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WiscKey -- LSM-tree optimization in SSD media

Take full advantage of the performance of modern storage SSDS and significantly reduce read and write magnification of LSMTree to improve its performance while providing the same API. On traditional disks, the performance of sequential I/O is about 100 times that of random I/O. Based on this, LSMTree implements random read/write of massive KV as random memory read/write + sequential flush + periodic merge (CO...

The used-car industry is tightening. Who can save their lives?

The used-car industry has long been plagued by bad press, with fierce competition among entrants and frequent backbiting. In the final analysis, similar models, similar difficulties, so that these used car platform not only sympathize with each other, but also have to chase the market. Among them, especially with three well-known quite high platform headed, stir up the whole second-hand car market is not peaceful. June 27th, Uxin Group as the first used car e-commerce shares, officially in nasDA...

Destruct assignment of function arguments

In the above code, the function move takes an object, which is destructively assigned to get the values of the variables x and y. If deconstruction fails, x and y are equal to the default values. Note that the following will give you different results. The above code specifies the default values for the arguments to move, not the default values for the variables x and y, so it will get...

Just today, tidal cloud said the second phase is coming

The country attaches great importance to the integration development of digital economy and traditional industry. This period aims to output wave cloud's understanding and practice of enterprise digital transformation and develop together with enterprise customers

Java scheduled Task technology trends

Scheduled tasks are common requirements of every business, such as scanning the overdue orders every minute, clearing the historical data of the database every hour, collecting the data of the previous day and generating reports every day, etc. ## Java built-in solution ### enable

Wechat sweep online, a full disclosure of the scan behind the recognition technology!

Introduction | on December 23, sweep WeChat iOS version is launched. What are the difficulties to overcome, from recognizing pictures with specific coding patterns to accurately recognizing commodity pictures in natural scenes? What new landing scenes will emerge when scanning objects are displayed by aggregating valuable ecological contents inside wechat, such as e-commerce, encyclopedia and information, with pictures as the media? This article will elaborate. 1. A scan of knowledge overview...

What is the difference between an interface and an abstract class?

This is a problem that beginners often encounter. Seeing this problem, they remember the painful learning process before. A brief answer. Is there a difference between an interface and an abstract class? To be sure, there is a difference. Since there is a difference, we might as well explore with doubt, language designer

Android Developer experience in the workplace

The first few years of my development were extremely painful. I always felt that I couldn't do this or that. There were so many things to learn that I often thought whether I should change my career, such as becoming a taobao customer or setting up a breakfast stand. I remember that the company was rapidly seizing the foreign market at that time, but there was not enough staff, so they put a foreign video project on the shelf and asked me to directly follow the project to do a touch.

Ways to speed up the growth of programming skills

When you learn to program, there comes a point when everything starts to change. In Firehose, we call it the programming inflection point. After this stage, the way you work as a developer will be significantly different. Accumulating to the tipping point is a process of self-sufficiency in programming where you no longer need assistance. It can be a frustrating process, but once it's over...

Would you like to be a witness to open source? Welcome to participate in the open Source Survey report 2018

If you are as curious as I am about the state of open source in Mainland China, you may want to participate in the 2018 China Open Source Developer survey, which was initiated by Open Source Society. In order to investigate the level of detail, you may need to spend 5 minutes of your valuable time, in order to thank you for your participation, we have prepared special incentives. KCoin as a blockchain Token (Token) can be used in...

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