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Face recognition based on PCA+LDA face recognition MATLAB source code

1 PCA 1.1 Dimensionality reduction Methods include principal component analysis (PCA), factor analysis (FA), and independent component analysis (ICA). Principal component analysis: to find the vector and minimize the sum of the projection of each sample to the vector. 1.2 PCA: the purpose of dimensionality reduction, the actual principle of dimensionality reduction is to maximize the objective function (the maximum variance after data projection) strong push principle

ListView optimization

* * the first to know about the working principle of the ListView (see, as shown in figure: For each item, the ListView asks the Adapter to "return a view" (getView).

Comics | Programmer's disdain chain...

The term "chain of contempt" first appeared in 2012. Contempt, like a food chain, is a vicious circle. In this cycle, everyone thinks he's at the top of the chain. There are all kinds of chains of contempt in all walks of life, in all fields. And the wonderful thing about these chains of contempt is that, no matter where you are, you don't usually recognize the contempt from the top, but at the same time, you really despise your own...

The link control means more data leakage | H power company's data protection path of innovation

With the continuous development of electric power industry informatization, its internal information system becomes more and more complex. As the core and foundation of information system, database carries more and more key business information. At the same time, the national attention to information security has gradually deepened: On July 2, 2014, the National Energy Administration issued the

How to write your first PHP program

The author selected Open Sourcing Mental Illness Ltd to receive DOnations as part of the Write for DOnations program. Introduction "Hello world!" Program is a classic computer programming, a long history

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