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Glob in node

1.2- Description: Node's glob module allows you to write a glob rule using * and other symbols, just like in the shell, to get the file that matches the rule. It uses the Minimatch library for matching. In general, we can use it to match some files in the directory we want, and it should be useful when doing some configuration in large projects, such as when we configure webPack...

Raspberry PI 3b+ Installing the Node.js environment (2) - Installing the Node.js environment

After installing Ubuntu Server, perform the following steps to install Node. js. Install Termius and Filezilla. The former is a remote login software, and the latter is used to connect to Raspberry PI for FTP software and configure the root password. Step2: remotely connect to the raspberry PI. Open Termius and configure a host as shown in the figure. Configure ho...

The Node.js Guide to Building GraphQl API

Over the past few years, GraphQl has become a very popular API specification that focuses on making it easier for clients (whether front-end or third party) to retrieve data. In the traditional REST-based API approach, the client makes the request, and the server determines the response: {code... } However, in GraphQl, the client can determine exactly what number it gets from the server...

The BodyParser solution is deprecated in Nodes

The bodyParser is referenced in the compiler. When used the bodyParser is underlined by the compiler to indicate deprecated (deprecated 19 years ago) {code... } workaround (direct use of express instead of bodyParser calls) : {code... }

Cookie, Session, and MD5 encryption

HTTP stateless protocol, can only be obtained in the same website (including multiple pages), stored in the client local information, to help us store information to get information. But there is also a risk: Cookies can be manipulated or set by ourselves in the browser.

Send messages locally using NodeMailer

This article explored how to use the NodeMailer library to send E-mail the way the API is used locally. Nodemailer install {code... } basic implementation {code... } Nodeindex.js = node.js = node.js = node.js The EMAIL SMTP authorization code must be obtained from the corresponding email Settings. 163 Mailbox - How do I enable the client authorization code? Add attachment {code... } the third file is to create a TXT file locally, and send...

Google Map tile download

Google Map tiles download all kinds of Map downloader to spend money, but too poor to write their own. Address tile address [link]{type}& gl=CN& hl={language}& x={x}& y={y}& LRS = H = roads only M = standard roadmap P = Terrain R = waysroads only T = roadmap S = satellite only T = terrain only y = hybrid g...

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