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Java version of gRPC practical three: server stream

Welcome to GitHub content: all original articles and supporting source code, involving Java, Docker, Kubernetes, DevOPS, etc. "Java edition gRPC actual combat" full series of links with proto generate code service publish and call server stream client stream two-way flow client dynamically obtain server address based on euREKA registration found on the definition of the four types of gRPC this article is "Java edition gRPC actual Combat" series of the third, the first we actual combat...

Cloud small classes | huawei cloud KYON NAT gateway of the private network

Huawei Cloud Keep Your Own Network (KYON) enterprise cloud Network solution, to create a minimalist and agile path to the cloud, help enterprises to minimalist planning, agile migration, seamless integration, is the best choice for enterprises on the cloud. In the process of cloud migration, enterprises are faced with problems such as complex network planning and overlapping network segments of local data centers, which hinder enterprises from moving to the cloud. For this pain point, huawei Cloud KYON private network NAT gateway to help you solve.

Java version GRPC practice two: service publishing and invocation

This article is the "Java version of GRPC in action" series of the second, the previous "with Proto generation code" will be the parent project, dependent library version, HelloWorld. Proto corresponding Java code are ready, today's task is the actual GRPC service development and call, the effect of the implementation is as follows:

Inspur Yunzhou × Tianren Group: through the data context drive cost reduction and efficiency

1 years of cooperation, hand in hand in chongqing between industrial group, based on a wave YunZhou industrial Internet platform from create "stem cell industry" intelligent management system, integrated enterprise information system, to get through the business data, realize the whole dimension digital management, harvesting the authors advocate the value of efficiency, as well as the "double carbon" under the goal of high quality development.

Inchao Cloud Theory: How to Uniform Operation for Clouds

According to Gartner, 90% of medium to large enterprises will utilize hybrid cloud management infrastructure by 2020. At present, mixed cloud, cloud has become the mainstream of the government, enterprises on the cloud. Although hybrid cloud and multi-cloud have many advantages such as good performance, security and reliability, cloud service resources are distributed in different cloud platforms, so how to have a consistent experience and how to conduct unified operation against multi-cloud has become a huge challenge.

2021InfoComm "full scene" intelligent solution for | pinning meeting Rooms

Infocomm China is the largest professional audio-visual and integrated experience solutions trade show in the Asia-Pacific region, offering cutting-edge innovative products and a range of high-value technology showcases. During the epidemic period, the company supported people in China to work online and attend classes at home, with more than 100 million people attending online meetings in a single day. Over the past year, we have grown rapidly and are gradually opening up our high-concurrency testing conference products as an optional capability for our software and hardware partners...

Use soup rice to illustrate the difference between IaaS/PaaS/SaaS

Recently in the preparation of some general knowledge content, found that everyone for some basic knowledge concept is still a little vague. The IaaS/PaaS/SaaS concept is an on-premises (Premises) concept that can be introduced as well. IaaS/PaaS/SaaS Difference Let's start with a simple example to distinguish between these concepts. Take my lunch "soup rice" as an example (example is to pick up the facts from others, based on my own understanding, and then...

[Survey] Cloud computing, what are the hot spots of technology that you are concerned about?

UCloud cloud service is known for its high performance and high stability, and has come into more and more public view. Everyone is very curious about the technology implementation of the UCloud cloud computing platform. How to achieve the high performance of UCloud cloud host? How to make SATA outperform SSD? What is the persistent distributed memory storage mechanism? How to implement Hadoop multi-tenancy isolation in cloud computing mode? How to design a distributed virtual switch? What are the large scale cloud computing divisions...

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