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Mi Band 4 NFC adds encrypted access card

I have such a question, with Geek spirit, of course, to explore, there are many online about the NFC device simulation encryption card, but the basic knowledge and principles of the explanation is very little, so take this opportunity to incidentally sort out. Of course, if you want to see the way to simulate the encrypted access card, you can skip to the second half. Near-field Commu...

Python operations, automatic copy OF the U disk

It takes about 6 minutes to read the text. There are a lot of interesting things to do with Python, such as automatically sending messages to your wechat friends, viewing your wechat friends' withdrawn messages, and controlling your computer via wechat. I have also shared a lot of interesting programs on my public account. In the near future, I will collect some Python programs and share them with you.

How can I update my blog after changing my computer

Blog updates, for one thing, do require constant writing, and I sold the computer I used to use to publish my blog. Said many are tears....) "And I quit my job, so I don't have any new books. Later, I found a new job and began to work in succession. Also remind oneself blog can't stop all the time, after all build up cost...

Is there a better way to take screenshots than QQ and wechat in Windows?

If your computer is upgraded to Windows10 1809 or later, use the shortcut Windows+Shift+S to get a new screen capture experience. We see four buttons at the top. Click the third button to capture the full screen. All captured content is automatically saved to the Windows clipboard. To capture the moment, you can click right...

Share some of the wonders of the Windows platform

Here are some of the software that I use every day for Windows development, some of which I consider to be magic and can greatly improve my productivity. IntelliJ IDEA internally integrates the Java development environment, with intelligent code prompts, intelligent search, code refactoring, version control tool integration (Git, SVN, etc.), and supports mainstream open source frameworks, such as Spring. In addition...

Build WebRTC on Windows

In the field of audio and video, WebRTC can be said to be a treasure house, including the whole process of audio and video collection, coding and decoding, transmission and rendering. This paper mainly records the whole process of compiling WebRTC on Windows platform.

Communicate between Go and Python via ActiveMQ

Let's start with the old saying: Windows is good at creating problems that don't exist in other operating systems. Originally I had a file service that was developed in Python and worked fine on Linux. But recently, the need to deploy to Windows has led to a problem that does not exist on other platforms: common WSGI servers do not support Windows or...

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