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Terminal architecture in-depth research, CodeDay Chengdu station waiting for you

Posted on Aug. 5, 2023, 11:58 a.m. by Jeffery Chavez
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MPaaS CodeDay launched in Chengdu for the first time

Coders of Chengdu, the long-awaited CodeDay has finally arrived.

In this issue of CodeDay, we gathered alipay client engineers, front-end engineers, and TW senior consultants to share topics about "Container solutions more consistent with Alipay", "New features of Small Program IDE", and "Landing Practice path of Flutter". Discuss the technology selection of mobile terminal in the cross-platform and dynamic direction together.

Time: 2021.06.19 14:00-16:00

Location: Ant C Space, Wuhou District, Chengdu

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Dynamic: container scheme more consistent with Alipay

MPaaS mobile terminal engineer Wang Lei

With the help of mPaaS containers, many developers have gradually learned from Alipay's on-end rd mode and formed a set of dynamic publishing capabilities for their own business scenarios.

As more and more external apps integrate mPaaS, we continue to evolve and optimize in "custom View, access experience" and other directions. This topic will lead you to focus on the scalability of the new version of "mPaaS container".

Mobile platform evolution and Flutter landing tips

Xin Zhang, senior consultant at ThoughtWorks

There have been a number of evolutions in mobile cross-platform development over the past decade to address these two issues. Let's talk about the evolution of mobile cross-platform development and some practical tips for Flutter implementation.

Easier end development patterns: New cross-end development practices

MPaaS front-end engineer Zhu Shengyong

In the past year, mPaaS small program container has helped many developers to transition from simple Alipay or wechat small program development to multi-terminal development mode, and further improve their own research and development efficiency.

With the help of mPaaS IDE, we gradually evolve AppX and integrate UniApp, a three-party cross-end framework, to bring new small program development experience to developers.

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