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A hot wechat applet experience in 2022

Last month wrote a company's micro channel small program project, strike while the iron is hot, share a development tutorial, hope to have no small program development experience of the students a little help, for students with VUE experience, read this one can directly start!

Wechat applets release process?

Foreword: everybody is good, I am east east a, love study, love to think of the front end engineer, like my friend, can give a attention and praise. Recently, I set up a front-end technology exchange group, where people can ask questions they don't understand and learn and improve together.

Micro channel small program development tutorial (seven)

Background In the last two articles, we learned about WXML. We learned about data binding, conditional rendering, list rendering, templates, and events, which basically cover all the capabilities THAT WXML has to offer. However, the wechat applet page with which WXML interacts directly with us still has some

Small program project volume is rolling bigger, also need not subcontract is afraid to have to work overtime!

1. Understand the concept and benefits of subcontracting 1.1 What is subcontracting refers to dividing a complete applets project into different packages according to requirements, packaging different subcontracting during construction, and loading the user as needed during use 1.2 Benefits of subcontracting can optimize the first time the applets are enabled

How does "mini program + Live broadcast" stir up audio and video technology ecology?

Liu Lianxiang: The live broadcast of small program is divided into "ordinary live broadcast" and "low delay support". Ordinary live broadcast supports 2-5s delay, and low delay is within 400ms. Ordinary live broadcast scheme can support external CDN, and there is no problem with mass distribution. The low-latency scheme supports a maximum of 10 streams, which is not suitable for live streaming. Jun Hejun: Small program live broadcast can meet most of the needs, because the main demand for live broadcast is audio and video, its...

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