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Solve VSCode to write C++11 code red problem

Today, when writing C++ code, I used the features of C++11, and then found that although VSCode can be compiled, it will be red in the corresponding position, as shown in the figure below. The following warning is encountered during compilation: Cause: VSCode

MacOS relegation

Attention attention attention: the following is all the official website of Apple, I just need to downgrade, their own centralized together, for reference only, their own operation completed, think or more reliable, we according to their actual situation reference operation, how to create bootable macOS installer you can

12-- Shortest paths for graph applications

For the basic knowledge of graphs and their storage-related implementation, as well as other related knowledge of data structures and algorithms, please see the article "Summary of Basic Knowledge of Data Structures and Algorithms". The shortest path of a graph is the connection between any two vertices in a connected graph

Practice in compiling OpenSSL for iOS

This article introduces the problems and solutions of compiling openSSL library for iOS platform. Finally, it provides scripts to compile OpenSSL, nGHTTP2 and libcurl library simultaneously.

Swfit Advanced -15-Swift closure for multiple value capture

"This is the 16th day of my participation in the First Challenge 2022. For details: First Challenge 2022." The definition of defer{} : The functions in defer are executed after the function completes or returns, even if exceptions are thrown

AVSpeechSynthesizer 【AVFoundation】AVSpeechSynthesizer

Make writing a habit together! This is my first day to participate in the "Gold Digging Day New Plan · April More text challenge", click to see the details of the activity. AVSpeechSynthesizer makes it easy to convert text to speech.

RxSwit Learning -02- Sequence core logic

We previously learned the idea of RxSwit in programming, as well as the use of RX in Swift for our common controls, this paper mainly introduces the core logic of RxSwit sequence

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