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Sort algorithm

As a non-computer professional background of the dregs small front end, algorithm is a front-end skills on the way to a round the mountain. I tried to crack leetcode, but found that it took hours to solve a problem. Later, I searched some articles related to algorithm learning methods. Many people mentioned that algorithms need to be studied systematically before they are done. And I usually use JavaSc...

【 Unity Shader introduction 】 ☀ ️ | implement a rainbow ball using a Shader effect ✨! The sparkling special effects are one step closer!

This is the 8th day of my participation in the August Text Challenge. For details, see: August Text Challenge ? Foreword ? Rainbow Ball Making First open the Unity Project and right-click Create on the Project panel to Create a Shader! You can see that there are many kinds that can be created, but

Added pseudo classes to CSS3

Css3 added pseudo class :empty Select an empty label: Focus Select the current focus of the form elements :enabled Select the current valid form elements :disabled Select the current invalid form elements: Checked Select the current

Front-end ES6+ basic summary

ES6, or ECMA Script, is a standard specification for scripting languages developed by the ECMA International Organization for Standardization. ES6 is often used as a generic term to refer to releases after ESMA Script 2015. 2. Let Declare variables A keyword added in ES6 to declare variables. Because its scoped let cannot be advanced and cannot be accessed externally...

How do I parse urls in JavaScript

Uniform Resource Locator, or URL for short, is a reference to a web resource (web page, image, file). The URL specifies the location of the resource and the mechanism for retrieving the resource (HTTP, FTP, mailto). Many times you need to get some component of a URL. They might be hostname (e.g., or PA...

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