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Node (6) Other common built-in modules

Cross domain: cross domain in the way of proxy, for example, I have a front end, a background, Xiaoming has a background. My front-end needs to access Xiaoming's backend, which is called cross-domain, but if I use my own backend to access Xiaoming's backend using HTTP request, there is no need for cross-domain, so I can use my front-end to access my own backend using Ajax to complete data requests. // load library HTTP.//re...

Copied! The hard work of writing...

Good morning, everyone. I'm a boy picking up snails. Originally, that morning I planned to send the public account (a little boy picking up field snails) to arrange an original article, as follows: This article, I sorted out 50 classic computer network interview questions, each topic, have their own understanding.

The Go function calls Redux

Go Function Calls Redux Go Function Calls Redux Go Function Calls Redux Go Function Calls Redux Some time ago in an article I promised to write a further analysis of how function calls and stack calls are made in Go...

PHP to achieve Redis document lock and prevent concurrent repeat write

Note: Redis lock in our system is generally only used to solve the situation of concurrent repeated requests. For non-concurrent repeated requests, it is generally used to check the status of data in the database or log. The combination of the two mechanisms can ensure the reliability of the whole link.

Activiti process starter (setAuthenticatedUserId)

The API does not specify how to store the process initiator information. So here's a summary of what I've learned about saving process initiator information. Activiti setup process Initiate user info - Coffee Bunny - HenryYan Note: If you do this for a blog, it really works in the ACT_HI_PROCINST...

JDK1.8 new feature (6) : the ultimate operation of Stream, easy to solve the collection grouping, summary and other complex operations

The basic operations of a Stream can easily get rid of complex operations like "traverse, iterate, re-evaluate," but a Stream is much more than that. This article will show you the ultimate Stream manipulation that will make grouping and summarizing collections easier and impress your colleagues.

A backslash "/" to break your system!

The story begins two days ago when the company discovered a loophole. We all know that you need to log in when browsing websites. Only after you have obtained the appropriate authorization can you proceed further. Like http://xxx/page/administrator this interface, for example, in the case of not login, access will return the result: the recent discovery of vulnerability is that for deployment in the jetty...

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