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A String that any Java programmer should understand

String is one of the most commonly used types in the system. It occupies a large amount of memory in the system. Therefore, the efficient use of String can improve the system performance. Based on the decompilation, you can see that string concatenation is done internally with StringBuilder. 2. "+" concatenated string containing variables, for example: "OK" + S + "xyz...

Typeof vs instanceof, === vs ==

Typeof vs instanceof, === vs == Typeof to determine basic data types is ok, with one exception :typeof null results in "object". Returns object on array, re, date, and object judgments. So it's not that accurate to use it. Main principle: Detection of L...

[Beijing][10-30K] Apple WWDC, Google I/O recommended iHealth (China) "job" waiting for you!

IHealth Labs is an intelligent health hardware company founded in Silicon Valley of the United States. It is committed to making it easier and more effective for everyone to manage their personal health. With iHealth's smart health hardware, you can easily and accurately obtain your own blood...

Build VuePress's tech blog hand in hand

This is quite good, especially big production, must be a boutique. Markdown-centric project structure helps you focus on writing with minimal configuration. Enjoy the development experience of Vue + Webpack, using Vue components in Markdown and developing custom themes using Vue. VuePress will pre-... for each page.

Vuex briefly

The action commits mutation rather than a direct state change. Mutation can change the state directly. Actions can contain any asynchronous operation. Mutation can only be a synchronous operation. $store. Dispatch ('ACTION_NAME',data...

Netty source code parsing (2)

Channel register operation after the previous paving, we have a certain foundation, let's start to knead together the previously learned content. In this section, we will introduce the register operation, which is actually a very critical step for our source code analysis

Dockerfile theory + practice

"Dockerfile is the description file of the docker image file, said frankly is what the image file is composed of step by step." "For example: you buy a coat hanger on Taobao, but the seller doesn't send you a complete coat hanger, but some components and a drawing. You assemble the coat hanger step by step according to the drawing, and it becomes what you need.

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