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GitHub Hot TAB Vol.47

This week's GitHub Trends list is full of highlights, including JetBrains' Skia, an open source rendering engine, getting 500+ Star for its Java package, and the ability for developers to display their site status on their pages. Upptime, which reports in real time, became Trending with 1K star income in a single day. Alternative...

Git High-frequency command summary

Git is an open source distributed version control software designed for efficient and fast version management of projects from the very small to the very large. Git is everywhere in our daily software development. I've combed through the common commands in Git, as shown below. Add/delete file add

Read about cloud servers

Traditional servers are self-built houses. You have to draw up the drawings and give them to the builder to build your house. You have to worry about land, utilities, renovations, etc., etc. The house is built well, live uncomfortable, or silently bear, or wu wu your small heart: ouch I go, transformation expansion and money ah! Public Cloud Service

What information can BE extracted from the ID card number through Excel? I don't know how important it is until I see it

The front said about the id number input of all kinds of problems, today say what information can be extracted from the ID card, including birthplace of the province, birthday, age, gender, zodiac, constellation and so on. See how much information the ID card number contains, so usually pay attention to protect our ID card oh. 1

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