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Go Gorilla/Schema library of the Day

Gorilla/Schema is the gorilla Development kit's library for processing forms. It provides a simple way to easily convert form data into structured objects and from structured objects to form data.

Go: New or make? How to choose?

This is because the default value for a variable of pointer type is nil if no memory is allocated. It has no memory to point to, so it can't be used. If you want to use it, you can allocate a block of memory to it. You can use the new function:

Go By Example

Channel synchronization {code... } Result: {code... } Channel selection {code... } Result: {code... } timeout handling {code... } Result: {code... } Non-blocking channels {code... } Result {code... } channel close {code... } Result {code... } Traversal channels {code... } Result: {code... } timer {code... } Result: {code... } In the example above, because timer2's countdown has stopped,

Go gorilla/securecookie library of the day

A cookie is a mechanism used to transfer small amounts of data between a Web client (typically a browser) and a server. The cookie is generated by the server and sent to the client for preservation. The client will bring the cookie with each subsequent request. Cookies are now more or less abused. Many companies use cookies to collect user information, serve ads, and more.

LevelDB (Go version) Architecture design parsing

Writes to LevelDB are not written directly to disk, but are first written to memory. If the data written to memory is not persisted, the LevelDB process is abnormal, or the host machine is down, the user may lose the data written to memory. So LevelDB will first write all writes to a log file, which is the log file, before writing to memory. When the process is abnormal, you can use the log to recover...

Use of the GoQuery selector

$("#myELement") select the element whose ID is equal to myELement, and the id cannot be repeated. There is only one element whose ID is myELement in the document, so you get a unique element. $("div") Select all of the div tags, $("*") select all the elements in the document, for example $("#myELement,div,.my...

A utility class that compares float equality

Why don't you just do the == comparison directly instead of writing a method to do the comparison? Because the storage of floating-point numbers in the calculation is binary, there will be a loss of precision.

Go-websocket distributed IM

Golang-based distributed chat system, support for one-on-one chat, chat room and other functions. In order to test the convenience of sending messages data is not stored in the database, later will be added to the database, can also be added to the database, convenient permanent storage chat content, and support the message must reach and other functions.

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