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"Face warp" you may need bytedance three wheel face warp

In July, I harvested a letter of intent for byte eggs. Today, I have time to sort out the byte eggs and share them with you. I also want to share the good luck with you. Brief introduction of personal information: before the interview: sword point offer brush, Leetcode about 70. The operating system review is finished, the database will not, the network will not. Later: a week in front of the database, three three days in front of the network. Eighty strokes of Leetco over two weeks...

Bytedance flying book business within the push -

Bytedance flying book business within the push cough up ~ online office, the future can be expected! Beijing, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai, six cities to wait for you to invest ~ interested friends can private consulting; Push, can also be directly delivered through the link! Massive HC, rapid response, come and be my colleague

Who knows what I've been through

Articles before the north drift of a wave of layoffs after graduation adventure 】 said that after we graduated, experienced a "see the light death" (an online team disbanded) project, in order to catch project that time, few of us are working overtime to develop, while the middle demand changed several times, but we still rapid development adjustment, and achieve the online request, In the end, it was launched in advance. On the night of the launch, the boss planned to reward him after the launch.

In order to realize the dream of dafang, one and a half years in front of the way of job search

Internship from 2018.9 -& GT; 2019.7 positive - & gt; In this year and a half, I wrote a similar business for a long time. I felt that it was very helpful for my growth. It's always vUE, always toB, always his system. Nearly a year, the basic is also in charge of two projects, and I really want to work with others to do projects, learn the posture of the boss. I also want to do other products, or toC, etc., and I want to expose myself to more things...

Reading for Work (9) -- Read articles in May 2021

Elasticsearch Docker Slow log File location elasticSearch Docker Slow log File location Query Logging for Elasticsearch and Elastic

3-5 years of PHPer should have ~

It's time to change jobs again. I may change my job, but I have checked the recruitment information online. Since I work in PHP, I have looked at the recruitment demand in the next 3-5 years, and found that all the recruitment information has the following requirements:

Work tools and website recommendations

2 Linux is the way to learn Linux command Daqo (manual) is learning Linux system structure detailed explanation MVC tutorial Linux notes Linux tools quick tutorial Linux A deep understanding of computer systems (third edition) Unix network programming (more difficult, later to see) Linux from the introduction to...

Telecommuting is on the horizon as Microsoft allows more employees to work from home permanently

"The COVID-19 pandemic is challenging the way we all think, live and work in new ways," Kathleen Hogan, Microsoft's chief people officer, said in a note to employees. "We will provide as much flexibility as possible to support individual work styles while balancing business needs and ensuring we live within our culture."

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