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The rich text WangEditor hierarchy is too high to override the Element UI time selector component problem

Posted on Dec. 2, 2022, 5:14 p.m. by Samuel Bary
Category: The front end Tag: The front end element
  • [Bug Mc-10864] - The time selector for rich text is blocked by the rich text editor.

.w-e-menu { width: 28px! important; // Change the width of each option in the top menu} // Add the following style to the CSS: Set the editor's z-index to a lower value. W-e-text-container {z-index:1! important; } .w-e-toolbar { z-index:1! important; }Copy the code

The results are as follows

  • Alternatively, you can configure z-index directly in the editor

The editor Z-index defaults to 10000 and can be adjusted. Note: the z-index value must be =0

const editor = new E('#div1')

editor.config.zIndex = 500

Copy the code
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