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Open beta recruitment! Aware cloud has supported Alipay applet

Over the past year, we have focused on Serverless (Serverless Architecture) = BaaS (Backend as a Service) + FaaS (Function as a Service) two basic capabilities, but also for the WeChat small program platform capabilities to do in-depth support, providing a large number of out-of-the-box features, such as --

Little white entry must see "WeChat small program map location development tutorial"

At present, Tencent location services provide route planning, map selection, subway map, city selector plug-in four plug-in products, this blog mainly for map selection function to achieve. Enter the WeChat public platform 2. Log in and enter the background of the small program, select "Development - Development Tools - Tencent Location Service" 3. Click "Open" to enter the authorization scanning interface 4.

Handle WeChat public number message callback

In the last section, we know how to access the WeChat official account, but then the official account will interact with us, so how to WeChat official account to inform our own server? We know that the URL we provide when accessing is GET/MP/Entry, then the events generated after the public number will be sent to our own server by POST/MP/Entry.

Integrating SAP with WeChat: How to consume API through WeChat Public Account

(1) The construction of WeChat development environment (2) How to consume API through WeChat official account (this paper)(3) After WeChat users pay attention to the official account, Create customer master data automatically in SAP C4C system (4) How to push changes of SAP C4C master data to WeChat public account (5) How to embed SAP UI5 application into the menu of WeChat public account (6) How to obtain WeChat user information through OAuth2 and display it in SAP UI5 application (7) Use Redis to store conversations between WeChat users and public accounts...

Development pay treasure small program can't start? We created a shortcut for you

From now until March 1, users who successfully participate in the new version of the open beta and access the Alipay mini-program will be eligible to use the personal version of the package for free for six months (worth 540 yuan). The first stop of the plan we chose Alipay applet. In the coming time, we will also gradually complete the support for other major platforms :(Baidu, Toutiao, etc.) Small Programs, Web side, iOS, Android, and gradually complete the back-end cloud service of the whole platform...

WeChat public account access

Due to some reasons, the development of WeChat official account is involved in the recent project. The access to WeChat official account is simply recorded here. 2, the need to have a domain name can be accessed on the external network 2, local development, the need to penetrate the internal network environment can be accessed on the external network. 3, need to have a public number. Note: 1. Intranet penetration and extranet domain name can be purchased through NatApp. III. Penetration and domain through NatApp Intranet...

Weauth WeChat small program to achieve the PC website scanning code authorization login

The above two ways without WeChat certification, are the need to pay 300 yuan certification before you can get the development ability. So I thought of WeChat small program, individual developers without authentication can also obtain user information, authorization login, you can simply achieve the same function.

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