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Is it true that undergraduates are not suitable for algorithm positions?

The inspiration for today's article comes from zhihu's question of the same name: Are undergraduates really not suitable for algorithms? This question I also answered, but zhihu is relatively brief, I did some processing, write this article. I hope I can help the students who are confused. A few days ago, one of my classmates left a comment at the bottom of my article. He said that he had applied to several big companies and found that they all required at least a master's degree. He himself is an undergraduate, feel very distressed...

3 minutes practice: Python implements sensitive word filtering under the Serverless architecture

With the increasing popularity of various social forums, sensitive word filtering has gradually become a very important and important function. What are the new implementations of sensitive word filtering in Python under the Serverless architecture? Can we implement an API for filtering sensitive words in the simplest way? But think a little and you'll see that this is a huge library of text and sensitive words...

Gossip - Issue 6

I haven't read anything for a long time. I've been cooped up at home for two weeks. I finally have some time to think. I'm currently working on some work related to Flutter, and have compiled a set of "Flutter strategies" that will make sure you walk sideways in front of the product. Make these things

Vivo short video recommendation to heavy service design practice

This paper introduces the design scheme of Vivo short video based on Blom filter. In the design process, we strive to be simple, perfect and elegant. First of all, combined with the business characteristics of technical research and selection, and then on the basis of the technical selection of gradually thinking and design bloom filter generation, storage scheme, in detail

Remote Desktop Optimization Pothole Avoidance Guide

Recently, I found that there was a visual delay in watching video pictures on the Remote desktop of Windows on the LAN. The frame rate was only 33 frames, so I looked for an optimization method on the Internet. There are several optimization schemes on the Internet, but they basically only talk about how to set up, without explaining why. When tested, some Settings not only fail

The cost of programmer meetings

One reason programmers especially hate meetings is because their schedules are different from everyone else's, and meetings can be too draining for programmers. Schedules generally fall into two categories, let's call them Maker's Schedule and Manager's Schedule. For example, the boss belongs to the Manager's schedule, which is embodied in the to-do list, which is measured in hours every day. Of course, such as...

Python SQLite/MySQL/LMDB operation

Scanner is a new feature of Java5. You can use the Scanner class to retrieve the user's input, and use the next() and nextLine() methods to retrieve the input string. We generally need to use hasNext with...

Every programmer will encounter "painting cake", a trick to teach you around the "pit"

Recently, I have been preparing to build a platform for furniture industry with my eldest brother. In the past two months, I have visited dozens of dealers and factories in Guangdong, Guangxi and Jiangxi. This week, I spent three days to attend the training of furniture industry. Three days of 15,000 yuan training, training can not be done, I have time to share with you on the weekend. The training is operation class, the main content of the selection of the team training, the construction of various systems and target management...

【 image recognition 】 foreign license plate recognition MATLAB source

1. Intelligent transportation systems use advanced information technology to improve traffic conditions and make traffic smoother, safer and greener. License plate recognition system is one of the core technologies, it mainly includes license plate location, character segmentation and character recognition three core modules. With the security video into the ERA of HD, video resolution is getting higher and higher, intelligent transportation system has higher requirements for license plate recognition technology: faster processing speed, stronger environmental adaptability,...

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