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Learn SwiftUI from WWDC -- Build your First SwiftUI app (3)

Let's continue with WWDC2019's Introducing SwiftUI: Building Your First App to learn how to use SwiftUI. The initial code is in the same state as at the end of (2). If you don't have the original code, you can download it by using Xcode...

Swift Development Tips you may not know -- Pt.1

When I started to write Swift code, it was always not concise and did not give full play to the characteristics of Swift. As the writing went on, I also summarized some Swift development tips to make the code look more concise and elegant.

How to understand UIButton imageEdgeInsets and titleEdgeInsets

How to understand UIButton's imageEdgeInsets and titleEdgeInsets? If the image is in the mode of "on top" and "under", the default mode of "left" and "right" before the above method is used, the image plus text is not shortened and not reduced

APM monitoring system: lag monitoring, startup time monitoring, CPU usage monitoring

App performance is one of the important factors affecting user experience. Performance problems include Crash, network request errors or timeout, slow UI response, mainline latency, high CPU and memory usage, and high power consumption. Most of the problems are caused by developers using thread locks incorrectly, system functions, programming specification issues, data structures, and so on. The key to solving the problem lies in early development.

IOS Reverse - Debug other app UI analysis - Reveal

If you don't know how to implement a cool effect in another application, you can use Reveal to debug the application and take a look at its view hierarchy and implement components and features. The device needs a Mac iPhone preferably iOS13 below, jailbreak is more convenient

It is very simple to fill small pits with Flutter

1. Do we need Flutter? 2. Mixed stack: There are many instances where there is no -t. Simply put, without -t, your iOS/ Android projects will be submitted with Git and they will never be submitted. So if -t, you as the architect/researcher...

First date with OpenGL ES

In the recent project of the company, a real-time video rendering function is needed to be realized. According to the facial point information recognized in the camera, patterns are drawn between the designated points to guide users. For the sake of performance, we decided to use OpenGL ES to draw the pattern. The final effect is shown in the figure below: This paper will start from the basic theory of OpenGL, from shallow to deep, until the realization of the drawing effect of the figure above. Any theory...

How to write unit Tests

Preface There are more tests than assertions. When do XCTest create and run tests? IOS programmers are particularly prone to making false assumptions about the test lifecycle. These assumptions can lead to errors in test design. For example, we often encounter a test case that runs on its own

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