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33. How do I implement a coroutine pool manually?

Hi, I'm Mingo. During the period of learning Golang, I wrote detailed study notes and put them in my personal wechat official account "Go Programming Time". As for Go language, I am also a beginner, so what I wrote should be more suitable for students who are new to it

Create tiktok character videos in Python!

Douyin character videos were popular for a while last year. Anyway, I can't forget the music of the pure land. This time to achieve their own wave, do a character video out. The main libraries used are CV2, Pillow library. The original video is as follows, directly tiktok download, no problem with the watermark. However, this operation will not be affected. Installing the CV2 library directly on Pycharm was not successful.

Thoroughly decipher enterprise distributed Transaction Design and Practice - Study Notes

Listen to the next nai education sun Xuan big man's class. The video lasted three hours. It would have been better if it had been reduced to an hour. You can use lua scripts or Redisson's locking. The essence is to consolidate multiple atomic operations into a single local transaction. Scenario 4: DB and ES: ES does not provide local transactions, which is intelligent maximum retry...

Android infinite rotation map, using the open source library SimpleCycleViewPager

Implement a control that plays ads, possibly with multiple AD images. Change the picture every time. Simply put, is a "loop play picture" control. Generally speaking, when switching pictures, animation effects need to be supported and gestures need to be supported. Users open source slide pictures and move them, swipe to the pictures they are interested in and view them. I wrote a custom View to implement this functionality, hosted in Git...

【defer】 The new update after 1.14 defer | Go theme month

In Go1.14, there was another update to Defer, which reportedly increased the speed by an order of magnitude. At compile time, defer is executed directly at the end of the function, eliminating the use of the _defer structure and linked list. The official name of this method is: Open Coded. Why does it say that the number of defer should be less than or equal to 8? This is the...

MyBatis SpringBoot + + general Mapper

SpringBoot is a quick start scaffolding for the Spring framework. With SpringBoot, we will eliminate the cumbersome configuration of the Spring framework, thus freeing our brains and hands from configuration work

MONGODB database migration change solution

In the process of version iteration, there is the probability of database changes, such as adding a certain table field, deleting a certain field, etc. Lack of a change history, or time spent finding database change records and executing scripts when upgrading multiple release environments; The plan

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