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How to choose a computer suitable for Java development

Recently in the group of students to recommend the Java development of the computer, so fat brother out a simple topic, with my poor computer knowledge to help you choose suitable development of the computer configuration. Because the host at home can no longer carry two ideas, let alone open a Docker, SO I also got a new host, the following is the configuration: this is the more economical configuration I selected, with a thousand...

Use Go for unit testing

In daily development, testing is indispensable. The Go library includes a testing framework called Testing that can be used for both unit and performance testing. It is integrated with the go test command. The test files are named after the _test.go suffix and are usually placed in the same package as the file being tested. This shows that, on average, every time GenSh is run...

IPFS related operation commands

TXT file, input data in the file, save and exit the input content to the file, use I, start input after finishing the input, press Exc to exit editing, press SHI at the same time

Second 0Day in 3 days for Chrome

Vulnerability Description Google Chrome is a free web browser developed by Google. As tested, the 0day vulnerability affects the latest official release of Chrome (90.0.4430.72) and Microsof based on the Chromium kernel

App Extreme weight Loss: dynamically deliver SO

For example, Douyu Japan client project supports arm32/ ARM64 /x86/ x86-V7A at the same time,so volume increased exponentially. Therefore, whether non-major ABI related SO files can be dynamic has become a priority issue for slimming and optimization of international offshore projects. It is hoped that through package optimization, the flow cost can be reduced and the traffic cost can be avoided due to the large package.

Soul gateway source code analysis - the use of RateLimiter plugins

Traffic limiting of the Soul gateway adopts redis token bucket algorithm to implement traffic limiting at the interface level. Zset: a zset array based on Redis. When each request comes in, value is unique, and score can be represented by the current timestamp, because score can be used to calculate how many requests in the current timestamp.

There are 3 phases and 4 classifications of blockchain

In previous blockchain100 sessions, we introduced some of the basic concepts of blockchain. We also know that blockchain has gone through three phases so far. Up to now, blockchain can be divided into different categories according to different classification criteria. In this issue, we will focus on the classification of blockchain. Blockchain technology came into being with the creation of Bitcoin, and its initial scope of application focused entirely on digital currencies. The emergence of Bitcoin...

Building Block Sketch plugin advanced development guide

1. Building Block Tool Chain System Some time ago, we published the Building Block Sketch Plugin on the official account of Meituan Technical Team: "Design classmate's intimate partner", unexpectedly, this plug-in only used in MEituan takeout C terminal has attracted more attention, meituan multiple business teams have thrown "olive branch" to us, said that they want to access and expressed their willingness to jointly develop the intention, other Internet with...

Ali Cloud Li Zhongren: CDN business upgrade and innovation

On June 9, 2021, the Asia-Pacific Content Distribution Conference and CDN Summit was held in Beijing. Li Zhongren, senior technical expert of Ali Cloud intelligent Edge cloud, was invited to participate in the Edge Acceleration Forum and shared ali Cloud's ability, technical architecture and innovation practice to build a new generation of CDN products based on edge cloud nodes, helping enterprises to improve

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