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IOS non-intrusive buried point solution!

Share a non-invasive burial scheme. The advantage of using a non-intrusive burial point scheme is that the burial point code is decoupled from the business code. Demo address: here, however, many non-invasive burial sites are hook system. For example, some third-party burial sites libraries have the function of automatic burial sites. But the

OC Low-level - Message forwarding

In the previous article, we introduced dynamic method resolution, learned that the system looks for the IMP when we send a message, looks through the cache and the method list, and enters the dynamic method resolution process if the IMP is not found. We also analyzed how to make a message during dynamic method resolution

IOS optimal non-trace burial point scheme

In the era of mobile Internet, user behavior data is very important for every company and enterprise. Important to what extent, the user in this page stay how long, click what button, browse what content, what mobile phone, what network environment, what version of the App and so on need to be clear. Many business results of some big factories are based on the user's operation behavior after the recommendation of the secondary transformation. On the other hand, it's a log...

Objc_msgSend slow lookup process in iOS Runtime

I explored objc_msgSend's cache lookup (quick lookup) process. This article will follow with the method list lookup (slow lookup) process when there is no cache. 1: __

IOS reverse _ Reverse an app's signature verification algorithm using Frida and IDA

Charles packet capture shows that there is a validation parameter, signature, in the request, and the network changes every time the request is made. The purpose of this debugging is to find the signature generation algorithm. Jailbreak Frida: Add a source in Cydia (, then find Frida in the source and install it. In the...

UICollectionView Custom layout: top adsorption effect

ShouldInvalidateLayout (forBoundsChange:) is a method that should write a rule that determines when to refresh the layout. CollectionView's bounds property changes to shouldInvalidateLayout(forBoundsChan...

Let GeometryReader figure it out

Most of the time, SwiftUI works its layout magic ?♀️, life is so wonderful for us ?. However, there are many times when we need more control over our custom views. At these times, we have several tools ? available. The first one we need to explore is GeometryReader. When you code custom views...

Swift- Why does String convert Int to nil

Know the how and even more, know the why. A while back, when I converted String to Int, I found a case that returned nil, so I converted String to Double. So today we're going to see what happens when you return nil, right

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