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Antvis/G-Base interpretation - 1

Preamble Analyzing the code written by bigwigs contributes to personal growth. The internal implementation of G is 0.5.1. (Actually I just want to secretly roll for no other reason). 1. Select the source of the branch source [0.5.1] corresponding to the tags

Vue3 practice - code submission standardization

In collaborative team development, various Lint tools can be used to constrain the team's development specifications, but there is no guarantee that team members will submit code that conforms to the specification or that they want automatic fixes for non-conforming code, so husky is used.

Mobile terminal picture upload rotation, compression solution

Preamble Take photos and upload pictures on mobile phones through the webpage input tag, some mobile phones will have the problem of the picture rotated 90 degrees D, including iPhone and individual Samsung mobile phones. The problem only occurs when the phones are taken vertically, so the picture will look fine when taken horizontally. Therefore, you can solve this problem by getting the camera Angle of the phone to rotate the photo. Orientat...

Use Promise to encapsulate Ajax

Ajax is short for Asynchronous JavaScript And XML, which makes it possible to request additional data from the server without unloading the page, resulting in a better user experience. The first step is through new

Fundebug screen recording plugin updated to 0.4.0 to fix bugs and optimize performance

Fundebug is a professional program BUG monitoring service. When online applications have bugs, we can report to the police in the first time to help developers find bugs in time and improve debugging efficiency. On the web side, we can 100% restore the user's operation process before the BUG appears through the original screen recording technology, and help developers quickly reproduce the error scene. The demo video is as follows: Actually, we recorded...

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