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Jetpack Compose a custom chart for beginners

This article has participated in the good article call order activity, click to see: back end, big front end double track submission, 20,000 yuan prize pool for you to challenge! When developing a project, it is inevitable that you will encounter situations where native controls are not sufficient and you need to customize them. Today I will practice with Jetpack Compo by drawing a few diagrams

The handhold allows you to implement a progress bar with indicators

As the saying goes, no renderings, you're just playing with it, so the usual: Texture: Open view: renderings contain progress bars, rounded indicators with triangular arrows, progress values, and progress animation analysis: by observing we can divide the entire progress bar into indicators

Flutter's high performance, versatile full scene rolling container is a must see!

Flutter has been used to implement the main business scenarios of The site, with streaming layouts being the most common layout scenario (search, product details, etc.). With the rapid iteration of services and the continuous improvement of service complexity, the capability and performance of streaming scenarios are increasingly required. In terms of capabilities, the most common such as card exposure, rolling anchor points, waterfall flow layout and other capabilities, as business and demand continue...

Which is the future direction of Unity3D and UE4 ?

This is the seventh day of my participation in The More cultural Challenge. For details, check out: which is the future direction of more cultural Challenge, Unity3D or UE4 ? UE4⛄️ UE History ❄️ ? From the perspective of tool chain, UE4 is the perfect winner. Take animation control as an example: UE4 animation control

Actual combat | Android Activity background start practice

A few days ago, the product raised a demand, want to start an Activity of our APP in the background, with the Android version update, and various ROM manufacturers unlimited transformation, this affect the user experience of many functions are limited, there is no way, although it is a rogue function, but take people's money to eliminate the disaster, And so began the gritty process of research. First of all from the...

Android Startup Speed Optimization

To be an excellent Android developer, we need a complete knowledge system. Here, let's grow together to be what we want ~. In the overall knowledge of performance optimization, one of the most important is stability optimization, and we explored the boundaries of Android stability optimization in our last article, "In Depth Android Stability Optimization." So, in addition to stability...

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