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Solve the problem of too many pictures and incomplete screenshots HTML2Canvas Dom-to-Image JSPDF

First of all, there are many demo pictures that I need to take screenshots of. When I use HTML2Canvas to transfer, there is always a part left uncut. I searched for several solutions on the Internet, but none of them was solved, so I was speechless. By the way, do you have the function to convert the page to PDF? If you don't convert the image to Canvas, you can directly generate DOM elements and styles into PDF.

Http-proxy-middleware is configured across domains

Express combined with the HTTP-Proxy-Middleware configuration generates a reverse proxy server that proxies to http://localhost:3000 on the same domain as the request. http://localhost:3000/mock/1241/xxx is the request a proxy server, then the proxy server forwarding to

ReactJS Practice: Using Google Maps in the React framework

GitHub React. Js has been a hot topic since it was officially released. I won't discuss it much. The React component architecture design App, which contains methods for operations that can be performed by users like search, is the most important part of the React component design App.

React Climb Pit Road

The DVA routing page component is written under the Routes folder and begins with a capital letter = >; The React component starts with a capital letter {Code... } ANTDesignFormForm conditional render statement {code... }

Navigation tabs are implemented using keepAlive in React

The current design for the project is UMI3 + REACT17 + ANTD PRO51. We can now activate the URI framework and the plugin to enable this function. We can also activate the URI framework and the plugin to enable this function. Plugins address: umi-plugin-keep-alive {code... } 2. Create a KeepavlieTabs corresponding to less...

A whimsical personal workbench - based on React + Electron

< div align=center> {code... } < /div> Source code address please pinch ?, please search here public number: Based on the architecture of VScode, Xiaoyu's technical article uses the idea of "dependency injection" and "multi-process" to realize the tool set tool set [] plug-in Markdown file function [x] search [x] file management (save, rename, New) [X] Outline Preview Mode [] Export PDF, MD, HTML [] Import PDF, MD, HTML Convert to...

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