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Netease programmers overhaul, this may be the Internet company the most handsome Look

It is said that clothing is the natural boundary between Internet companies and other companies. The only profession you can identify without wearing a uniform. It can be said to be the four gold programmers. With a pair of jeans, you can rule for four seasons. -- "You are handsome." Like 80% of straight men, xiao Bai's hobbies are games and basketball, and his usual dress style is sporty, simple, comfortable and convenient...

Is it really good to evaluate development work with story points?

Ron Jeffries is the founder of extreme programming concepts, one of the 17 authors of the Agile Manifesto, and the first extreme programming coach. This article goes into more detail on why Ron, the inventor of the concept of "story points," doesn't use points much anymore. He believes that "story points" have many disadvantages, such as leading to cut-throat competition and team work out of focus. He also gives a weakening of points after the Agile development build...

26 years old, change profession to study software test, get high salary is still around the corner!

It is not too late, 26 years old are generally just graduated three or four years, change to come in, packaging a 1-2 years of experience, or very easy to land. Today, let's talk about what it takes to be ready to enter the software testing industry at the age of 26. First of all, 26 is not too late to get in, but it's not

AnyRTC June SDK update iteration

AnyRTC update iteration in June, macOS added screen ID for screen sharing function, making sharing more efficient and simple; In addition, it solves the problem that the width and height of video is not 16:9, which leads to the loss of shared content. At the same time, it optimizes and improves a number of functions such as audio and video module and push stream component.

Focus on work and just want to make money in the front end of the female programmer of 2020

Last year, I wrote a story about 2019, which was very exciting for women in front of it. In contrast, this year is not going to be exciting. But, on the whole, it's been a pretty good year. Let me just write it down. Yeah, I jumped ship again this year. The original company is good, but compared with Shenzhen, it is still a city easy to make people anxious. I have always had the idea of settling down in Guangzhou, but there is no suitable opportunity to go there.

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