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Open source wechat public number mall

Jianzixing-wechat is an open source wechat public account mall, including the basic management of the public account and a complete mall system. JianZiXing WeChat mall number public open source system is JianZiXing technology co., LTD. ( provides free open source project. Due to the change of project requirements in actual development, the project requirements include...

How to use JSSDK in TNW-wechat public number

The existing wx.onMenuShareTimeline, wx.onMenuShareAppMessage, wx.onMenuShareQQ, and wx.onMenuShareQZone interfaces are about to be abandoned. Please migrate wx supported by client 6.7.2 and JSSDK 1.4.0 as soon as possible...

Java pseudo-sharing details and solutions

1. What is a pseudo-shared CPU cache system stores data in the unit of cache lines? The current CPU Cache Line size is 64 Bytes. In multi-threaded situations, if you need to modify "variables that share the same cache row", this will inadvertently affect each other's performance. This is called pseudo-sharing (False...

Call wechat JS-SDK to realize the positioning punch function

First log in to the wechat public platform, enter the "function Setting" of "public account Setting", and fill in the "JS interface security domain name". The interface security domain name must be configured correctly, otherwise it cannot call JS-SDK

Programmer cheat guide: how to count their overtime

Recently, DUE to personal reasons, I quit my job and changed a job. There were some bugs when I settled salary with the previous company. Personally, I feel that I still work too much overtime at ordinary times. Work at least four days a week, sometimes even six. I just graduated from school and came to Beijing this year. Although I did outsourcing work in school for two years, I am still single. So it's nothing. Working overtime makes me happy. I can get rid of the boredom on weekends and get 50 yuan a day.

Applets cloud development lets you no longer work overtime

Recently I am doing a small program, is based on small program cloud development, when doing small program projects using cloud development is really convenient is a lot. I will also talk about the cloud development behind, after all, this project is the use of cloud development, cloud development content partners in need can also go to see the official documents, cloud development documents. The development of the project has also been for some time, although only part of the function has been realized, but I still can't help writing...

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