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WeChat page authorization and access to user information

In many WeChat H5 applications, when users visit third-party applications, they need to conduct WeChat web page authorization, and many operations involving security must first obtain user information before proceeding. This article briefly introduces the WeChat authorization process, and simulate web page authorization by applying for WeChat test account. After the user clicks "OK" on the authorization page, the user information is obtained and displayed on the front page. The final effect is as shown below

WeChat small program decoding tool

Some time ago I wanted to learn WeChat small program development, but I didn't have any deep front-end skills. I saw a lot of interesting small programs and wanted to do a similar learning, so I wanted to learn from the existing small programs. But suffering from no source code, there is no way to capture the package source code.

Electron implements the WeChat developer tool devTools

Client [similar to WeChat developer tool public account mode] : using ElectronJS to build cross-platform applications. Integrated Browser Kernel& Client plug-in, build the basic simulation running environment! Service: Automatically build a local or public network service after scanning code verification. The client temporarily accesses the service! Debugging [similar to WeChat Developer Tools applet mode] : Adopt Google open source DevTools proxy client and server, connect really...

WeChat applet development series four: WeChat applet controller initialization logic

WeChat small program development series one: WeChat small program application and development environment to build WeChat small program development series two: WeChat small program view design WeChat small program development series three: The first two articles of this tutorial explained how to automatically generate a Hello World WeChat applet using the WeChat developer tools shown below, and explained the view of the auto-generated WeChat applet...

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