On June 18, the three-day 9th Global Cloud Computing Conference (Cloud Connect China 2021) concluded successfully in Ningbo. As a NoSQL database focusing on high performance and high availability, TCAPLUSDB, jointly applied with GCloudSDK, won the “Outstanding Solution Award of the Year 2020-2021” in the selection of the “Yunding Award”.

The Top Cloud Connect Awards, the core event of the annual Global Cloud Computing Conference China, celebrates the outstanding contribution and innovation of groups, individuals and products to China’s Cloud computing industry. The award of the “Outstanding Solution Award of the Year 2020-2021” is further proof of the industry’s recognition of TCA PlusDB and its contribution to cloud computing.

Award trophies

It is reported that TCAPLUSDB is a NoSQL database independently developed by Tencent, which provides professional database services for the development and operation needs of game business. Since its establishment in 2010, TCA PlusDB has been striving for excellence in ten years, and has grown into a database with high performance, high availability, low cost, dynamic expansion and easy to use today, and has always attached great importance to data security and compliance.

At present, TCAPLUSDB has passed ISO Information Security Management System, ISO Cloud Service Information Security Management System, CSA STAR Cloud Computing Security Assessment, NISF CSF Network Security Framework and other international certifications. In 2020, TCAPLUSDB passed the KISMS security certification known as “the strictest and most authoritative Korean official”, and its data security compliance was once again proved in the Asia-Pacific region, which further broadened the safe channel for Chinese enterprises to go to sea.

Photos of receiving awards at the scene

In addition to the emphasis on external authentication and data compliance security, in the actual business use, TCAPLUSDB has the characteristics of rich ecology, convenient migration, extremely low operation and maintenance costs and five nine high availability, etc., to meet the requirements of data persistence, lossless capacity elastic distribution and security compliance in the scenario of massive data.

About TcaplusDB 1. High performance database service

TcaPlusDB supports LRU exchange of hot and cold data between memory and hard disk, data landing SSD disk, and data multi-machine distribution to ensure maximum performance. QPS of single machine can reach 100,000 / s, and the delay is less than 10 milliseconds.

2. High availability database services

TCAPLUSDB dual thermal standby disaster recovery mechanism to ensure rapid recovery in case of system failure. Hardware or operating system failure fast recovery, availability of 99.999%.

3. Low-cost database services

Provides the ability to switch in-process data between memory and disk, active data storage memory, inactive data storage disk. TcaPlusDB costs about 70% less than full memory storage and 40% less than Redis + MySQL.

4. Dynamic storage space expansion

There is no upper limit to the storage space of TcaplusDB, and the capacity can be dynamically expanded and contracted according to the actual needs of the game, without affecting the operation of the game, and easily cope with the rapid changes in the business scale.

Since the last ten years, TcaPlusDB has been aiming to serve more enterprises and developers. It shares the storage and research experience, tools and industry resources inspected by Tencent, and makes its own contribution to optimizing the data service capacity of various industries for the R&D personnel with high-performance database.

In the future, TCAPLUSDB will focus on improving the core competitiveness and brand influence of its products, and is committed to developing into the top NoSQL distributed database in China. By enabling the industry with data, TCAPLUSDB will work together with customers to create a new brilliant industry.