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Angular Library learning notes

There are two common Use cases for the LibrariesAngular library: building reusable component libraries to share between applications. Build shared service layer functionality - for example. Clients that handle external data sources, such as APIs. While there are many Angular libraries that are well suited to a project, it's worth considering whether your use case fits into this category, because it does introduce some maintenance overhead. Remember, you can always translate work...

TypeScript interface and type

Interface vs Type Alias in TypeScript 2.7Differences Between Type Aliases and Interfacestypes vs. Interfaces in TypeScript {interfaces... } We can intersect with interface to extend type: intersect with class: intersect with class: intersect with class: intersect with class: intersect; The connection...

Realize Flowchart 02- Canvas from 0 to 1

Now we start to implement the canvas function of the flowchart from two aspects, the first is the style of the canvas, including the grid and the background, the second is the operation of the canvas, including panning and zooming. Let's start by looking at two classic flowchart applications for Drawio and the BPMN Editor.

TypeScript defines several ways to write functions

1 - Use the function keyword {code... } (a: string) => Represents a function that takes a string as input and returns no arguments. You can define an alias using the type keyword: {code... } Call signatures use Call signatures to add additional properties to the function. TypeScript functions are also values, along with other v...

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