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A list of the most commonly used Linux commands

As Linux is the most commonly used server operating system, it is necessary to master its common commands. This article has collected the most common Linux commands to help you find them quickly. File system ls -- List directory contents find -- Locate files according to some user-specified criteria CD -- Directory navigation PWD -- Show your current directory location cp -- Copy files and folders mv -- Move files and folders rm -- Delete files and folders mkdir -- Create or make new...

The low-delay live streaming RTS capability of Ali Cloud has been upgraded to make the live-streaming effect better

Introduction: For the push stream delay and lag caused by the long time of THE TCP link existing in the anchor push stream using RTMP, the congestion control is completely dependent on the TCP transport layer, and the real-time bandwidth data cannot be provided to dynamically adjust the video coding bit rate. On the basis of the downstream UDP transformation, Aliyun real-time Streaming (RTS) products optimize the upstream UDP underlying WebRTC technology, and promote the whole industry through the release of mobile terminal, PC terminal RTS Streaming SDK plug-in...

Date command for Linux

Many shell scripts need to print the time or date in different formats and perform operations based on the time and date. Latency is typically used to provide a waiting period during script execution. Dates can be printed in a variety of formats, or fixed formats can be set using commands. In UNIX-like systems, the date is stored as an integer with the size of the number of seconds elapsed since 00:00 UTC, January 1, 1970.

Linux centos installs the Docker Shell script

repo=""if [ ! -e $repo ]; Then # -e; Reference: Shell the if condition judgment file or directory yum install - y wgetwget; Sh centos - yum. Shelseecho "yum has switch" fiDockerInstall () {dci = RPM - qa | grep docker | wc - lif [1] $dci - lt then

Use of Intranet Penetrator NPS

Intranet penetration refers to the exposure of software services in the Intranet to WAN users through network agents. Intranet penetration can be achieved in many ways, such as firewall hardware, network penetration software to achieve. This paper mainly introduces typical Intranet penetration through NPS software.

More channels to download | optimal kirin new station of Shanghai jiaotong university and so on four big mirror

Ukirin 20.04 LTS Pro version since the release, so that more and more domestic and foreign open source mirror station to Ukirin to pay more attention, and will be ukirin software source and mirror included. In addition to the existing Ali Cloud, Huawei cloud, Tsinghua University and other 15 open source mirror station download channel, now new Beijing Foreign Studies University, Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Dongguan Institute of Technology open source mirror station, for fans to provide...

Linux diff command

The diff command is a very important tool on Linux for comparing the contents of files, especially between two different versions of a file to find changes. Diff prints each line change on the command line. The latest version of diff also supports binaries. The output of the diff program is called a patch, because Linux also has a patch program that updates the contents of the a.c file to b.c based on the output of the diff program. Diff is SVN, CVS, GI...

Case Share: Qt+ ARM Endoscopy Software and Hard Complete Solution Based on RV1126 Platform (Video Monitoring, Internet of Things Products, etc.)

This article blog address: [link] long-term continue to bring more projects and technology to share, consult please add QQ:21497936, WeChat: yangsir198808 red man (red imitator) blog: Development technology set (including Qt practical technology, Raspberry Pi, 3D, OpenCV, OpenGL, FFmpeg, OSG, SCM, the combination of hardware and software, etc.) in the continuous update... (Click the portal)

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