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Starting from front-end modular programming, I want to talk about the future of the front-end (there are questions I want to ask at the end of the article)

? A complex project is bound to have many similar functional modules, and it can be time-consuming and labor-intensive to have to rewrite the modules every time. Similarly, a function of others have built the wheel, we will transfer to use it, then it is necessary to cite others to write modules, the premise of reference is to have a unified "open posture", if everyone has their own writing method, then it will certainly be chaotic...

Libuv - This is not enough

Learning node.js is, in any case, impossible without Libuv. This article chooses along Libuv Linux implementation of the context of its internal exploration node.js as a front-end students to explore the server business sharp weapon, itself is determined to build a scalable network application. The current server environment is mostly Linux, and for another major...

Webpack starter uses Webpack to package Vue files

Yarn add babel-loader @babel/ core@babel /preset-env -d The CSS code is not written in the project before yarn add babel-loader @babel/ core@babel /preset-env -d. Webpack compiles CSS code with CSS-loader and style-loader. This concludes the main content of this article. Doing STH.

Axios source code learning record

The axios we introduced is actually a prototype method of Axios called Request (function object), whose execution context is an instance object of AXIos. This example extends the methods on the Axios constructor prototype, as well as the public genus

React Components, Elements, and Instances

I have read a few react articles recently, but I also learned something from the old ones. Components are created Components. An Instances is an instance of a component that is created, for example, creating an instance. Button /> component, in < Form /> is used many times, so each is an instance. Elements is a...

Ant-design-vue run-time skin changing solution

Background Company requirements: Support for changing themes while the project is running. The project vUE version is 3.0, antD version is 2.0.0, some holes in antD-Theme-Generator tutorial are not written in detail, here is a summary of the principle of use

The difference between changing state directly in VUEX versus changing state with Dispatch/COMMIT

When we used VUex for state management, we always saw that the only way to change the state in vuex store was to submit mutation. However, we could not change the value of state without mutation, which was actually wrong. We can also change the state value by using the following method. And we found that directly modifying sta...

How to optimize Vue ancestral code

We mainly focus on the loading speed of the first screen. In the test environment, our project actually ran very fast, but in the production environment, we used a relatively poor server in Indonesia and needed Kexue to access the Internet (there were always network fluctuations). After UI 2.0 was launched, the accumulation of things finally increased and the project became larger and larger. It's no exaggeration to say that the speed of first page opening on 4G is about...

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