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Write the Apache APISIX plug-in in Java

Before supporting multi-language plug-ins, Apache APISIX only supports plug-ins written in Lua, which requires developers to master Lua and OpenResty development capabilities. However, compared to the mainstream development languages Java and Go, Lua and OpenResty are relatively niche technologies with few developers. Learning Lua and OpenResty from scratch takes a considerable amount of time and effort.

"Face warp" you may need bytedance three wheel face warp

In July, I harvested a letter of intent for byte eggs. Today, I have time to sort out the byte eggs and share them with you. I also want to share the good luck with you. Brief introduction of personal information: before the interview: sword point offer brush, Leetcode about 70. The operating system review is finished, the database will not, the network will not. Later: a week in front of the database, three three days in front of the network. Eighty strokes of Leetco over two weeks...

Reactor model

IO thread processing models can be divided into the following three types: single-thread blocking I/O service model Multi-thread blocking I/O service model Reactor mode The number of reactors and the number of processing pool threads varies. There are three typical implementations of the Reactor model: single Reactor, single thread, single Reactor, multi-threaded, master/slave Reactor, multi-threaded, traditionally blocked I/O thread model, traditionally blocked IO thread model, when processing IO events, it is actually...

Nacos upgrade to 2.0.1

Recently, we have built a unified technology platform within the company, which uses Alibaba Spring Cloud technology stack. The original NACOS version is 1.3.2, and the official NACOS version has been upgraded to 2.0.1 recently. According to the introduction, the upgrade of the major version has greatly improved the service discovery and stability. It happened that the company I work for needed to migrate the old Docker cluster platform to K8S cluster platform, and planned to transfer the common components such as (NACos, Sentinel, Skywal...

Simple use of RocketMQ

MacOS Big Sur 11.1Rocketmq 4.7.0SpringBoot 2.4.1 Download RocketMQ[link]2. Decompress it. Run the name server {code... } 4. Run broker {code... } 5. Download the visual console using rocketmq-console-ng {code... } Modify the name server address in the configuration file {code... } Browse...

The second chapter nacos

Example [nacos-example]; This module has three demo classes in the Develop branch.

How can YOU make your code particularly clear

Coding conventions are a style guide for programming. These include programming best practices and principles. Here we will discuss some coding conventions. Benefits of following conventions Clean code Code quality Code readability makes code maintenance easier "Clean code is simple and straightforward. Clean code reads like well-written prose. Clean code never obsuses the designer's intent, but is filled with clear abstractions and direct lines of control." -- Robert C. Martin The magic number...

I know the BYtecode instruction set of the JVM and the parse 2 (arithmetic instruction)

The previous article covered local variable push, constant push, and off-stack local variable table load instructions, so this article continues with arithmetic instructions. Let's begin an overview and math instruction role = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = arithmetic instruction for two operands values on the stack for a specific operation, Classification and pressed the results back into the operand stack = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = in general arithmetic instructions can be...

Blockbuster release: Microservices Engine MSE Professional edition

Microservice Engine MSE Professional edition has been released to support Nacos 2.0. Compared to the basic edition, the professional edition has a higher SLA guarantee, ten times better performance, 99.95% availability, and further enhanced configuration capabilities. New users can get 20% off their first purchase.

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