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Threejs + Tweenjs implements 3D particle model switching

You can also preview it. But the author did not share the source code, just recently in the study of Threejs, just took the time to write a similar demo, hoping to help some like Threejs beginners. Next, let's look at how to implement such a particle system switch animation. Save the obtained JSON file locally. First, the initial...

Smart PARTY building 3D visualization scheme, expand party building cultural propaganda digital network influence

The rapid development of information technology has accelerated social differentiation and deconstruction, and reconstructed interpersonal communication channels. As the proportion of Netizens and "digital natives" among Party members continues to rise, and the digitization of party members' work and life continues to deepen, the traditional way of Party building has become more attractive and cohesive to party members, especially the younger generation

[Surprise] Mobile phones will die, mixed reality (MR) is the direction of the 5G era

A look at where big companies are going with technology may provide a glimpse of the future. Interested friends, you can go to see oh, the address is here. We can go to see the specific technical details, we still talk about whether MR is the direction of the problem. Microsoft unveiled its new MR (Mixed reality) collaboration platform, Microsoft Mesh, which it has spent a lot of money on for years. All talk, no practice, fake handle...

Commedite and Wacth

Commedite computes a property. The first value does not need parentheses. When a property is used, it has a cache based on the dependency

Easyplayer. js supports VR video playback

As the VR industry has spread to other industries in addition to audio and video, we also continue to invest in the development of web video VR playback. Recently, TSINGSEE Video has just mastered web video player easyPlayer. JS to achieve VR video playback

Use three. js in React to realize Web VR panoramic house viewing

With the update and iteration of Three.js, it is no longer difficult to realize VR panoramic viewing on Web (PC and mobile phone). Let's see how React works. The author uses the latest version of three.js-v0.120.1 and combines React and Next-js development to better integrate with production projects.

SharePoint - VR functions

One was completed yesterday, but the Microsoft account given by the company was not authorized enough, so I started to register again. Microsoft SharePoint is a cloud-based service that helps organizations share and manage content, knowledge, and applications. Microsoft account is divided into enterprise version and personal version, personal

Immersive, interactive cloud services are the direction of the vision industry

Since the development of communication, from 1G to 5G, people's interaction methods have evolved from audio, text and pictures to video and even various complex applications. In the future, with the rapid development of 4K, 8K and VR technologies and the upgrading of interactive experience, the traffic of the whole network will continue to improve, and the application of HIGH-DEFINITION, highly interactive and high

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