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I heard that you wrote a crawler, but it was shut down after catching only a few?

He used to work for Sun China Engineering Research Institute, Microsoft (Asia) Internet Engineering Institute, Tencent Beijing Wireless Business Division, Perfect World and other well-known companies. He was in charge of the development of Java virtual machine kernel, mobile products and search engine in his early days. Now he leads a senior R&D team of more than 50 people. Engaged in product development based on big data and artificial intelligence...

Poi-excel table generation speed optimization

In fact, the Excel spreadsheet tool class used in the author's previous project was a single-thread tool class with relatively slow execution efficiency. When generating Sheet and 1W lines of data, it takes about 10 seconds, and the amount of data of multiple sheets is superimposed, and the time cost will also be linearly superimposed. The framework used in the author's project is Apache open source POI. The main body of this article focuses on optimization ideas, such as the use of POI...

Defer and Panic are executed in go

?? go defer and Panic execute the order. ? can first look at the following Demo. Output: ? Why? I don't know much about Gopanic, but just to get a sense of how it works. A lot has been deleted for this article

Install and use nexus in K8S (1)

Before we can learn to use a tool, we need to know how to install it. In this paper, I will record my learning process, on the one hand to consolidate the learning content, and on the other hand, I hope to provide some help to my friends who have the same needs. Open Source tool Description Official document Official installation document

Six principles of design patterns

Single Responsibility Principle (SRP) For a class, there should be only one reason why it changes. The principle of "open-closed" (OCP) is one of the most important design principles in software design patterns, which cannot be modified but can be extended. That is, software entities (classes, templates, functions, and so on) should be extensible but not modifiable. 3. Popular When designing, when designing...

Overview of JAVA reflection mechanism

Reflection is the key to Java being considered a dynamic language. Reflection allows programs to use Reflection APl to retrieve the internal information of any class and manipulate the internal properties and methods of any object during execution.

Golang Performance Optimization Analysis Tool PPROF (Part 1)

Memory: Application CPU usage - length of use, percentage, memory leaks, etc. If you look at the heap and stack usage in the previous section, this is some of the performance tuning in golang. For example, CPU performance debugging in Linux, the tools are TOP, dstat, perf and so on. Here is pprof, golang worker...

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