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Configure the audit (CONFIG) variable alarm Settings

Configure audit (CONFIG) integrates your resources scattered in various regions into a global resource list, which enables you to search global resources easily, evaluate resource configuration through rules, and filter out resource allocation operations that do not meet business requirements. This article introduces how to configure the custom rules of audit (CONFIG) and log service (SLS) alarm, to alarm the specified load balancing (SLB) changes, to help enterprises quickly perceive the change content and make timely...

What is Rx and Tx

RX==receive (Downlink) RX==receive (Downlink) TX==Transmit, in which case a packet is transmitted from being switched on to the present, it is Uplink.

About UniApp (based on UView framework development) some JS file configuration

Install NPM dependency {code... } for the development environment, please base URL: appconfig. ServerURL in http.interceptor.js file, add conditional compilation, as follows: {code... } the development environment cross-domain configuration vue.config.js formal environment can be HTTP. Interceptor. js file baseURL: AppConfig. ServerURL conditional compilation is removed to the following form {code... } Subsequent domain name change also modify vue.config.js and...

Config configuration center

Create a git repository where configuration files are stored. Config as an empty folder to use copy the application.yml of the 2,3,4,11 project into config Ymluser-service-dev.ymlorder-service-dev.ymlorder-service-dev.ymlzuul-service-dev.yml {code... Finally, empty the application.yml file dev in the four projects.

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