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The front-end Intranet penetrates the LocalTunnel and NatApp

As front-end development, remote testing is essential. Most of the time we only do Intranet tests for convenience, that is, within the same LAN, you can access the service you are enabling by using localhost or However, some functions must use the Internet to complete the test, but you can't build an Internet server for a test. You can use Intranet penetration tools, locally enabled servers,...

Microsoft to Win10 tailored to the efficiency of the magic device: PowerToys, with batch change file name and image size and other enhancements.

PowerToys, a productivity tool discovered on GitHub, was developed by a team at Microsoft. On GitHub marked star 44.2K, Win10 can be free to install a variety of enhanced new features, such as batch modification of file name and picture size, can be called the official "outside

Obtain the Windows password GitHub Hotspots v.21.28

Security has always been a hot topic at GitHub because of the various self-hosted services where data security issues have arisen. The two security-related items on this week's list are a little different. Mimikatz is an old project that many hackers use to extract information from memory

JAVA code generator, the soul of rapid development platform

When I was working on a project in some companies, I often had to deal with a large number of feature pages. Although SSH framework system was chosen as the basis of the front and back end, it still took too much time to fix the code, and the business requirements were not clear, leading to frequent changes in the later period, which made my head very heavy. At that time, I thought, if there is a kind of

[Others] Personalize Git Settings for corporate projects

The company recently decided to move all of its projects to a Git repository, and we use Gogs (an open source solution). I signed up for my account on Gogs, and next I went to set up my SSH key. When I open the local file (previously I used Github, have generated SSH key, not please click here), I find the key at the end...

How to use DHTMLX Gantt for resource planning?

DhtmlxGantt is a full-featured Gantt chart for cross-browser and cross-platform applications. Can meet all the needs of project management applications, is the most complete Gantt chart library. It allows you to create dynamic Gantt charts and visualize project progress in a convenient graphical way

Git Git

Note that this command does not push all branches to remote branches, as shown in the image above. Remote branches do not have the branch we just created. If you want to push local branches to remote branches, look down to push local branches

First introduction to Linux

A, Linux server introduction and purchase of Linux server introduction to Linux server I also know little about, as a front-end rookie thief like to toss me, their server expired, and then renew by, and then continued a Linux, as for why to buy L

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