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Get started with Docker from a practice

A lot of people have heard of Docker but haven't tried it. If you haven't practiced Docker before, you can follow this step-by-step tutorial to get started. First, I would like to explain my understanding. Docker can be understood as a virtual machine, but it is faster than a virtual machine. The container we have inside is equivalent to an operating system, and the image is equivalent to an application program. Of course...

Postman: How to import Swagger interface file

In the process of interface testing with Postman, the test engineer will fill the interface with a lot of parameters, including THE URL address, request method, message header and message body and a series of data, which takes a lot of time in the case of a lot of request parameters. We can use Postm

Variable to store the specified segment

A link tool for debugging different chips is developed. Specific implementations of different chips have different personnel development implementations. Then there is the possibility that different people will modify a copy of code, which will most likely lead to problems. A new way to do this is to put the specified operations in the same

Jetstrap: Visual authoring tool for Bootstrap framework

Jetstrap is a visual authoring tool for Bootstrap framework that allows Web developers and designers to create beautiful Web pages by dragging and dropping components directly from the Web side. Jetstrap creates a web page that is 100% Bootstrap compliant. Once you design a PC page, it automatically ADAPTS to both mobile and Pad (responsive design).

Git workflow practice scheme exploration

Git, as a powerful code management tool, has always been the first choice of major companies, especially GitHub, the world's largest open source community, uses Git to perfection. In our daily work, collaborative development is the most efficient way, especially for large demand points

C++ experimental content (mooc) --CUMT

1. The breadth of the scope must be guaranteed during the inspection. For example, it is far from enough to verify 11, 12, 13 and 14, but 0, 1, 10, 15, 100 and 1000 can be verified

[Polar Fox GitLab] V13.11 version upgrade, a total of 13 feature points

With the compliance pipeline configuration, you can customize the pipeline of enforcement to be applied to any project that has specified the corresponding compliance framework. Configuration of 13 main functions compliance pipeline published by Pole Fox GitLab13.11 for teams wishing to implement compliance requirements in the pipeline workflow

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