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Axios you probably don't know how to use

In the daily development of the front-end, in addition to purely static display pages, it is necessary to do some interface requests, from XMLHttpRequest, to jQuery ajax, to Fetch and Axios. Execute a request method. [method name] contains request, head, get, PUT, delete, p...

In-depth interview Series 1: React Reuse component logic

The first instinct of a programmer with experience in object-oriented design is to design a parent class with a method that counts the number of clicks a component has, and then any component class can inherit that parent class. However, in the React ecosystem, we recommend using composition instead of inheritance to achieve logical reuse between components. Next, I'll use the high Order Component, render...

The status quo of progressive Web applications. The March 2021 edition

PWAVaadin, along with major technology companies such as Microsoft and Google, has been advocating progressive web applications for years. It was last updated on 30 March 2021. Many changes have taken place in the PWA ecosystem over the past few months. For this reason, we decided to publish this "State of progressive Web Applications" post, which will allow us to track and compile major developments in the field and help...

JavaWeb implementation file upload and download tools

With the popularity of video websites and big data applications, especially the arrival of HD video and 4K video applications, super-large file uploading has become a basic daily application requirement. But in many cases, platform operators do not have large file upload and breakpoint continuation development experience, often find some simple PHP or Java programs on the Internet to achieve the basic upload function, but in the actual use will find that these based on the foot...

Vue simple data transfer, simulated data, data persistence

Componentization starts with importing components registering components, registering components using components passing data parent to child component: passes data using the form :name Child component: receives parent-child relationship using props

Webpack - js processing

Eslint-loader check syntax ESLint note: only check your own source code, third-party libraries are not checked. Check rule: package.json set in eslintConfig ~ Babel JS compatibility

Vue - the Router

After reading the implementation of vue-Router in the pull-up boot camp, I was full of dried goods, but the implementation of vue-Router is rather convoluted, so take notes, confirm and deepen your understanding. Into the hook front-end training camp for more than two months, the harvest is quite a lot, there are a lot of cattle in the group, as well as the director of the beauty class, the tutor timely answer the students' questions, humorous, is really a group of talk, read four years of undergraduate (L...

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