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Singly linked lists

Singly linked lists Linked lists are stored as nodes. Each node contains a data field and a next field. The next field points to the next node. The nodes in a linked list are not necessarily stored consecutively. The linked list is divided into the linked list with the head node and the linked list without the head node, according to the actual needs

146. LRU Cache

To achieve O(1) time for both GET and PUT, hash tables are the only thing you can think of. Every time you get/put, you put the node to the head of the linked list. At the same time, the node's original prev and next can be connected, so this linked list

How to Fill out software Defect Reports efficiently?

Defect titles are usually   What went wrong under what circumstances. The pattern of First description   What's the problem? You must also clearly state the context in which the problem occurred, i.e. The scenario in which the problem arises

Some tips for making JavaScript simpler

This is an old but valid pattern that attempts to emulate named parameters in JavaScript. The function call looks fine. On the other hand, configuring object processing logic is unnecessarily verbose. With ES2015 object deconstruction, you can get around this shortcoming: Note: After some thought, I've decided to separate this technique from the others in this article. It's not a time saver...

Registration and Discovery of SpringCloud Services (PART 1)

The Spring Cloud Eureka module provides passive service discovery. Service registration: Each user goes to the chatroom server to register. Service discovery: His friends will see you, and you'll get a list of your friends. In microservices, the service acts as a chat room user and the service registry acts as a chat room server. Current solutions for service discovery include Eu...

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