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Open beta recruitment! Aware cloud has supported Alipay applet

Over the past year, we have focused on Serverless (Serverless Architecture) = BaaS (Backend as a Service) + FaaS (Function as a Service) two basic capabilities, but also for the WeChat small program platform capabilities to do in-depth support, providing a large number of out-of-the-box features, such as --

Little white entry must see "WeChat small program map location development tutorial"

At present, Tencent location services provide route planning, map selection, subway map, city selector plug-in four plug-in products, this blog mainly for map selection function to achieve. Enter the WeChat public platform 2. Log in and enter the background of the small program, select "Development - Development Tools - Tencent Location Service" 3. Click "Open" to enter the authorization scanning interface 4.

Integrating SAP with WeChat: How to consume API through WeChat Public Account

(1) The construction of WeChat development environment (2) How to consume API through WeChat official account (this paper)(3) After WeChat users pay attention to the official account, Create customer master data automatically in SAP C4C system (4) How to push changes of SAP C4C master data to WeChat public account (5) How to embed SAP UI5 application into the menu of WeChat public account (6) How to obtain WeChat user information through OAuth2 and display it in SAP UI5 application (7) Use Redis to store conversations between WeChat users and public accounts...

Beijing xi small program home slim practice

In a Web development scenario, reducing code size is one aspect of performance optimization, but it's not a matter of counting every penny. However, in the small program scenario, since the size of the main package is limited to 2M and the total package is limited to 16M during the upload stage (the WeChat official is currently adjusting the upper limit of the total package to 20M in the private test recently), if the size exceeds that, it will face the risk of being unable to release. Therefore, the optimization of the size of the code package becomes particularly important. Beijing xi small program home page as WeChat shopping big entrance, carrying a lot of...

WeChat small program batch upload pictures, small program multi-figure upload (with PHP server source)

(1) The back-end code needs to modify the path where your code is uploaded to the server in order to display the address of the successfully uploaded picture normally. For example, if your code is uploaded to the IMG directory under the root directory of the server, Then you need to change the path to http:// domain name /img/upload (2) and create a new folder called Upload in the same directory as index.php. This folder is used to store the uploaded image file.

Best practices for WeChat applet user authorization

Development WeChat small program, often used for some user permissions page, for example, if you want to login, is about to get personal information, face recognition, you need to do is get the camera permissions, location map function, you need to do to get the position of the user permissions, you want to save images in the user's photo album, need to get photo album permissions, and so on

An excellent experience of open source mall system, out of the box, with these features and technical points

Open source repositories: [link] Leadshop micro mall BBS communication address: [link] experience background address: [link] account: 18888888888 password: 123456 running environment Linux + Nginx + PHP7.4 + MySQL (5.6 5.7) | project introduction Leadshop is a continuously updated iterations Service of free mall system, designed to create the ultimate user experience! LeadShop is developed by Zhejiang Hecheng Cloud Computing Co., Ltd. It is mainly for small and medium-sized enterprises to help build an e-commerce platform and...

Small program entrance construction tools & two-dimensional code testing tools

PM& Operation delivery link PM& Every time the operation puts a new entry, it needs to find FE to page links. On the one hand, communication and waiting between each other will consume a lot of time. On the other hand, the inquiry/reply process will interrupt the work at hand of the other party and affect the state. The point is that most of the time these links are just channel parameters that need to be changed and do not involve structural changes that can be made by the PM/ Operations themselves. However, to...

Development pay treasure small program can't start? We created a shortcut for you

From now until March 1, users who successfully participate in the new version of the open beta and access the Alipay mini-program will be eligible to use the personal version of the package for free for six months (worth 540 yuan). The first stop of the plan we chose Alipay applet. In the coming time, we will also gradually complete the support for other major platforms :(Baidu, Toutiao, etc.) Small Programs, Web side, iOS, Android, and gradually complete the back-end cloud service of the whole platform...

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