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Margin Specifies the priority of the Margin

When we configure the layout, we'll have parameters like layout_margin, layout_marginTop. Of course, if you use layout_marginTop then you don't use layout_margin, but if you

Android notification application

Notifications in their most basic, condensed form (also known as folded form) display an icon, a title, and a small amount of content text. In this section, you'll learn how to create notifications that the user can click to start an Activity in the application. First, you need to use NotificationCompat. Builder object set up notifications content and channels. The following example shows how to create...

OpenGL 3D Rendering technology: Render glTF models

Hi, my name is Kenney, a programmer. In my previous article "OpenGL 3D Rendering technology: glTF Basics", I introduced you to glTF model format. Today, in this article, we will render glTF model. GlTF model is quite complex, in fact, the last article also introduced some of the glTF model more commonly used fields, if you want to render glTF model...

ExoPlayer: Renderer

A video is composed of sound track and video track. Generally, the data of sound track is relatively small, so we generally do not need to worry about the problem of sound analysis. But the video track data is very large, the video track decoding is the bottleneck of the whole video decoding. Audio and video decoder default is to use MediaCodec, video decoder in Render: MediaCodecVideoRendere...

Android messaging

Android Message mechanism, the first will think of Looper, MessageQueue, Handler, Message these four objects to complete, the following check Androd Message mechanism principle

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The most comprehensive open source project creation guide ever

When I was browsing github some time ago, I happened to find that my Github already has 12 open source projects with more than 100 stars and 2 projects with more than 1000 stars. When I look back, I've been working on open source projects for almost three years, and it's been a hard journey. Late nights and weekends are the main battlefield for my open source projects. The computer and AndroidStudio are the pens and paper I create...


HTTPS: HTTP encrypts HTTP traffic using a combination of SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and TLS (Secure Transport Layer protocol). The COMBINATION of HTTP with SSL is called HTTPS and SSL provides encryption, again using a hand called a certificate

New features and Material Design for Android 5.X

Android 5.x starts to use a new Design style called Material Design to unify the Design style of the entire Android system. Different from the previous Design, this time the Material Design will bring Android to a new height. At the same time, Google has released a new design guide on its website, which fully explains the Material D...

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