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Small program and H5 page correspondence

Recently, the product needs to design the product according to the jump specification between small program and H5, so I sorted out the jump mode between small program and H5 according to the latest wechat development document, and shared it with everyone. Today is 2021/03/10, maybe less than half a year, with Tencent's rules adjustment, these contents will be

Teach you to write micro channel small program

Wechat small program, short for small program. English name mini Program, is a kind of application that can be used directly without downloading and installing. He realized his dream within reach. Users can open the app directly by scanning or searching. January 11, 2016, Zhang Xiaolong, wechat internal research new form, application number, later renamed small program. By way of an event. TAB toggle bar, click Cut...

Tired of "typing..." It's time to pick video customer service

An IT enterprise service company usually has sales, pre-sales, after-sales, and R&D departments. We're only talking about the customer service system, the pre - and post-sales part. Pre-sales performance is highly bound with sales amount and number of KA customers. In terms of job responsibilities, the scope is more clear: demand understanding, function demonstration, solutions, online deployment/test docking, online training/product training. For 400 customer service, the connection rate, there are...

Small program sharing module super details

Due to the flood of wechat business, the flood of public number chicken soup, the quality of circle of friends has declined, if the small program to open the function of sharing circle of friends, may further affect the whole wechat ecology, resulting in a decrease in user activity, user loss and other problems. <button> component open-type="share" -- <button open-type="share">

Teach you to write a small program timer management library

Concave-convex man is a small program developer, he wants to achieve second kill countdown in the small program. So he did not think, wrote the following code: however, concave-convex man found the page hidden in the background, the timer is still running. So concave-convex man optimization, running when the page is displayed, hidden when suspended. The problem seems to have been solved, in concavity man happily rub rub small hands secretly joy, suddenly found small program page...

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