and click on the big green "Install" button on the page. I here in baidu cloud disk deposit one, the need to click download

You have a copy of the RX programming secret, please sign

Understanding the concept of an Observable is crucial in learning RX programming, and it usually takes a lot of "bumping into the wall" to get to "enlightenment" in the normal learning process. It's a bit like learning to ride a bike when you were a kid and you had to fall a few times to master it. Of course, if there is a way to "words", you can take a few detours, as soon as possible to understand the subtley RX.

The Graph is introduced

The Graph is a decentralized protocol for indexing and querying blockchain data. Creating Subgraphs uses the standard GraphQl API to query these indexes to solve the pain of decentralized data traversal.

CSRF Token

This starts with the role of cookies. We know that HTTP requests are stateless, but in a real Web application, we need the request to be stateful. For example, we need to remember the status of the login and not log in again for every request. In order to implement this requirement we need cookies.

How to use Rails Helper

What is a Helper in Rails? A Helper is a function (most of the time) that is used to share reusable code between Rails views. Rails has a built-in set of Helper functions. One of them is time_ago_in_words. Example {code... }, which displays the date in the specified format. Another Helper function for Rails views is number_to_human. Example: {code......

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