TCAPLUSDB keeps a close eye on the game industry and the database industry. The following is a collection of recent game industry and database industry news collected by TcaplusDB, compiled for you to watch. (Part of this article is from the Internet)

Xinchuang Relational Database Technology and Industry White Paper was released

In July 2021, the Basic Software Innovation and Development Sub-Forum of the Information Technology Application Innovation Forum 2021 was held in Changsha. With the theme of “Celebrating the centenary of the founding of the Communist Party of China and opening the Innovation Bureau of Information Technology”, this forum will comprehensively display the latest achievements of information technology application innovation (referred to as the Innovation Bureau of Information Technology), conduct discussion on the common needs of users, and launch the “Competition” of the Innovation Bureau of Information Technology in 2021.

At the meeting, Leng Jianquan, the leader of the WG2 database working group of the Information Innovation Industry Committee, released the “Relational Database Technology and Industry White Paper”. The white paper analyzes the relationship between database industry chain construction, the development trend of database industry, and the mastery and security of database technology.

China Internet conference | data security management, realizes the data safety

On July 13 to 15, 2021 sponsored by the China Internet association (20th) China Internet conference held in Beijing, the general assembly to “a new stage, the new idea, new pattern could lead to new developments in digital economy” – the Internet as the theme, by using the combined way of online at the same time, the opening and closing ceremonies, the opening BBS, BBS, e-sports exhibition activities such as exhibitions, characteristics, New technologies, applications and models of the Internet and related industries will be fully displayed at the conference, which will last until July 15.

, chairman of the China Internet association said ShangBing around China’s second goal in one hundred, the Internet industry should grasp the digital economy rapid development will bring new opportunities, further performance of the industry responsibility, give play to the role of industry, based on the new stage of development, carry out new development concept, build a new development pattern, promoting the development of our country economy of high quality.

Beijing International Game Innovation Conference will be held in September

At the press conference of BIGC 2021 Beijing International Game Innovation Conference held recently, it was revealed that the Beijing International Game Innovation Conference will be held in Haidian District on September 24, 2016 with the theme of “Innovation, Leadership and Integration”. The conference will be divided into two parts: main activities and supporting activities.

The main activities are composed of five parts: opening ceremony and game innovation summit, theme sharing, closed-door forum, annual game promotion and Beijing international game innovation exhibition. The “2021 China Game Innovation and Development Trend Report” will be released at the opening ceremony and the Game Innovation Summit.

The supporting activities are composed of four activities: theoretical research forum, theme exchange activity, Game Bang 2021 Beijing International Game Innovation Conference creation competition and innovation ceremony.

“2021 Game Responsibility Forum” : How does high-quality content drive high-quality development of the industry?

On July 15, the “2021 Game Responsibility Forum” was held in Beijing under the guidance of China Audio, Video and Digital Publishing Association, hosted by People’s Daily Online and organized by Jinbao Electronic Audio and Video Publishing Center.

With the theme of “promoting high-quality development of the industry with high-quality content”, this forum will discuss the development opportunities and responsibilities of the game industry through exchange, discussion and open cooperation.

At this forum, the “China Game Corporate Social Responsibility Report (2021)” was officially released. According to the report, in terms of social co-governance, China’s game industry shows the following trends: the game industry laws and regulations are constantly improved, with obvious legislative needs; Relevant departments to strengthen management, multiple measures to standardize the development; Industry associations actively promote standardization construction, enterprises strengthen self-discipline; Mainstream media focus on the industry’s ills and strengthen the function of restraint and supervision; User reasonable supervision, promote game product innovation.

The above is the latest game industry and database industry news collected by TcaplusDB. Thank you for reading.

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