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Create panoramas using WebVR

WebVR is a technology to experience VR in a browser, which is officially formulated by W3C and implemented by various browsers. Since WebVR is currently supported by different browsers, it is now necessary to use an additional backward compatibility library webVR-Polyfill provided by Google. There are a number of frameworks that make it easy for us to do WebVR applications...

VR video is booming, 16K is already here before 8K is popular?

The year 2019 has already passed, known as the first year of 5G, followed by the popularization of 5G in 2020, and has made great progress in adaptation and popularization. For the coming year of 2021, it will also be a year full of opportunities. This year is also the year of VR boom, thanks to the popularization of 5G, VR video

The realization of Web panorama

During the epidemic, interaction models that break the social distance limit have been brought to the forefront, providing imaginative space for traditional transactions in many industries. During the epidemic period, the real estate rental and sale industry was undoubtedly impacted greatly. Due to the restriction of population movement, the demand was greatly reduced, and the inability to open houses on site exacerbated the crisis. But there is danger on the organic, it is an accident to promote the promotion of a technology - VR house. As WebVR's...

Virtual office, virtual exhibition, virtual idol, what else can RTE+XR do?

With the development of technology, VR/AR/MR and other XR technologies have been landed in many industries. In the past two years, due to the impact of the epidemic, it has become a global trend for people to stay at home for work, study and entertainment, with many real-time interactions represented by online classes, video conferences, telemedicine, remote interviews and e-commerce live broadcasts

Krpano Panorama Roaming Development Manual

* Disclaimer: This document is collected by the author, not all original, if there is infringement, please contact to delete! In addition, Krpano itself has a lot of content, so it is impossible to gather all of them together. If there is any deficiency, please kindly comment. This document is based on version 1.19 PR13. Panorama roaming (English: Panorama) technology allows experiencers to switch between the panoramic space constructed by panoramic images...

WebVR Tutorial - Developing 3D sound effects with Web Audio

In VR development, in addition to graphics and visual rendering, audio processing is an important part. Good audio processing can deceive users' hearing and achieve immersive effects. This paper mainly introduces how WebVR audio is developed. The output hardware of VR audio is mainly headset. According to the relationship between audio source and scene, VR audio can be divided into two categories: static audio and spatial audio.

CSS achieves VR effect

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VR video call based on WebRTC and WebVR

WebRTC on the Web platform is not its only media API. The WebVR specification was introduced a few years ago to support virtual reality devices in the browser. It is now a new WebXR device API specification. Dan Jenkin says adding a WebRTC to a virtual reality environment using WebVR, FreeSWITCH...

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