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What is aliyun ACP full name? Ali Cloud ACP certification of learning guidance and advice

Now cloud computing and cloud service is an important direction of the development of Internet technology, and also a very popular employment field, attracting many young people to actively participate in it. At the same time, the threshold of this field is relatively high. To enter this field, you need to have strong professional knowledge and technical ability, and pass special tests to obtain the qualification certificate. Therefore, various kinds of ACP, ACE and other training have appeared in the society. In order to help interested friends to understand what is ACP certification, today let's briefly talk about Ali Cloud AC...

Gaining aliACA certification can increase your chances of success

Certified by ali Aca can improve the chance to apply for success, now you go to some Internet enterprises recruitment, often people will be in the job boards need to employees have what ability, if you have the certificate of the enterprise is certainly will give the opportunity to interview you, ali and Aca certification is recognized by many companies in the industry, Can through learning to use Ali Cloud big data products, then you in this industry is also an entry, so you also...

What is Aliyun ACA certification, is Aliyun ACA certification useful

Now the employment situation is more severe, many industries without the corresponding certificate, certification is simply can not enter. Although the ability is not necessarily matched with the certificate, certification, but after all, it is to know whether a person has the corresponding ability of the certificate. In the Internet industry, there is a certification is a lot of people have heard of, and recognized, that is Ali cloud ACA certification. As a cloud authentication in the most basic one, in the end is there any use? Today is the day for the certified ambassador...

Aliyun takes the top spot on FewClue! Combination of knowledge into pre-training + small sample learning practical analysis

On July 8, the latest results of the Chinese language comprehension assessment list were released by Clue, the authoritative Chinese language understanding assessment benchmark. The PAI team from Alibaba cloud computing platform and the intelligent communication and service technology team from DAMO Academy won the first place in the total score of the large model and the non-parametric model, and the total score of the final defense.

K8S uses Ari cloud storage volumes

Recently, I learned K8S and used K8S cluster of Aliyun ACK. When I learned the storage volume, I found that Aliyun has three solutions: 1, cloud disk, 2, NAS, 3, OSS. Now let's explain how to use cloud disk and NAS in K8S.

Blockbuster released | ali view of cloud computing, margin calculation of the main "battle"

Introduction: In the 10th issue of Cloud Computing Intelligence Bureau, Yun Yue, an expert of Alibaba Cloud Products, fully revealed the product design background, product functions, application scenarios and value of the new product -- View Computing online, leading netizens to explore the new "View" world.

The "Safe Mind Method" of Multi-account Management for Large Enterprises

Abstract: The unified network management under the multi-account environment on the cloud is the only way for the network security protection of large branch enterprises. Whether foreign companies enter China, domestic enterprises go overseas, or local group enterprises scale up, the unified network security control and overall security situation awareness on the cloud can level the security level between corporate accounts, so that there is no dead corner of security protection.

How to build the "immunity" of enterprises going abroad? In-depth interpretation of Ali Cloud CDN security capabilities

Abstract: With the rapid development and application of information technology, the trend of industrial digitization and intelligence is deepening day by day, enterprise information security and protection has been promoted to all the previous height. After more than 10 years of technology development, Ali Cloud CDN has gradually built an edge + cloud security network three-dimensional protection system, including full link security transmission, common attack type edge defense, enterprise-level exclusive resource deployment, operation and maintenance and content security guarantee mechanism, for the enterprise to create security...

The experience lab was newly released, and the experience scene led Ali Cloud T-shirt

AliCloud Experience Lab is a one-stop experience and learning platform for developers. Here you can understand and experience all kinds of cloud products and cloud computing foundation by yourself. There is no need to pay attention to the opening of resources and underlying products, and there is no need for any cost. As long as you have a heart that wants to understand cloud, learn cloud and experience cloud, here is your first stop on cloud.

Hexo deploys to AliCloud OSS with one click and sets up browser cache

Now more and more people use Hexo to build static sites, and many people will choose to try out GitHub Pages service to deploy their own static sites. However, the domestic access speed of GitHub Pages is really unacceptable. This paper introduces how to deploy Hexo sites with Ali Cloud OSS object storage service with one click. Resolve a hole in the browser cache at the same time.

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