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Alumni information registration platform small program development notes ii - cloud database design

Cloud development provides a JSON database, and as the name suggests, each record in the database is a JSON-formatted object. A database can have multiple collections (equivalent to tables in relational data). The collection can be viewed as a JSON array. Each object in the array is a record in the format of a JSON object.

[Customer Story] With the help of Dingdingyi, milk tea shops have begun to use black technology to manage their stores

Introduction: The speed of complaint processing has become faster -- this is 7 points sweet consumers in this early summer the most intuitive feeling, with the help of nail suitable low code ability to achieve digital management, many of the past 7 points sweet management pain, is now being overcome one by one. The speed of complaint processing has become faster -- this is the most intuitive feeling of 7 minutes sweet consumers in this early summer, with the help of nail suitable low code ability to achieve digital management, many of the past 7 minutes sweet management pain points, is now being overcome one by one.

Alumni information registration platform small program development notes a - overall system design

A few days ago, when I was cleaning up the house, I found a student record. When I saw the most popular font in the student record, I could not help feeling myriad of feelings. When it's time to expose my age, you'd better pretend that you don't understand the picture. Open the first page of the student record is the students' signature, the signature font at that time is really ever-changing, the students still remember your signature? Anyway, my signature at that time is really Bohemian, ha ha ~ now has been over 30, sometimes miss that unforgettable student...

MiniTest wechat small program cloud test platform private test user recruitment phase 1

In order to help small program developers better overcome many difficulties in compatible scenarios, Tencent WeTest and wechat official jointly launched MiniTest Wechat small program cloud test platform. The platform is now open to the first batch of private beta opportunities, come to the early experience, there is a chance to get the private beta benefits.

How fast? It's so cheap!

WeChat cloud hosting is combined by WeChat team tencent launched the back-end cloud project hosting service. For WeChat ecological application development with front-end separation architecture scenario, cloud hosting can be free of operation, maintenance and server management, from code management to CI/CD pipeline deployment and release, providing full-link, low-cost, enterprise-level cloud native solution.

Umeng + "Small Program User Growth White Paper" : analyze small program data from five angles

Introduction: Recently, Umeng +, a leading global data intelligence service provider in China, released the "Umeng +U-APM Mobile Application Performance Experience Report". It is reported that Umeng + officially upgraded the original U-App error analysis module of mobile analysis to U-APM application performance monitoring platform last year. After nearly a year of observation, this report is released through analyzing the performance of mobile applications from the perspective of DEM, aiming to help developers clearly understand the industry trends and accurately position their products.

Fast into the logistics technology x mPaaS | applet container under the blessing of the technical architecture "to quality efficiency"

Starting from 2017, the GMTC Mobile Technology Conference has been renamed the Big Front-End Technology Conference. Up to now, mixed development, native development, front-end development and other concepts are deeply integrated to form a "big front-end" team. How does a large front end team choose technology? How to get started quickly? How to collaborate effectively? Let's take a look at how Kuacheng solves this problem.

Small program (web page) to achieve page screenshots

Recently, I received a demand to implement page screenshot in a small program. At first, I thought of using the extension component WXML-to-Canvas provided by the government, but the effect was very bad in practice. First of all, it cannot capture the actual page, but must pass in WXML and WXSS. And then there are very few effects that he can support, and they don't satisfy the slightly more complex effects that are required. Finally, I decided to use the HTML2Canvas in the web page loaded with Web-View to achieve the function.

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