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Financial data intelligent summit | scale explosive growth, enterprise how to make accurate decisions? Practical sharing of data operation of cloud native data warehouse

Brief introduction: In 2021 ali cloud financial data intelligent summit - the cloud native driver for intellectualization operational growth "dark horse", "special performance, senior technical experts Wei Chuang ali cloud database first value from the data link Angle, to interpret how cloud native data warehouse support digital operation, the whole link marketing and ali group double 11 business, Financial customer best practice cases and application scenarios are presented. The content of this article is arranged according to the speech recording and PPT.

MySQL > insert next key lock into mysql. MySQL > insert next key lock into mysql. key lock into mysql. key lock

In the preface, three articles introduce the range of locking from the four aspects of primary key, non-primary key unique index, common index and common field through practical operation. Here is a summary of this article. Data_locks {code... } LOCK_MODELOCK_DATA lock range X,REC_NOT_GAP1515 row lock X,GAP1515 gap before GAP1515 gap, does not contain 15X1515 gap, contains 15LOCK_MODE = X is the front open and back closed interval...

Why are B+ trees often used in database indexes?

For a mechanical hard disk, the disk contains at least one disk. There are concentric circles on the plate, and two adjacent concentric circles form a circle called a track, which is the pink part of the image. At the same time, radiating out from the disk's axis, radial lines form arc-shaped segments called sectors where they intersect the magnetic tracks. These are the parts of the picture where the pink ring and blue Sector intersect. If a mechanical hard disk contains multiple disks, it is different...

Analysis of several cases of MySQL index failure

Indexes are not always valid, such as the following cases, which will cause indexes to fail: 1. If there is an OR in the condition, it will not be used even if there is an INDEX in the condition (which is why the OR should be used as little as possible). Note: To use an OR and for the index to take effect, you can only add index 2 to every column in the OR condition. For multi-column indexes, if the first part is not used (the first), the index will not be used. If the column type is...

MySQL study notes again

Unstructured data, all kinds of documents, pictures, video/audio, etc. For this kind of data, we generally directly store the whole, and generally store in binary data format (such as files, pictures, videos, voice, etc., which need to be stored in the file system)

B tree and B plus tree

B+ tree is a kind of storage structure, which is often used to build an index in a database. To prepare a tree of order M, the tree has m maximum bifurcations, that is, the maximum number of child nodes is m; Root node: A node that has no parent; A node that has no children; Internal node: A node that is not a root or leaf node; Binary search tree: the value in the left subtree is smaller than the value of the root node, and the value in the right subtree is larger than the value of the root node; Balanced binary...

How to understand MySQL InnoDB index and transaction

An index is a structure that sorts the values of one or more columns in a database table. An index is used to provide quick access to specific information in a database table. If you want to find a particular employee by his or her last name, an index helps you get the information faster than searching all the rows in a table.

AWS modifies the RDS time zone

By default, AWS RDS is in UTC time. Our region is generally located in the East 8, so our local time is UTC+8. Connect to RDS and query for the time zone of the current instance. {code... } displays the following results, representing the UTC of the current RDS time zone. Time zone adjustment for RDS is done by adjusting the parameter set. AWS RDS is not allowed to modify the default...

Mysqldump backup tips to share

Mysqldump is a tool that is commonly used in daily life. When exporting to a database, mysqldump is often used. In this article, you'll learn how to use the mysqldump tool and share a few backup tips.

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